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August 2019

Commodore’s Report    |    New Members   |    Identify Your Boat   |    Congratulations Rashad    |    SEW MAD Women’s Regatta    | Series & Event Racing     |    TSA Update   |    Port Captains   |    Adaptive Sailing   |    Boat Ramp   |    Volunteers Wanted      |    LCYC Personnel

Commodore’s Report

by Mike Samulin, LCYC Commodore

Well, summer is in full swing and July was a great month.  The July 4 picnic and distance race were well attended.  We also had the moonlight pursuit race and the shrimp fest.  Everyone seems to be busy with summer stuff…

August looks pretty quiet, with the exception of the Sew-Mad Regatta.  I am sure that will be a great success.  Enjoy the rest of your summer – it will be over before you know it.

From the complaint department – we have had a few complaints about guests at the club – especially during holidays.  Please make sure you follow the rules for having guests at the club.  Remember – YOU are responsible for them.  You must accompany your guests on the property (unless they have specific authorization), you must advise guests of the club rules, and PLEASE use common sense when inviting guests to the club.  On holidays many members will be using club facilities – it might not be a great idea to bring too many guests as the club has limited facilities and amenities.  As a member, if you see people you do not know, you may ask (KINDLY) if they are members.  If they are a guest of a member please do not expect them to know the members membership number.  You may ask them where the member is to make sure the hosting members are on property.  Please understand that holidays WILL be busier and we should all be more understanding during these times.  Every member has a right to use the club and have guests – let’s all share.  On the other hand, we seem to have had some non-members on the super dock recently.  All members are free to ask someone they do not know if they are members of the club.  Usually just asking this will lead to the non-member leaving.  If they are not members please inform them (nicely) that the club is a private facility and they are not allowed on the property.  If the situation escalates – walk away and call the Comal County Sheriff’s department and let them handle the issue.

I also want to give a quick THANK YOU to Jeff Foerster of Kawasaki of Universal City for repairing one of the clubs UTVs at no cost to the club.  Jeff is also very generous during Wurstfest Regatta by donating the use of several UTVs during the event.  Jeff epitomizes the true nature of a volunteer organization – THANK YOU!

At this writing we hope to have just gotten our revised youth sailing program off of the ground, with very special thanks to Travis Mitchell and our instructor Yam Vidal.  While this new program is quite basic for now, we have the ability to expand the program greatly and we are fortunate to have Yam as our instructor.  He has a true passion for sailing and for teaching sailing.  Please offer your assistance to him so that we may grow this program.  We will always need volunteers to help with the training sessions.

As some of you know, we had a few issues with the new gate and the opener.  That all seems to be fixed now, but I do want to remind everyone that while a gate is nice security to have it does not prevent theft and other illegal activity completely.  I strongly suggest that everyone lock your vehicles and make sure there are no valuables in plain sight.  Prevention is the best security device.  The same goes for your boat.  In the past during the summer we have had an increase in minor theft on the docks – often from people coming on the docks from the water and not from the land.  Please secure your boats.

And, from our last trip to the BVI – a very creative use for an old catamaran:

Cane Garden Bay, BVI.  Do we need to make one of these??

Cane Garden Bay in the BVI

Welcome New Members

Identify Your Boat

by Renee Kizziar, Treasurer

Have you considered making sure you have your member number on your ski boats, jet skis and other recreational items used at the lake?  If your member number is on this equipment:

  • other members know to greet you as a member
  • other members do not wonder if they need to inform you about the club being private property
  • someone can contact you if your equipment needs to be moved
  • someone can inquire if non-members move your equipment
  • someone can contact you or your family in the case of emergency with the equipment or the person operating the equipment

Member number decals are available from the Property Manager ( or the Club Administrator (

Congratulations Rashad

by Glen Graham

On June 12, 2019 Rashad Williams from our Docks and Grounds Staff became the proud parent of Jaykon Raphael Williams.  The LCYC family stepped up and gathered donations at the Fourth of July party for Rashad and his family.  The LCYC Personnel Chair, Glen Graham, is pictured here presenting Rashad with a congratulations card on the birth of his son along with the donations.  Rashad was very grateful for the support and wished to express his sincere thanks to the membership for their gift.

LCYC Ramp Incidents

by Mike Samulin

Recently we have had two potentially very serious ramp incidents that we want to make you aware of.  The purpose of printing the details of these two incidents is to help prevent similar situations in the future.

