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April 2019 Ditty Bag

New Members    |    Leukemia Cup Regatta    |     Lifetime Service Awards    | Port Co-Captains    |    Spring Series Racing   |    Youth Sailing Program   |    Slip Lease Renewal Process   |    Adult Learn to Sail Class   |    TSA Youth Regatta

April 2019 Newsletter PDF

Commodore’s Report

by Mike Samulin

I wish this weather would make up its mind! It seems that every weekend that LCYC has a sailing event the weather is COLD. Oh well – that’s central Texas for you. We always seem to make the best of it anyway…

Just a quick recap – the adult learn to sail class was well attended, even if the weather did not cooperate. The big lesson for this class – weather is definitely a big part of sailing. And, at last count the TSA Spring Fling regatta had over 80 boats in attendance. What a great turnout. A very special thank you goes to Debbie and Chris Fogle, the Docks and Grounds crew, and all of the volunteers (in the galley, on the ramp and on the water) who turned out to help them with the regatta. By the way, the LCYC TSA Spring Fling Regatta has a new event – fishing for a boat dolly! It seems that one of the young sailors lost their Laser dolly off of A dock when launching their boat. During the races, Jean Junker and Ron Popp grabbed an anchor off of the super dock and went “fishing” for the dolly by dragging the anchor along the bottom in the area that it went in. Lo and behold – they caught the big one! The dolly was retrieved and all was well. Thanks to Jean and Ron for adding fishing to our regatta agenda. Let’s hope that we don’t have to repeat this event next year.

Looking forward – April brings us the new members orientation on April 6, along with the Founders Day Dinner / Lifetime Service Awards presentation that same evening. I look forward to seeing our newer members and also honoring those who give so much back to the club.
I want to also say a special THANK YOU to our Lifetime Service Award recipients (to be announced) – job well done and thank you for giving so much to LCYC.

Now to some LCYC business – the BOG has made some minor changes to docking rules and permits so please see the article later in this Ditty Bag for details and help us to implement these rules by following them. Next, summer is coming (one of these days…) so please be mindful of the pool rules and regulations. Also, please do keep in mind that members at all times have access to the pool, so please do not “take over” the pool area – be considerate of the other members. When it comes to slip and boat usage requirements, the rules are specific and we ask that you cooperate fully. Remember – if you are unable to sail your boat, and unable to sell your boat, we can recommend options for you to get you out of the ongoing expense of having a slip, not to mention the fact that we have people waiting for slips to open up. One last note – children 12 years of age and under MUST wear a life jacket on the marina and on the lake. This is a requirement of both the lake management and LCYC. New signs are posted on the marina to remind everyone. Let’s keep the little folks safe.

Spring is here – let’s enjoy the lake and our club…

Photo by Mike Samulin

Welcome New Members

David & Audrey Anderson – Canyon Lake, TX
Nancy Hodo – New Braunfels, TX

2019 LCYC Charles L. Branch M.D. LEUKEMIA CUP REGATTA June 1 & 2

by Ray Leubner & Phil Crane, LCYC LCR Co-Chairs

LCYC’s 6th Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta (LCR) will kick off at the Commodore’s Breakfast on April 14th with JoAnna Rosales from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) with us. Phil and Barbara Crane, Mike and Vicky Samulin, Mary Lindsey, Carroll Harris, and Ray and Kathy Leubner will be hosting the breakfast. The menu will consist of quiche, salmon, bagels, and fresh fruit. After breakfast, there will be an LCR Executive Committee meeting on the McKowen Deck.

Can you believe it; LCYC has raised $216,000 over 5 years for the South Central Texas chapter of the LLS! WOW! We have it within us to bring this total to over $280,000 for 6 years of LCYC sponsorship. We have 9 fundraising teams already signed up from last year and a couple of sponsors as well. If you want to start your own fundraising team, just let us know and we will get it set up for you. Keep in mind that these teams don’t have to be sailing teams. While there will be a competitive but fun regatta, the primary goal is raise money for LLS in the fight against cancer. So step up and start a team. All of us know someone who has been impacted by leukemia and or lymphoma… let’s do our part and give back some of our success to our community.

