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April 2023

Commodore’s Report   |   New Members    |   New Online Forms – Important!    |   Flying Scot Regatta    |   Port Captains   |   Series and Event Racing   |   Docks and Grounds    |   Treasurer’s Report    |   New Editor

Commodore’s Report

by Anu Day, LCYC Commodore

Greetings, fellow sailors! We have survived daylight savings time and some inclement weather.  Here’s looking forward to a great April. 

Adult sailing was (once again) a resounding success.  A big thank you to Mike Stellato and all the volunteers.  Please read Mike’s article in this edition of the ditty bag for details. 

As of this writing, we are preparing for the Flying Scot Regatta (March 24th-26th).  This is a first for LCYC; hats off to Bo Wright for putting this together.  He and his crew are to be commended for all their hard work. 

Our next workday is scheduled for April 1st.  Our Docks and Grounds staff (ably led by Pete Prados) have planned a series of projects, with assigned team leaders.  Their level of organization is impressive. 

As the weather improves and club use increases, let us enjoy our facilities but also be vigilant and ensure that only members (and their accompanied guests) are on the property.  We can politely ask people if they are members (after all, with almost 400 members, we cannot know them all): on the flip side, let us be civil if our presence is questioned by someone we are not familiar with.   

Happy Spring! 

Adult Learn to Sail

by Mike Stellato

LCYC is a family-oriented Yacht Club of Volunteers that make everything happen.  The Adult Sailing program would not, could not happen without all the volunteers giving their time and sailboats to share their passion with those that want to learn the art of sailing.  The Adult Sailing program requires many, many volunteers – and this year brought out a record number of you!

The student turnout was overwhelming.  Only 30 students can be accommodated, but nearly 60 registered within the first 14 days of the registration announcement.  Students were some LCYC members and mostly non-members new to sailing.  The weather Gods pleased us with four perfect sailing days to teach sailing [always at the discretion of the Skippers].

Instructors included Aaron Brittain, Erik Siegel & Phil May. Helpers included John Ruiz for clubhouse organization, Mary Anne Toepperwein and Jeri Teague for registration day help.  Several of the students helped with making coffee.  Without Skippers & boats, this class cannot happen.  Skipper volunteers included Fred Day, Bruce Dunn, Jerry Anderson, Bog Godlewski, Bill & Ann Cook, Leslie Heath, Erik Siegel, Phil May, Joe McDonough, Ray Leubner, Glen Graham, Chuck Begley, Jake Dempsey, John Ruiz, Chris Christian, Scott & Sue Holland, Robert Wilson, Richard Mella, Bill Clark, Steve & Stacy Wilson, Jack Mogab, Anibal Diogenes, Doug Topperwein….and respective crew.  Crew Volunteers included Bill Cochran, Wes Mattson & Rowland Hill.  Some students had their own boats and wanted Skippers.  Fortunately, this year there were enough to go around!

A huge Thank You to all Volunteers that help make this program happen!!   Let’s do this again next year!!

Welcome New Members

  • There were no new members this month. Currently, the club has 399 members.

New Online Forms for Ordering Decals, Stickers and More!!

by Maggie Carty, LCYC Business Manager

There are two new online forms that will make submitting information and requests easier for members and will automatically send that information to LCYC administrative personnel. Using these forms will streamline the way in which these types of requests are processed as well as cut down on individual emails and phone calls.

The Membership Info Change Form, located on the Info tab in the Membership section, will allow members to enter changes to address, phone numbers, children, and boats. In addition, there is plenty of space to include additional notes and/or requests.

The LCYC Order and Reservation Form, located on the Info tab dropdown menu, can be used to order LCYC stickers, decals and burgees, and additional membership directories. This form will also be used to reserve use of the LCYC clubhouse and/or grounds.

Series and Event Racing

by Chuck Begley 

Winter Series News:

The last weekend of the Winter Series races was February 18-19.  Participation was down a bit as some of our racers were in St. Petersburg at the Helly Hanson NOOD regatta. Fleet winners of the Winter Series are listed below. Thanks to Joe McDonough, Rick Mella, Travis Grahmann, and the rest of the Race Committee team for the great job of running the races.

Congratulations to the Fleet Winners:

Keelboat Series

PHRF Spinnaker A
Gustavo Medellin

PHRF Spinnaker B
Fred Lindsey

PHRF Non-Spinnaker
Darlene Beeson

Big Boats
Bryan Calk

Boardboat Series

Flying Scot
Joe Monosmith

Chuck Begley

Racing Clinic and Spring Series News:

March has been very busy for racing. The second Racing Clinic of the year was held March 11 with a large turnout for a good classroom session (thanks to Bo Wright, Travis Grahmann, and Gustavo Medellin) and on-the-water practice of starts and mark roundings (thanks to Dru Wright as PRO).  The Spring Series began on March 18-19 with 25 Keelboats and 10 Boardboats registered.  Thanks to Dwight Stickle and Fred Stickle, serving as PROs, and the rest of their crew for managing the races.  The following weekend we had the Flying Scot District Championship which I’ll let Bo Wright describe.  I’ll just thank him, John Thompson and his RC team, Dru Wright, Laurie McGill, Jake Dempsey, and Gene Fest for a great event.  Come and join us for the next spring series event coming up April 15-16.

Chuck Begley


Docks and Grounds

by Pete Prados, Docks & Grounds Chair


There have recently been a couple of cases where members thought they smelled gas inside the clubhouse.  Please be advised that the Property Supervisor has thoroughly checked for a gas leak and could not detect one.  Also, the shutoff valve on the outside supply tank that services the kitchen is turned off when the stoves are not in use.

