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August 2022

Commodore’s Report    |      New Members     |    Wurstfest Regatta     |    Treasurer’s Report     |    Series and Event Racing    |    Sail On Boat Program    |    Port Captains    |    Docks and Grounds

Commodore’s Report

by Bill Clark, LCYC Commodore

Wow! Time really is flying this summer. We all are enjoying our club and the events that are offered. It’s a great time to visit with members we know and meet new ones.

Just a quick note: We can’t make enough signs of what you can and cannot do around the LCYC property, including the marina. So, please, a little common sense goes a long way. For example, there were a lot of people swimming off the super dock area. The racers were coming into their slips, and very few people got out of the way of some fairly large boats trying to dock.

You MUST get out of the way by swimming as close to the super dock as possible. Or better yet, get out of the water altogether. Remember you are swimming in waters of an active marina. Boats don’t stop on a dime, and usually take wide turns to get into their slips. When swimming, stay aware and use common sense.

Now for my challenge! This club is a sailing club, first and foremost. I am shocked and amazed how few boats are actually racing or being used at all, to be honest. I know it’s hot, and people are busy.

Back to my challenge. We have a nighttime long-distance race coming up on August 6th that starts at 7 p.m. I would love to see half the marina empty on race night! I realize that some members aren’t die hard racers, but these long-distance races are a great way to get to know your boat better.

First, the starts are stress free! You get a time to start that is your own – no other boat starts with you. And if you are a little late, so be it.

Secondly, the race is in the evening so you won’t burn up under the mid-day sun.

Third, don’t think of this as hard-core racing. Invite some friends. Come out and relax, try out some new beverages, share the camaraderie of fellow sailors. The whole idea is Just Have Fun!

Come sail away!

Welcome New Members

  • Philippe and Brigida “Bridget” Laroche, Houston, TX
  • Paul and Kim Barton, Boerne, TX

Wurstfest Regatta

by Anu Day, Vice Commodore & Wurstfest Chair

Would you like to be a sponsor for the WFR this year? For $250 (or more, of course), your business name/logo will be proudly displayed on our WFR webpage and will also be on the banners that we put up both weekends. If you are interested, please send a check to the LCYC office; you can make the check out to LCYC but please be sure to mention that it is for WFR. If you have any questions please contact Thank you!

Sail On Boat Program

by Bill Cook, Sail On Manager

The Sail On web page is up and running thanks to Kathy Luebner! The page has a link to the Sail On Application if you’re thinking of joining, plus the Sail On Handbook, rigging guide and waiver forms. If you have any questions about the program email

The Sail On boat fleet has grown with the availability of our 1st Coronado 15. The fleet also includes 5 International 420’s, 4 Lasers (Radial, 4.7 and Standard sails), several Opti’s, Sunfish and Picos.

Treasurer’s Report – 2023

by Vivian Miller, Treasurer

Beginning in August and through November, the Club’s Board of Governors, Officers, and Committee Chairs will embark on estimating the revenues and expenses for the Club’s 2023 calendar year, otherwise known as the 2023 budget.

Laurie McGill is the 2023 Budget Chair, and I, as Treasurer, along with the volunteer members of the Budget Committee, will be compiling and analyzing the estimated expenditures provided by the Officers, Committee Chairs and other information sources.

The volunteers who draft the Club’s budget, and the Board of Governors, who review and ultimately approve it, have the common goals of maintaining a strong financial position while meeting the needs of both current operating expenses and maintenance, repair, and replacement of the Club’s physical assets.

The economic situation is challenging. In 2022, the club has had significant increased costs in replacement of encapsulated flotation, insurance, delivery fees, fuel, and many other items that you may have faced as individuals.

To assist in estimating the timing and costs of replacing our major assets, the Board of Governors has authorized a study that will assess the current state of our physical assets and estimate the replacement cost and timing in the context of our reserve funds. The results will assist in determining the budget for reserve contributions and projects over the next several years.

Although many members may only notice the impact, if any, on monthly dues and fees, the budget process entails steps that begin at the most granular level possible: the expenditures for each expense category. While it might seem that a single inflation factor could be applied to all expenses, the unique nature of our marina repairs, replacements and insurance does not make that approach feasible.

The steps, performed for the most part by the volunteer budget committee, are as follows:

  • Reviewing 2022 year-to-date expenditures
  • Estimating the expenditures through the remainder of the year
  • Analyzing the expected 2022 expenditures for compliance with the limitation imposed by Bylaws Article II, Section X
  • Estimating the expenditures for 2023 based on assumptions, including expected inflation
  • Identifying opportunities for savings
  • Comparing current revenues to expected 2023 expenditures
  • Analyzing the expected 2023 expenditures for compliance with the limitation imposed by Bylaws Article II, Section X
  • Evaluating options for reducing expenses or increasing revenues, if needed
  • Agreeing on the proposed budget to be presented to the Board of Governors

Our volunteers perform an important task – their thoughtful and candid appraisals position the Club to maintain a solid financial position and to fund operating expenses and repairs to physical assets.