We’re looking for some cooler weather, better wind, and less boat traffic than what we typically get in early July, so a move to June 1 & 2 has been made. Hopefully, we’ll get more boats participating in the regatta this year as a result. Over the weekend, one day of racing will be devoted to “The Branch Long Distance Race” and the other to buoys racing, usually 2 to3 races depending on the wind. We typically have about 20-23 boats entered, but there are many more in the club missing out on some great fun.

Phil and Barbara Crane have again organized a wine tasting and raffle for May 4th at JS Fine Wines in San Antonio. “Cocktails with the Commodore”, hosted by Commodore Mike Samulin with a bunch of help from the Crane’s and Leubner’s, is scheduled for the evening of May 31st at the Leubner home. All those who attended last year had a great time. All the proceeds from these events go directly to LLS. Following the regatta competition on June 1st there will be our traditional BBQ (thank you Joe and Lonna O’Brien for signing up to prepare the BBQ for the umpteenth time in a row). This will be followed by the Silent Auction (thank you Lancine Justin for stepping up again; last year’s auction raised over $8,000!), and live music. Recognition awards for sponsors and fundraising teams will be presented that night. Race trophies will be given out Sunday afternoon following the regatta.

Please engage in a great cause. It makes a difference in the lives of so many. Volunteers are needed for both on-the-water and on shore activities. Please call me at 512-633-4434 or email Phil and me at if you can help in any way, or if you to make a donation to the Silent Auction.

LCYC 2019 Lifetime Service Award Honorees

by Lifetime Service Award Committee

The LCYC Board of Governors is pleased to announce that members Bob and Carolyn Cole, Margaret McGill, Ed Miller and Michael Stellato have been selected as recipients of the 2019 Lifetime Service Award.

Please join the Board and Club officers in congratulating these members for their distinguished service to the Club and receipt of this award.

The Lifetime Service Award may be presented to members who have made outstanding contributions to LCYC for twenty or more years.

Factors considered by the Board of Governors when selecting honorees from those nominated by Club members include long term volunteerism, consistent support of Club activities, effective service in elected or appointed positions and demonstration of leadership, sportsmanship and cooperation. This year’s recipients have been Club members for 20 to 39 years.

They have provided exemplary service to the Club in various volunteer capacities and positions. The 2018 Lifetime Service Award honorees will receive a plaque recognizing their service to LCYC at the annual Lifetime Service Award Dinner on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

Their names will be inscribed on the Lifetime Service Award Keel Memorial located on the McKown Deck. Just as a keel provides stability and direction to a sailboat, these honorees have provided exemplary service, guidance and support to LCYC.

Slip Lease Renewal Process

by Steve Edlund, Slip Utilization

The Club is continuing to implement rules regarding renewal of slip leases. A letter describing this decision was mailed to all slip lease holders during March. This change only affects those lease holders that are not in “good standing”. “Good Standing” is defined in the Slip, Dock, and Storage Utilization Policy which can be found on the web site – Info, Marina Info – or on page 94 of the 2019 Membership Directory. “Good standing” is based on the following criteria:
a) The member’s use of his/her boat. Use is defined as the boat being sailed at least twice during the 12 months ending with the renewal date.
b) The member’s activity in Club events.
c) Compliance with club slip policies (dock lines, snubbers, etc.), maintenance and appearance of the member’s boat.
d) Current Texas registration.

The Slip Lease Renewal procedures are designed to free up slips for more active members, and hopefully allow less active members to maintain their boats on LCYC premises at a reduced cost

If you have questions about the process, please contact Steve Edlund at If you need a copy of your letter, contact to obtain a copy.

Adult Learn to Sail Class

by Mike Stellato

Bill McVey and I would like to thank ALL of you for the very successful 2019 Adult Sailing Classes. None of this would be possible without the Fantastic Volunteer effort and participation of the LCYC Family of Members!!!

