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December 2018 Ditty Bag


December 2018 Newsletter PDF

Commodore’s Report

by Phil Crane

Well, November was wild as was expected. Our Wurstfest Regatta featured big winds for little boats, light winds for the bigger ones and some good racing days too. Vice Commodore Mike Samulin did an excellent job both planning and executing the event and I’ve heard that a good time was had by all. Read more in his report later in the Ditty Bag.

As we head from November to December, we sail right into our end of the year activities including the LCYC Merrie Olde Christmas Party on November 30th and our Annual Meeting on the evening of December 1st . There is the final Board of Governors meeting on December 8th and the Winter Series Racing begins Saturday with Keel Boats followed by the Board Boats on Sunday.  AND there is the Commodore’s Grog Saturday evening. I haven’t been able to settle on the perfect Grog recipe just yet, but you know what they say, “practice, practice, practice”! I’ll be ready for my guests on the 8th! For those that are able to recover there is also the Commodore’s Breakfast on Sunday morning.

It would not be one of my Reports with- out at least one rules reminder. Our Slip Utilization Chair, Steve Edlund, reminded me that all boats whether on the hard or in our slips must have current registration with the State of Texas including those documented by the U .S . Coast Guard. This rule has been in effect since 2004, so make sure you have your current Texas registration properly affixed to your vessel.

So, it’s come to this – my final Commodore’s Report for the Ditty Bag. I’ve heard the saying, “I hope you live in interesting times” and no one is ever sure if it’s a blessing or a curse I will tell you that for me, this year has been interesting and that I am grateful for the opportunity to sit in the Commodore’s seat. (And enjoy the parking place too!) I certainly do feel

blessed. The year has had challenges and accomplishments. It will be that way every year. And what makes Lake Canyon Yacht Club special is our members and their willingness to take on the challenges. The spirit of volunteerism is what allows LCYC to operate at it does. I came into the year telling everyone we are a sailing club and that the objective is “want” to come out and have fun. It’s been a fun year for me, I hope has been for you.

Thanks, again, for the opportunity. I hope to see you around the club.

Welcome New Members

Stephanie & Phillip Regets – San Antonio, TX

Race Officer Seminar

by Rick Mella

Sailors: Join the volunteer race committee team by signing up for a One-Day RACE OFFICER SEMINAR, covering Race Management and all the primary elements in running a race regatta from start to finish . This seminar is open to all sailors who want to learn about race management .

US Sailing is offering this one-day class here in South Texas at LCYC, on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 .

Follow this web link and search for the seminar offered on the 19th, at Canyon Lake

LCYC Website Update

by Kathy Leubner

The LCYC website is getting a face lift! The new site will be launched in late December/ early January . We are moving to a WordPress software platform, which will make the site both easier to maintain and allow more than one person to make necessary changes .

The information will be the same, however the layout and navigation will be a bit different. There will also be a few new added features . A blast email will notify club members of the official launch date and outline some of the major changes to the site. Stay tuned!

Wurstfest Regatta 2018

by Mike Samulin

WFR I Recap

Wow – what a weekend for Wurstfest I. Friday evening started of with sailors showing up for the weekend and enjoying some great chili provided by Kathy Leubner and Phil Crane. We had quite a tent city pop up on the grounds – all had a good time.

Then came Saturday and the winds. After a great breakfast hosted by Anu Day and her volunteers, the sailors were on their way . I have heard varying stories (imagine that) about maximum gusts to as much as 33 MPH. The winds were too much for the Flying Scots and they sat out Saturday. All of the other fleets sailed – to one extent or another. We had some Aeros and daysailors that came back in (some swimming their boats in) . The Opti class was out on the water, but came back in quickly after the winds were just too much for them. Debbie Fogle had some races in the lagoon for the Opti’s – which was just perfect. They still had some brisk winds, but were protected by the marina.The on-the-water team lead by Ray Leubner did a fantastic job considering the incredible wind conditions . We had a great dinner provided by Mindy Rogers with grill masters Joe and Lonna O’Brien and a full complement of volunteers. In addition, there were great prizes at the raffle organized by Sherry Willis.