On one occasion after successfully launching a boat, the owner was unable to secure the trailer to the ball hitch after eliminating the strap extension.  Rather than staying on the ramp, the member decided to try and pull the trailer up the ramp with the strap only – NO CHAINS.  As a result the trailer went off of the road into the gully and caused damage to the trailer.  Luckily the strap held (all the way to the dry storage area!).

The second occasion occurred when a member decided to use his trailer tongue extension (rigid extension) from the TOP of the ramp rather than using the extension at the BOTTOM of the ramp (as required by club rules).  The tongue extension was only held in place by a U-bolt and did not have a through-pin to secure the extension.  In addition, since the extension was in place chains could NOT be used as a safety precaution.  As you can guess – the tongue extension was unable to hold the weight of the boat and trailer and the trailer with the boat attached careened down the ramp.  Fortunately nobody was on the ramp or sidewalk as the trailer rode up on the yellow rail between the sidewalk and the ramp.  The friction caused the trailer to stop before reaching the main dock gangway.  Again LCYC was very fortunate that there were no injuries.

Please do not make these same mistakes.  Please make sure you follow the safety rules outlined below and in your membership handbook.  Failure to follow rules could lead to suspension of ramp privileges or other actions by the Board of Governors.

LCYC SAFETY RULES: (from the LCYC Club Rules)

5. Launch/Recovery of Vessels:

a) The launch ramp has two lanes. Do not move your trailer/car down the ramp until a launch space is open.

b) Use chocks (yours or those provided by the Club) to ensure that your trailer is properly blocked before releasing it from your vehicle. Maintain control of your trailer at all times.

c) After you launch your boat, move it away from the launch area before securing it to the walkway. The launch area is designated by a yellow line along the walkway. Please be courteous and do not moor along the yellow line.

d) Unattended boats tied in the “yellow line” launch area may be moved along the dock and tied at a new location.

e) Do not leave unattended cars and trailers at the bottom of the ramp.

You MUST use chains going down and up the ramp–and whenever moving a trailer on LCYC property. Ensure that the ball on hitch is seated and locked in. Do not use an extension strap when moving trailer down or up the ramp.  Only use an extension strap if needed at the bottom of the ramp to launch the boat from the trailer.


Volunteering at LCYC

by Arnie Wilenken, Volunteer Committee Chair

Hello LCYC members, old and new! As the club’s Volunteer Coordinator, I’m honored to have been asked to take on this position. I’m passionate about sailing and the sailors who make this incredible sport what it is. We’re very fortunate to belong to a premier yacht club, in so many ways. We’re blessed to have a fabulous staff managing our club and all it’s facilities!  We host regular and frequent races and other sailing activities. Other sailors from far and wide come to LCYC to participate in our numerous events ranging from our Series races to the annual Wurstfest Regatta. What also keeps LCYC in this category are the member volunteers who step up to ensure all our activities function like clockwork. After all, LCYC can only be the great club it is through the efforts of all our volunteers.

Areas we’re always looking for volunteer help include various programs such as Youth Sailing, Race Committee, Adaptive Sailing, Docks and Grounds, Social events, and also our annual Regattas, the Leukemia Cup and Wurstfest, just to name a few. I know each of you has a special talent and desire to become more involved. Whether you know which of these events you can help with, or feel you’d like to help out, but don’t know where, please see me. I’d love to meet with you and together we can find a way for you to enjoy the rewards of continuing LCYC’s legacy of greatness. I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!


Port Captains

by Lancine Justin and Vivian Miller, co-Port Captains

The Fourth of July picnic – hosted by your Port Captains, Dawn and Grey Marshall, David & Matt Shane – provided pulled pork, hot dogs and coleslaw to over 180 members!  The dessert table overflowed with treats from our talented members, including a fantastic 4th cake provided by Dawn that was a must-see!

On July 14, over 80 people attended the July Commodore’s Breakfast, hosted by  Leslie Heath, Patty and Dwight Stickler, Cici Pravel and Julie Houck.

A delicious buffet of Biscuits and gravy casserole,  Easy Cheesy breakfast casserole,  bacon cheese pull apart,  tater tot breakfast casserole, fruit salad,  bacon, biscuits, Bloody Mary’s and mimosas.  Thank you, team, for an awesome buffet!