Although I have been a part of the adult sailing classes for over 30 years, I never realized the full extent of responsibility and effort it takes to run this event. And I certainly could not have accomplished a successful class without Bill McVey and ALL of YOU!!!

I highly encourage you to share any suggestions you may have [positive & negative] with me to be evaluated and help make the program even better! To those Skippers & Crew who took out students on their boats, there were wonderful and very positive comments about your teaching skills!! Sharing our passion of Sailing with others is such a wonderful gift to all involved. I look forward to doing this again next year and having more Volunteer participation from our LCYC Family.


TSA Youth Regatta

by Debbie and Chris Fogle

Once again, LCYC was awesome as host of our annual TSA youth circuit regatta on March 16th and 17th – the Spring Fling Regatta. This year’s edition of the regatta saw our biggest field of racers in years – 86 sailors in 84 boats – and the first time in memory that a TSA regatta fielded a division of Laser Standard (Full) rigs. We are super grateful for the nearly 60 amazing LCYC volunteers who dedicated their weekend to ensuring our guests had another great regatta at Canyon Lake.

Many racers arrived early on Friday since it was Spring Break, and they enjoyed some extra tune-up time on the water. Our galley team leader Carolyn Popp and Debbie Fogle made sure the early arrivals had something warm to eat – always a big hit with our guests!

A big shout out to some very generous sponsors this year.

First, members Travis and Donna Mitchell, on behalf of Mitchell Custom Homes (, provided all the racers with a BUFF (neck gaiter!). No doubt the racers will be using them all season long as they are very popular!

Tiffany and John Tomko donated Clif Bars for all the racers’ shwag bags and Harken Blockhead gaiters as prizes for a drawing.

Katherine Secor and her sister Cassie Secor, on behalf of Gourmet Treats by Cassie (Facebook: @GTreatsbyCassie), brought some amazingly-decorated cookies for all the racers and their families! The consensus was that they were both BEAUTIFUL and TASTY!

Thank you to all our sponsors for their generosity and help in making our regatta special for the racers.

At the first formal activity of the regatta – the Skippers’ Meeting – the TSA Commodore presented LCYC with the Regatta of the Year Trophy for 2018! We were excited to accept this award for last year’s regatta on behalf of the LCYC family.

Racing on Saturday saw moderate winds with occasional fairly strong gusts near 20 kts. Our Opti Green line got in 9 races; Opti RWB got 6, and the Laser/420 line got 4 races (16 starts over 4 divisions!).

Sunday began very light, but we launched in anticipation of some breeze. After several on-water postponements, the wind arrived, and we were able to continue racing until 1:30 in the afternoon. All told, we had 11 races in Opti Green; 10 races for Opti RWB, and 7 races (26 starts) for the Laser and 420 divisions. A wonderful regatta on all accounts!

None of this would be possible if it were not for a dedicated and experienced team of LCYC volunteers. Many people helped before and during the regatta, and we want to highlight them here. LCYC once again received many thanks from our guests for our hospitality and organization.

First, we are especially grateful to our docks and ground crew – Julian, Ed, Rashad, and Mike – for not only preparing for the regatta, but also providing on-site expertise and troubleshooting. Ed’s expertise was also on display the first day of the regatta when he diagnosed and helped return to service one of our mark-set boats! As all LCYC members know, our permanent Docks and Ground Team is the best in the business! Thank you, gentlemen!

We are also grateful to Commodore Mike Samulin for his support on-site each day, and to the LCYC Board for Governors for their continuing support of the broader Texas sailing community with this annual event. Thank you!

Carolyn Popp lead our galley operations again this year – and again wow’ed our guests with great food and a “happy clubhouse.” Thank you, Carolyn!

Jean Junker and Ron Popp led our ramp operations again this year. LCYC’s procedures and assistance with launching and retrievals is unmatched on the TSA circuit, and we thank these gentlemen and their team for once again ensuring we had a safe and organized ramp.

