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Skippers Needing a Crew

Norman Sanders
Type of Boat: Cape Cutter 19 – Gaff-rig Cutter


I am a brand-new member.  I learned to sail on Narragansett Bay in RI, and then cruised from Long Island Sound to the Vineyard on my first boat, a Catalina 27.  My second boat was a 38′ Wauquiez Hood Mk II which I sailed out of Jomtien, Thailand.  I was USCG certified for coastal cruising in 1990.  I have recently re-acquired the Cape Cutter 19, S. African built, one of only three in North America.  I have no experience with a gaffer, have not been sailing for the past ten years, and I would like to acquire skills and confidence by sailing with someone who has more of both.  For now the boat is based in the yard, and will need to be launched and pulled out, but the mast will not have to be stepped.   Intending to start up in mid-July (after grand-kids leave).  Contact me if you are the person I’m looking for.  🙂

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