On Sunday, after another great breakfast from Anu Day and the volunteers, the Flying Scots went out an hour early to get in some extra races, and all of the other fleets were on the lake racing until lunch time . Lunch was provided by Margaret McGill and volunteers. At 2 PM the trophies were awarded to the win- ners . By the way, the trophies were provided by our own Chris and Debbie Fogle and their company Weathermark Creations with the logo design by Claudia Roeschmann. The trophies looked great

WFR II Recap

Well, the second weekend of the Wurstfest Regatta got off to a bit slower start – wind that is . Friday afternoon sailors started arriving around 3 PM and continued putting their boats in until dark. We had another round of chili for all – thanks to Kathy Leubner and Phil Crane again . The trimarans had an unofficial race the length of the lake in good winds – it took them all of 50 minutes to run the lake! Winds were much lighter on Saturday but all fleets were able to get several races in. Breakfast was hosted by Terry Tomko and his crew and dinner Saturday night was masterminded by Mindy Rogers and grill mas- ters Joe and Lonna O’Brien. We had a great raffle and music was enjoyed by all. Sunday breakfast had Terry and his crew back in the galley. The winds were even lighter Sunday, but most of the fleets were able to get a race or two completed. As the winds died down, the boats came in a bit early – which actually allowed for an easier pace at the ramp . Lunch    was served by Margaret McGill and crew again and awards were presented during a misty and cold afternoon.

All in all a very successful regatta with many compliments from the attendees about our great volunteers. While we had some serious sailors at the regatta, the overall attitude for both weekends was one of fun and camaraderie .

For the record – committee chairpersons:

Food chair for both weekends – Mindy Rogers with Anu Day (WFR1) and Terry Tomko (WFR2) handling breakfasts, Kathy Leubner handling the Subway lunches, and Joe and Lonna O’Brien at the grill (both week- ends) . Sherry Willis and Marty Chrisman handled the raffles. Ray Leubner handled all the races and on-the-water events. Elizabeth Bentzen handled registration (and more…), Carolyn Popp coordinated the numerous volunteers and Marvin Arnold arranged the bands. And of course, Jean Junker and Harry Sutherland with a team of volunteers handled the launch ramp. Also, a VERY special thank you to our Docks and Grounds crew – Julian, Ed and Mike – they did a fantastic job dur- ing both weekends of the event. The list of volunteers helping each team is too long to list here, but we all know who you are and we owe a special thank you to each and every one of them   Thank you all for making our 50th annual Wurstfest Regatta a success .

Port Co-Captains

by Ann Cook & Vivian Miller

Here we are at the close of another year-how did that happen so quickly?

It was participation in months of social activities at the clubhouse and plenty of sailing on the lake, that’s how! Wurstfest has come and gone and there was no Commodore’s Breakfast in November, so there’s not a lot of port captain-related occasions for comment in this article. However commendations and much “Wurstfest appreciation” are in order for Vice Commodore Mike Samulin, Ray Leubner and his on-the-water volunteers and Mindy Rogers and her galley crew for ensuring a successful #50 that was enjoyed by all who attended.

By the time you read this newsletter, the Merrie Olde Christmas party hosted by Carolyn Harris and Joe & Lonna O’Brien will have occurred on November 30th, fol- lowed closely by our annual meeting at the River Crossings Club on December 1st. You still have time to put the next Commodore’s Breakfast on your calendar for the 9th at 9:00 am . The meal will be prepared by our five outgoing board members, Elizabeth Bentzen, Bill Clark, Anu Day, Joe O’Brien, and Chris Powers. Watch for their menu in the Wednesday e-blast on December 5th.