To our PROs – Jake Mathis, Rick Mella, and Chris Christian – thank you for organizing and managing what we believe to be the most races we’ve run in a very long time. They had the added challenge of expanding our course option with the addition of a leeward gate course – a TSA first – and the feedback we’ve received so far suggests this option is here to stay. Racers and coaches loved it – nice work gentlemen! Thank you!

Ken Taylor was once again flawless with scoring, and we’re both blessed and thankful to have him directly supporting our regatta each year!

Alongside Ken was Bill McVey organizing and overseeing our Protest Committee. Bill’s expertise helped us navigate several protests – all of them handled in the arbitration step. Bill’s connection with the TSA community was invaluable as he enlisted two very experienced racers to assist – Jeff Progelhof (Rush Creek YC) and Larry Wise (Houston YC). Thank you, Bill – and thank you Jeff and Larry!

Thank you to Ray Leubner for taking nearly 500 photos that we instantly shared with very appreciative racers and their families. No other TSA regatta does this. Thank you, Ray!

We had two members again donate the use of their sailboats as Race Committee Signal Boats – thank you Dwight and Patti Stickle, and Joe and Lori McDonough! We know being anchored at a start line is a scary place to have your boat. Thank you for working with us.

We also are very grateful for those LCYC members who donated the use of their power boats as safety and mark-set boats – critical elements of a TSA regatta – and our one-of-a-kind regatta photo boat:

Scott Wells
Chuck Begley
Chris Besch
Bruce Dunn
Barbara Rudduck

Finally – we want to recognize all our volunteers who donated their time, energy, and expertise to help us promote our sport in the South Texas area.


Carolyn Popp
Jan Broyles
Anu Day
Gail Garrett
Carolyn Harris
Sally Jones
Renee Kizziar
Mary Lindsey
Vivian Miller
Joe O’Brien
Lonna O’Brien
Donna Rice
Mindy Rogers
Terry Tomko


Jean Junker
Ron Popp
Charles Ahrens
Marvin Arnold
Allen Broyles
Bog Godlewski
Mark Haynie


Chuck Begley
Ann Cook
Bill Cook
Fred Day
Bruce Dunn
Lancine Justin
Jim Kizziar
Renee Kizziar
Sylvie Mathis
Joe McDonough
Blake Micklitz
Clayton Micklitz
Troy Micklitz
Donna Mitchell
Travis Mitchell
Randle Moore
Richard Onysko
Catherine Parten
Dave Sanford
Harold Simmons
Lindsey Sorensen
Dwight Stickle
Patti Stickle
Maria Wachter
Scott Wells
Stacy Wilson
Steve Wilson

Kathy Leubner
Dayna Fogle
Jessica Lindig (Rockport Yacht Club)

Please check out the photos from the regatta on the LCYC website. See you on the water!

Port Co-Captains

by Lancine Justin & Vivian Miller

Winter Series races in February were limited by foul weather, so the customary awards dinner was postponed until the conclusion of the Spring Series.

On March 10, the “Over-the-Hill Krewe” hosted a fabulous breakfast in anticipation of St Patrick’s day. Skip and Donita Klement, Dwight and Patty Stickle, Bob and Sherry Willis, Jerry and Stacy Gibson, John Ruiz, Marty Chrisman and Ken Shaffer cooked and served. The menu included four-leaf clover pancakes with homemade strawberry and blueberry syrups and fruit and pecan toppings, sausage patties, scrambled eggs and potatoes. A Bloody Mary bar with skewered garnishes of celery, pickled okra, gherkins and pepper jack cheese topped off a very tasty buffet.

On another note, the port captains are trying to reduce the landfill footprint of the club by recycling or composting kitchen and dining waste. Look for the recycling tubs at the next event to dispose of plastic, glass and paper.

Italian night is on the horizon – save The evening of March 30 for this popular event and RSVP to help us prepare!