Docks and Grounds

by Pete Prados, Docks & Grounds Chair

-this is just a reminder that the codes to the entry gate and to the clubhouse have been changed. The new codes are posted on your monthly bill. Please do not share this information.

Boat Ramp:
-plans are to restripe the boat ramp and other parking areas that need it.

-the A Dock renovation project has been completed.
-the E Dock project, including installation of Phase One (80′ X 18′ section), has been completed. The dock is ready for use. Members who rented spaces on the on the sunfish dock are being contacted. If you are interested, please contact the Property Supervisor. The materials for Phase Two (88′ X 18′ section) have been ordered. Delivery is expected later in the year.
-the old sunfish dock was moved, dismantled, loaded into dumpsters, and hauled off. This major project was completed in record time by the D&G crew with help from some volunteer members. Thanks to Ron Popp, Gabby Hayes, Bo Wright, Chuck Begley, Clint Penniman and Ken Schaffer for your help.
-the next big marina project is replacement of the exposed Styrofoam on the C Dock.

MDI (LCYC Marina Contractor):
-the marina contractor completed the semi-annual inspection, replaced three cables on the breakwater, installed some new navigation lights on the
breakwater, and replaced several of the old 5,000 Ib rated cable winches with new 20,000 Ib rated winches.

Dry Storage:
-members with boats in dry storage need to tie boats to trailers on the bow and stern.
-the Property Supervisor is working with the sea scout leaders to consolidate space and increase storage for club use.
-the marina supply storage area is being organized and prepared for the delivery of approximately 100 new encapsulated floats to be used in conjunction with the flotation replacement project.

Series Racing

by Chuck Begley, Race Director

The Long Distance Race July 4th weekend was eventful for the gusty wind producing a couple of near broaches in the spin fleet and some close finishes after three hours of sailing in both the spin and non-spin fleets. Thanks again to Fred Lindsey for choosing a good course for the conditions. The round-the-buoys races on the second Summer Series weekend July 16-17 were managed by Travis Grahmann and Chuck Begley. We had a good turnout for both the keelboat and boardboat events. The competition in the keelboat non-spin PHRF fleet has gotten hot with lead changes among the top boats throughout the day of races. It was great to have two laser sailors competing in club boats from the Sail On program in the Portsmouth fleet during boardboat Sunday and to see the close racing in the FS fleet. Thanks to Bo Wright, our equipment manager, for diagnosing a problem with one of the signal-boat motors and for working with D&G to get it fixed. The RC team continues to support the racing program with new volunteers and existing volunteers getting more experience. Next up is the Moonlight LDR on August 6. To register for this race on the website click on the LDR Race Series then select Moonlight LDR. See you on the race course!

Port Captains

by Dru Wright and Mindy Rogers, Port Captains

Chips, salsa and beer were served after race days July 16th & 17th for the Summer Racing Series and also for the Long Distance Race on July 3rd.

Fourth of July Hotdog Picnic was hosted by Dave and Audrey Anderson along with Ed and Autum Kelley. Thank you so much for stepping up at the last minute to serve close to 100 members and guests!

The July 10th Commodore Breakfast was hosted by Bo and Dru Wright along with David & Susan Hoffman. Breakfast tacos with fixings, mixed fresh fruit, homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee and orange juice were served to 42 members.

Shrimp Fest party on July 30th will be hosted by Jake & Dani Dempsey with help from all their friends! Boiled Shrimp, potatoes, corn along with coleslaw and dessert will be served. Thank you to all our volunteers that have signed up to help with this awesome event!

Commodore’s Breakfast on August 14th will be hosted by the Sea Scouts & Terry Tomko. Thank you!

We still have opportunities for you to gather your friends and host the following events:

Labor Day Picnic on September 5th – we still need a Host and Volunteers

Commodore’s Breakfast September 11th – we still need a Host and Volunteers

Commodore’s Breakfast October 9th – we still need a Host and Volunteers

We are always looking for galley volunteers to help host, decorate, prepare food, serve and clean up. Let us know if you would like to be a member of the infamous “Galley Crew”!

Reminder: ICE bags are not free. Please be sure to write your name, member number and date on the sign out sheet on the counter next to the ice freezer. The cost is $1.75 per bag.





























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