Your 2018 Port Captains would like to offer our sincere thanks for all the support and assistance you’ve given us in delivering a full schedule of social activities over the past 12 months . There’s no way the two of us could have handled it without lots of volunteers! Ann is “retiring” after two years and Vivian will be continuing into 2019 with Lancine Justin as her co-captain . Many of the regular events you have come to expect are planned for next year, but look for some exciting new activities as well. And if you’ve not yet been able to help in the galley, there will be plenty of opportunities coming up. It’s a rewarding way to participate while learning the kitchen, working alongside existing friends and making new ones.

Please continue to RSVP for our social events. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it really helps us purchase the correct amount of food and prepare it without waste. Wishing you and your families a very happy and safe holiday season.

Hope to see you in the galley or on the water soon!

TSA Update

by Chris Fogle, LCYC TSA Representative

In November, the Texas Sailing Association – of which LCYC is a member club – wrapped up another successful Youth Circuit with their final regatta at Rush Creek Yacht Club . This was also their Annual Awards dinner and Annual Meeting . Several exciting changes are in the works for the 2019 season – but first – some great news for LCYC!

In addition to recognizing youth who competed during the year, they also award the Regatta of the Year Trophy . Lake Canyon Yacht Club’s Spring Fling Regatta – held in March – was named the 2018 Regatta of the Year! Congratulations to the many LCYC volunteers who helped make this event such a resounding success!

In announcing the award, the TSA Commodore cited several key areas where our team excelled: the organization and attention to detail in the planning; communications with parents and competitors before, during, and after the events; our wonderful galley and food; and our efforts to integrate “Clean Regatta” practices and affiliation with the Sailors for the Sea organization . Debbie Fogle was specifically named as a leader in TSA’s Clean Regatta initiative and the formation of the TSA Green Team. Congratulations to all!

A perpetual trophy that accompanies  the award will be presented at our 2019 Spring Fling Regatta the weekend of March 16th-17th .

At the Annual Meeting, the first item of business was to approve the leadership and committee slates for the next year . Member Chris Fogle (the author) was approved as a Co-Chair of the TSA Youth Committee . In this two-year position he will assist other yacht clubs in their regatta planning and assist the TSA leadership address concerns and policy initiatives throughout the season . The complete list of TSA Officers and Contacts for 2019 is posted on their website ( .

The regatta schedule for the 2019 Youth Circuit was approved and is now posted on the website . The TSA Kickoff Regatta will once again be hosted by Lakewood YC on February 9th-10th . In keeping with tradition, our regatta, the Spring Fling, coincides with Spring Break for many schools in Texas . The complete list of regattas is posted at https://txsail .org/ youth-sailing/tsa-youth-circuit-2019/.

Several changes to the TSA standard NORs and SIs will be forthcoming, including added safety requirements and recommended “Go- No Go” criteria to apply in the event of adverse weather .

The most exciting additions to the SIs were allowances for two new types of courses: a leeward-gate option (proposed by LCYC), and a downwind finish configuration for Laser and 420 fleets .

The revised NOR and SI templates will be available to all regatta planners soon, and we will be communicating the changes to our regatta volunteers, parents, and competitors prior to the 2019 season .

Finally, the TSA approved a new eligibility requirement for season awards .

In 2019, the youth circuit will be divided into three regions with the goal of each region hosting 4–5 events per year . The regions are defined as:


Houston YC | Lakewood YC | Palacios YC

| Seabrook SC | Texas Corinthian YC

Austin/Corpus Christi

Austin YC | Corpus Christi YC | Lake Canyon YC | Rockport YC

Dallas/Ft. Worth

Corinthian SC | Dallas Corinthian YC | Fort Worth BC | Grapevine SC | Rush Creek YC

To qualify for a Season Standings award, a sailor must satisfy the requirements of compet- ing in each of the three defined regions . For a region hosting 4 or more events, each sailor must compete in a minimum of two events in that region . For a region holding 2–3 events, a sailor must compete in a minimum of one event in that region . [For 2019, each region is hosting at least 4 events .]

For Laser fleets and double handed fleets, a competitor’s top 5 regattas in any region determine rankings for the TSA overall circuit position .

The change does not apply to the TSA Circuit Participation Awards or to Opti Green Fleet, as the latter is not a scored fleet .