Boat workspace is a valuable asset to club members.

The chain hoists in the big boat work area (next to the D&G shop) are old and no longer safe.  The old hoists have been removed.  Plans are to replace the A Frame and hoists.  A new setup is being designed and we hope to install it later this year. Note:  Members should check in with the Property Supervisor prior to parking boats and trailers in the big boat work area.

Members are reminded to pay attention and abide by the signs in the parking lots.  It is a traffic violation to leave vehicles attached to trailers in the boat ramp area and the parking lots adjacent to the clubhouse.  The reason is that these areas need to be accessible by emergency vehicles at all times.

A strobe light and siren have been added to the main GFCT box located on the property adjacent to the lighthouse.  This was done to meet code.  The strobe light can be seen from the marina and the siren can be heard anywhere on the property and marina. The main GFCI is now connected by Bluetooth to the Property Supervisor’s cell phone and the cell phones of the D&G staff.  There is no reason for any member to take action if the alarm goes off.



Port Captains’ Report

by Ann Cook and Mindy Rogers, Port Co-Captains

Our March social calendar was launched on the 12th with a Commodore’s Breakfast hosted by Misty & Aaron Brittain. They were assisted in the galley by Georgina Taddia, Joyce Hunter and Marina Conrad. This team served a delicious and filling sausage potato casserole with blueberry and orange cranberry muffins, a fresh fruit bowl, mimosas and coffee. If you’re not in the habit of attending the monthly breakfasts, you are missing a great home-cooked meal and a good opportunity for LCYC camaraderie. Remember, the bell rings at 9:00 a.m. and food is served until 10:30.

Volunteer hosts are celebrated by LCYC.

The next event was scheduled just a week later–our annual “Italian Night” on Saturday, March 18th–but less than two weeks out we had no hosts! Then Terry & Gail Tomko, Ken & Sally Jones and Sally Phillips came forward to save the day (or night) with lasagna, Caesar salad, garlic rolls, biscotti, wine and Italian cream cake. The clubhouse was transformed into a trattoria with red checkered tablecloths and baguettes complete with dipping oil. The team accomplished quite a spread in short order and our members pitched in by bringing a variety of antipasti items. What a fun and festive evening! Our final count was close to 70 fed. Thanks to all 57 who reserved in advance. It really helps with our planning and food purchase.

We still need hosts for other social events on our calendar in the months ahead. Working in the galley is a good way to meet others, plus it’s fun.

Just let us know you are willing to help and we will find a place for you.

Please note: Since Easter falls on the second Sunday this year, we will not be holding a Commodore’s Breakfast on 09APR. 

Remember our Workday on Saturday 01APR–no fooling!

See you on the lake or at the clubhouse.

Ann & Mindy

Treasurer’s Report

by Vivian Miller, Treasurer

As part of this month’s report I’ve attached comparative summary balance sheets for the years ending December 31, 2022 and 2021.    The changes between the two years are relatively small and were as expected.

In light of the current banking turmoil, I thought it would be helpful to describe the investments held by the General Reserve Fund and the Marina Reserve Fund, that totaled $817,021 at the end of 2022.  The reserve funds are held in Club accounts at Charles Schwab, an investment company that does not hold any of the treasurer’s personal investments.

Key Points:

  • None of the Club’s CD investments exceed FDIC insurance limitations.
  • Because the Club intends to hold the CDs to maturity, they are reported at face value, rather than the fluctuating market value.

The funds are invested in money market funds at Charles Schwab and Certificates of Deposit at multiple banks; no total investment at any bank exceeds the FDIC limitation of $250,000.  The interest rates vary due to the maturity date and interest rates available at the date of purchase. The long-term goal is to match investment maturities to expected needs; a reserve study and analysis is underway to estimate those future needs, and will be the subject of a future report.

The Club routinely holds these CDs to maturity; therefore, they are reported at maturity or face value on the balance sheet, rather than fluctuating market value (marked-to-market).  For administrative convenience during the year, the Club records interest income when received rather than on a monthly basis.

The table below shows the CDs held as of March 17, 2023:

Regarding our cash operating funds, those accounts are at Broadway Bank and are monitored for the FDIC limitation.  We do not purchase CDs issued by Broadway to avoid inadvertently exceeding that limitation.

Any questions regarding Club financial operations may be addressed to

Summary Balance Sheets as of December 31, 2021 and 2022

  • Reserve Funds are invested in CDs and Money Market accounts at Charles Schwab.
  • Dues and Fees billed but not collected as of December 31.
  • Sales, WORD and property taxes payable, credit card charges payable.

New Editor

By Bill Cook and Sally Phillips

Sally Phillips is assuming the role of Ditty Bag editor effective with this April edition. Sally is an enthusiastic MacGregor 26X sailor with her husband Rip and frequently volunteers in the galley and on workdays. She replaces Bill Cook, who was the Ditty Bag editor for seven years.

Sally encourages club members to share their experiences and photos with the Ditty Bag. If you’ve solved a sticky boat, slip, hoist, or trailer problem you know others will encounter, had an experience worth noting on Canyon Lake, or had adventures sailing in other parts of the world, please contact Sally about writing an article. Pictures of club events and grounds are always welcome.

Messages – articles, classifieds and slip sub-leases –  sent to the Ditty Bag email will be forwarded to the new editor.




























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