Although there is great turnout for social events, there is a limited group of selfless volunteers who plan, purchase, cook and clean up –  again and again. Our volunteers are the key to having a full social schedule at a bargain price!  If you can host or work at any event, let us know at or call Vivian at 512-289-8077 or Lancine at 951-427-0806.  We are in need of a kitchen crew for the September 2 Labor Day Picnic, and need additional help with September 21  Grill Your Own Steak event

Are you a new – or newish – member? Volunteering at our social events gets you into the thick of things and gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other members.   Contact Arnie Wilenken, our new volunteer coordinator to explore all the options!

August 11
Commodore’s Breakfast
Hosted by Lori and Joe McDonough
Sausage casserole, Fruit salad, Muffins, Mimosas
September 2
Labor Day Picnic
Subject to availability of volunteers
September 8
Commodore’s Breakfast
September 21
Cook your own steak!
More information to follow


Fourth of July Picnic 

Adaptive Sailing Volunteers September 28

by Bill McVey

Our third and final Adaptive Sailing Outing will be held on September 28th.

Our guests for this event will be coming via the Door-in-the-Wall Texas organization. This is a great organization located in Bandera, founded by a mother of a special needs child herself years ago. They offer various activities during the year for their participants, and sailing at our club has become one of the favorites for quite a few, as we have several folks that have attended multiple times! You might enjoy visiting their website to learn more about the organization at

They were also our guests for our previous outing in June and we had a very enthusiastic crowd of 30 guests who had a wonderful day. Many expressed interest in returning for the September sail so I’ll be very surprised if we don’t get another large group!

Our schedule is

  • 11 am- orientation to club and sailboats
  • 11:30 – lunch; LCYC provides for both guests and volunteers.
  • 12:00 – Assign guests to boats
  • 12:15 – go to boats, sail
  • 2:45 – return to docks
  • 3:00 – end of event

We would like to have 10-12 keelboats and skippers and also 10-12 additional experienced crews   so we can accommodate up to 30 guests. We also need 3-4 volunteers to set out the lunch and clean up afterwards.

The outing will be about 4 weeks after this is published in our Ditty Bag, so it’s not too early to be signing up to help if you are interested! Just email Bill McVey at

Thanks very much!

SEW MAD Women’s Regatta

by Lynn Simpson

It is SEW-MAD time! LCYC’s annual women’s regatta will take place on Saturday August 24. Over the past two year’s turnout for this event has been phenomenal. We certainly need to keep that momentum going; by doing so we continue the tradition that was started 29 years ago by

Sandra E. Walker (SEW)  And  Ruth Madorski (MAD)

The timetable for the big day:

  • 11:20 am Fleets Set
  • 11:30 am Competitors Briefing
  • 1:30 pm Start of Race 1
  • Races 2 & 3 to Follow
  • 5:30 pm Dinner and Awards
  • Entry Fee: $15.00

The competitors briefing will include a brief overview of the planned race courses, racing rules, and starting sequence.

Following the races a delicious dinner will be served. The celebration really gets underway with the awards presentation, sipping on champagne, and raising our glasses with lots of hearty cheers and hooray’s.

The regatta proudly boasts 2 perpetual trophies, one for keel boats and one for board boats. These trophies will be awarded to the boat with the lowest cumulative fleet score of the largest keel boat and board boat fleets. Terry Beasley and Lindsey Sorensen were the winners of last year’s trophies. It is time for new names to be added to these awards. Will your name take the honor for this year? It is all possible; the first step is to register! Registration is now open!

For those of you that are still looking for crew, I can help you out! I have a list of eager crew just waiting to be invited to join your team!

That wraps it up for me; I’ll see you on the water

Series & Event Racing

by Rick Mella, Rear Commodore for Sail

2019 4th of July Long Distance Race brought out a great number of participants excited to attend the Skipper’s meeting held at 9 AM with first Pursuit start signal sounding at 10:00 AM, followed by 13 starts with the last boat to cross the starting line at 10:42 AM.  Winds were between 13 to 18 mph out of the Southeast, so the PRO set the distance for course #4, sailing 9.66 miles.

It must have been the thought of being back in time to attend the of the 4th of July Picnic or the great pulled pork sandwiches our Port Captains prepared that motivate all sailors to sail this long distance race is record time.