If you have any questions or would like  to find out more about the TSA, the Youth Circuit, or how you can get involved, please contact me at

And don’t forget – our TSA Youth Circuit stop is March 16th-17th . We look forward to recreating the success of our 2018 regatta with your help . A call for volunteers will be coming soon – please stay tuned!

Boat Registration

by Steve Edlund

The following vessels on Texas waters are required to have current registration, including when docked, moored or stored:

  • All motorized boats, regardless of length
  • All sailboats 14 feet or longer, or any sailboat with auxiliary engine
  • USGC documented vessels (new effective 2004: vessels documented by the US Coast Guard are no longer exempt from state reg- istration requirements)
  • Exempted Vessels: Non-motorized canoes, kayaks, punts, rowboats or rubber rafts (regardless of length) when paddled, poled or oared, and sailboats under 14 feet in length when windblown. Adding an outboard or trolling motor to these boats requires titling and registration.

Please note that an unregistered boat may be ticketed by the authorities even when docked.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Youth Sailing Program

by Debbie and Chris Fogle

Merry Christmas! As our sailors wind up a successful year, December affords us the opportunity to highlight and appreciate their achievements .

The TSA Youth Circuit wrapped up in November with the final regatta at Rush Creek Yacht Club near Dallas on November 10th- 11th. Dylan Tomko has dominated Green Fleet this year, and he chose this final regatta to try his hand at White Fleet. He did well and gained valuable insights into what he can expect from the very competitive Opti RWB Fleet next season. Congratulations Dylan!

The LCYC racers were very successful on the TSA Youth Circuit in 2018.

In the Opti Green Fleet – in what has already been described as one of the strongest Green Fleets in years – Dylan competed in 11 regattas (10 in Green plus one in RWB fleet) and posted a circuit-best 6 podium finishes with 3 wins!

In the Laser 4 .7 Fleet, Caleb Fogle com- peted in 9 regattas and posted an overall 4th place finish for the season! Despite narrowly missing the final podium spot for the season, he posted three podium finishes in regattas, and was on the short end of podium tie- breakers twice! This was Caleb’s first year in the Laser Division, and – in a season with an unusually high number of regattas with “big winds and waves” – he proved to be a tough and fun-loving competitor!

Finally, we welcomed Ryan Mitchell to the TSA Youth Circuit late this year. Ryan competed in the Corpus Christi regatta in the Opti Green Fleet on his way to an impressive Wurstfest showing!

We congratulate all three of our racers for a great season, and we look forward to continued success on the 2019 TSA Youth Circuit.

Also, in November, all three of our youth racers competed in Wurstfest. Dylan and Ryan raced in the Opti Fleet, and Caleb competed in the Laser 4 .7. The winds were legendary on Day 1, to say the least. Caleb posted a 2nd place finish on the first day until retiring for the day with a broken tiller extension. Racing for the Opti Green fleet was abandoned before the first race, so the racers held an impromptu “In-Port Race” within the lagoon near the Youth Dock to the delight of several of the other fleets who also did not go out. Ryan won this first day’s series of races.

The second day of racing was a bit calmer. Caleb posted a 3rd Place overall finish for the regatta in the Laser 4 .7. Dylan and Ryan battled it out for the top two spots in the Opti Fleet, with Dylan eventually capturing the top spot in the Wurstfest Opti Fleet. Ryan, skip- pering in only his second regatta ever, ended the weekend in 2nd place! Congratulations to all our youth sailors for a very strong 2018 season! We will be recognizing them in an end-of-year social on December 16th. Please congratulate them when you see them on the dock!

We will soon be putting together our 2019 schedule that will include TSA Regattas, orientation lessons, clinics, and more Open Sail Days. Stay tuned to the website for more information. We will also continue our work to repair our fleet and return them to service. Please volunteer to help.

Finally, we are in urgent need of volunteers to help set up and run some of our activities – especially sailing lessons. If you can help us, please contact us at

See you on the water!


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