Spring Series Racing

by Rick Mella

The start of this year’s 2019 Spring Keelboat Series race got underway in 8-10 mph winds, coming from the Northwest with a 13:05 start on Saturday March 9th, for the beginning of the three-month long series, continuing in April 13th, and finishing on May 11th, with an Award presentation & Dinner.
The 2019 Spring Boardboat Series race, Sunday March 10th, at the one time Spring Skipper’s Meeting winds were calm with the Race Committee wondering if any races would get underway with forecasts from Sailflow of winds between 6 – 8 mph.

Missing a few RC volunteers, the Chase team (Greg Colley & Bob Middleton) did a great job in setting a Windward / Leeward race course, where starts & finishes were upwind as defined in the Sailing Instructions. With a delayed start at 13:24, and winds flowing between 6-8 mph from the East, the Flying Scots took approximately 15 minutes to complete the W course, each race that followed was increased with an extra lap, finishing the day with a W3. Next month, April 14th, will be the second Spring Boardboat series, followed by May 5th, 2019, with the Awards presentation & Dinner. (Note: Boardboats sailing in May one week early to avoid interfering with Mother’s Day)

One more Note: Race Committee Volunteers are needed, please contact me at

Rick Mella
Rear Commodore for Sail

Chris Powers leads the way

Keel Boat Current Leaders:
J-22                         Keith Zars                Baby Lips
PHRF Spin              Chris Fogle           Skeeter
PHRF Non-Spin B  Jack Moab          Pura Vida
Big Boats                 Bill Clark                Cascabel
Multihull                  Charlie Mayer          Otra Vez

Board Boat Current Leaders:
Flying Scot              Chris Powers          The Full Catastrophe
Sunfish                    Dave Sanford          –
Portsmouth              David Oats         Survivor
Laser                           Chris Fogle         –

Youth Sailing Program

by  Chris Fogle

Our youth sailors competed in the 2019 Spring Fling Regatta right here on our home waters – the second stop on the TSA Youth Sailing Circuit. The winds were moderate on Saturday, with some gusts nearing 20 kts – causing some interesting but brief chaos on the courses. Sunday saw some very light and shifty winds. Our racers employed their best light air techniques – a radical change from the previous day.

Our top finisher was Dylan Tomko who took third place in a very competitive Opti White Division. Ryan Mitchell, sailing in only his second TSA regatta and third overall, finished in 8th place in Opti Green Division. Caleb Fogle finished in 8th place in the Laser 4.7 Division – a fleet that looks to be one of the most competitive in a few years due to the addition of many top competitors from last year’s Opti fleets.

We are very proud of our sailors and their fine representation of LCYC!

In the club series racing, we had Caleb racing in the Laser Fleet. Light and shifty winds during the races in March plagued all sailors, and Caleb used his light weight advantage to a win and two 2nd place finishes in the three races.

Racing continues on the TSA Circuit in April, as our sailors travel to Rush Creek Yacht Club in Rockwall, Texas. If you’re between 8 and 18 and already know how to sail, we invite you to come out and try racing with us. Drop us a line in email letting us know you’re interested, and we’ll get you the information you need.

Our first Open Sail Day of the year was held on March 30th as this report went to print. As always, you can contact us in email at We’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

See you on the water!

2019 TSA Youth Sailing Circuit Regattas

6-7 Apr Chocopalooza Regatta Rush Creek YC
18-19 May Silly String Regatta / TSA Girls Championships Grapevine Sailing Club
8-9 Jun Road Runner Regatta & Texas State Youth Laser Championship Austin YC, Austin TX
22-23 Jun Rockin’ Rockport Regatta Rockport YC
10 Jul TX Youth Race Week Clinic Houston YC
11-14 Jul Texas Youth Race Week Houston YC
17-18 Aug Cannonball Run Regatta Palacios YC
7-8 Sep Rock the Rock Regatta Corinthian Sailing Club, White Rock Lake
28-29 Sep Jr. Ol’ Man of the Sea Regatta Ft. Worth Boat Club
12-13 Oct Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta Dallas Corinthian YC, Lewisville TX
9-10 Nov Changes in L’Attitude / End of Year Regatta Corpus Christi YC


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