All sailors returned to LCYC by 12:45 PM in time for the 4th of July picnic.  Awards were presented at the picnic once everyone made it through the serving line at least one time.  Thanks to the Port Captains for sponsoring a great event

PHRF Spinnaker

  • Keith Zars             Tweed        1st
  • Fred Lindsey        TLT            2nd
  • Wayne Peacock    Pavonis     3rd

PHRF Non-Spinnaker

  • Glen Graham       Elsa’s Ride      1st
  • Steve Wilson        Pura Vida       2nd


First Place – PHRF Spinnaker           |             First Place PHRF Non-Spinnaker

Series Racing:

The Summer Series continues into August, with dinner & awards to be presented after their final race.  The current leaders are:

2019 Summer Keel Boat Series

  • J-22                              Wayne Peakcock     Donna Mia    1st
  • PHRF Spin                  Phillip Davis            Shiraz             1st
  • PHRF Non-Spin A     Jack Carter              Sonar              1st
  • PHRF Non-Spin B     Steve Wilson           Pura Vida       1st
  • Big Boats                     Bill Clark                  Cascabell        1st
  • Trimaran                     Drew Riddle            SOAH              1st

2019 Summer Board Boat Series

  • Flying Scot       Keith Zars           Freezer   1st
  • Sunfish             Dave Sanford                       1st
  • Laser                 Craig Berleme    Sizzle       1st
  • Portsmouth     Chuck Begley                       1st

Finally, my special thanks to ALL the volunteers who help sponsor all these events, so sailors & club members can enjoy the many treats scheduled throughout the year.

TSA Update

by Chris Fogle, LCYC TSA Representative

Over the past month, our sailors have been busy. In June, Dylan Tomko and Ryan Mitchell sailed in the Rockin’ Rockport Regatta.  Dylan sailed to a first place finish in Opti White Fleet, continuing his winning ways. Ryan roared back from a very stormy start to a strong finish in Green Fleet. Conditions were especially strong – but normal for Rockport – with gusts topping 25 knots and seas 2-3 feet.

In July, Caleb Fogle and Dylan Tomko competed during 2-series Texas Youth Race Week regattas held at Houston Yacht Club. On the prep day, both boys got to try their hand at foiling – Caleb in the Waszp, and Dylan on a specially outfitted foiling Bic!  Both had a great time and did well.

During racing, Caleb raced the Laser Radial in the first series only, and finished well in varying conditions. The first day saw very light winds and the second day was heavy.

Dylan sailed both series regattas, finishing in second place in White Fleet for the first series, and capturing a first place in White Fleet in the second series.  This gave him a first place in Opti White Fleet for the week.

Next up, our sailors compete at Palacios, Texas, in the Cannonball Run Regatta, on August 17th and 18th.

See you on the water!


Tomkos and Mitchells at Rockport YC   |   Caleb surfs at Houston Youth Race Week

2019 TSA Youth Sailing Circuit Regattas

17-18 Aug Cannonball Run Regatta Palacios YC
7-8 Sep Rock the Rock Regatta Corinthian Sailing Club, White Rock Lake
28-29 Sep Jr. Ol’ Man of the Sea Regatta Ft. Worth Boat Club
12-13 Oct Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta Dallas Corinthian YC, Lewisville TX
9-10 Nov Changes in L’Attitude / End of Year Regatta Corpus Christi YC

LCYC Personnel

Commodore – Mike Samulin Treasurer – Renee Kizziar
Vice Commodore – Elizabeth Bentzen Port Co-Captains – Lancine Justin, Vivian Miller
Rear Commodore – Phil Crane Rear Commodore for Sail – Rick Mella
Secretary – Mindy Rogers

Board of Governors
2018 – 2019
Terry Beasley Carolyn Harris
Glen Graham Carolyn Popp
2019 – 2020
Debbie Fogle Ed Miller
Bubba Harris Scott Wells
Jean Junker

Committee Chairs
Adaptive Sailing – Bill McVey Membership – Jim Garity
Adult Sail Training – Mike Stellato Nominations – Jim Kizziar
Audit Committee – Rick Cioppa Personnel – Glen Graham
Budget Committee – Laurie McGill PHRF – Jim Garity
Cabana Owners – Rick Walker Safety – Pete Macler
Corps of Engineers – Pete Macler Slip Utilization – Steve Edlund
Docks & Grounds – Travis Mitchell TSA Rep – Chris Fogle
Emergency Task Force – Julian Craven Vice Docks and Grounds – TBD
Lifetime Achievement – Sandra Lindsey Wurstfest Regatta – Elizabeth Bentzen
Long Range Planning – Marvin Arnold, Ed Miller Youth Sailing – Vacant

Club Administrator – Carolyn Cole Staff – Michael Vocke, Rashad Williams
Property Manager – Julian Craven Ditty Bag – Bill Cook
Docks & Grounds – Edward Ward Website – Kathy Leubner

























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