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December 2019

Commodore’s Report    |    New Members    |    Club Boat Program    |   Wurstfest Regatta    |      Series and Event Racing     |    TSA Update   |    Port Captains  |    LCYC Personnel

Commodore’s Report

by Mike Samulin, LCYC Commodore

Well, Wurstfest Regatta is behind us and it was a great one.  I will let Elizabeth go into the details in her report, but I wanted to thank Elizabeth for a job well done for the entire event.  And, while I know Elizabeth will acknowledge everyone in her article, I wanted to point out a few folks for their major contributions.  Our docks and grounds crew were fantastic – thank you to Julian, Ed and Rashad – you were always there when we needed you, and even when we did not – you were ahead of the game the entire event.  Our ramp crew (Jean and the gang) did a great job and things went as smoothly as can be expected.  The on the water (Ray and his group) had courses and the races well under control.  Mindy and her galley crew did a fantastic job of feeding the hungry sailors and our “pit crew” of Joe/Lonna O’Brien and Scott/Christina Purcell were great.  A special thanks to all of the volunteers that made Wurstfest a success again.  I heard many compliments from the attendees about the event, our club and our volunteers.  Job well done.

As I write my last article I need to give a special thank you to my Board of Governors – Rear Commodore Phil Crane (Dr. Phil as I called him when I needed to vent), Vice Commodore Elizabeth Bentzen, Governors Bubba Harris (007), Ed Miller, Scott Wells, Glen Graham, Carolyn Popp, Debbie Fogle, Jean Junker, Kathy Leubner / Carolyn Harris and Terry Beasley / Ann Cook, and Rear Commodore OF Sail Rick Mella.  Also, a very special thank you to Jim Kizziar and Renee Kizziar, Mindy Rogers and our Port Captains Vivian Miller and Lancine Justin.  I would also like to thank Carolyn Cole for all of her behind the scenes work – you have no idea just how much knowledge this woman has about our club.  I also need to mention Steve Edlund for doing a fantastic job this year on slip utilization – we have had more movement this year than in a long time, and Bill Cook for making my articles (and the whole Ditty Bag) look good.  And I must also thank my wife Vicki for all of her help.

Thank you to all of the committee chairpersons who did a fantastic job.  And of course a very special thank you to our Docks and Grounds crew of Julian, Ed and Rashad.  These guys did an unbelievable job this past year.  Also a special thank you to all of the volunteers that made all of the events happen without a flaw (OK – without too many flaws).   I know I have left off some of you, but know that I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for LCYC.

Another note on youth sailing, while we were not able to get an effective program off of the ground this year, I am hopeful that we will find some volunteers who want to put together a program that works for the youth sailors and the club.  We were very close this past summer, but it just did not work out.  Hopefully we can resurrect the self-funding program that almost happened. By the way, at the first weekend of Wurstfest Regatta I was able to speak with a few parents of kids in other youth sailing programs – and most explained that the programs generated the necessary funds to run their programs.  Many of the youth sailing clubs are only self-funded and receive little or no monetary support from their club, except for the volunteer hours.  LCYC is fortunate to have some help from our general budget and the Sailing Foundation.  The other take-a-way from my conversations about youth sailing – many of the youth clubs had two levels of sailing – just plain old fun sailing and also racing.  As they say at the Bitter End Yacht Club – there is nothing wrong with “messing about in boats” for fun or racing, and we need to teach this to the youth as well.

So, on a completely different note, I have always been curious to know just how many members actually read this article.  To see if at least one other member does read it (I have to because I write it, as does my wife who proofs it), I am offering 1 free bottle of rum (a very nice sipping rum) to the first person who reads this and sends an email to me at  One and only one bottle will be given away – you can claim your bottle at the Commodores Grog.  Any others who send an email (if there are any others who read the article) can join us for rum at the Commodores Grog – just by the glass rather than a whole bottle for you.  If the one winning reader does not claim the bottle at the Commodores Grog I am sure that we will have enough others in attendance to consume that bottle.  Current Board members, committee chairs and officers are NOT eligible to win the bottle (they are supposed to read the Ditty Bag anyway and receive it by email before the membership).  Of course the Commodore is the one and only judge to determine the winner.  Current board members, committee chairs and officers ARE eligible to help consume the bottle if the winner does not claim it at the Commodores Grog.

As I say my farewell as your Commodore, I want to thank all of you for your support during this past year.  It has been a fun and eventful year.  THANK YOU to each and every member and volunteer that helped this club grow during the past year.  Every Commodore in the past has left this club better than they found it, and I hope that I was able to do the same this past year – of course with the help of a great Board of Governors.

In the words of Jimmy Buffett – “it’s been a lovely cruise”.  So, as I fade away into the sunset as your Commodore, I wanted to leave you with one final picture from our sailing adventures.  As you can tell, I really enjoy sunsets (usually with a nice sipping rum and a Cuban cigar in hand).

So, enjoy one last photo… Fair winds my friends… and thank you again for letting me serve as your Commodore this past year.  It has been an honor and a pleasure.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to every member of the LCYC family….


The BVI……. or Canyon Lake? Courtesy Mike Samulin and Ed Miller 

Welcome New Members

  • Dan and Julie Poirier – Dripping Springs, TX
  • Kenneth and Sally Jones – Canyon Lake, TX
  • Daniel and Jennifer Scoggins – Canyon Lake, TX

Wurstfest 2019

by Elizabeth Bentzen, Vice Commodore and WFR Chair

Another Wursfest Regatta has sailed by us! For both weekends, a huge cadre of LCYC volunteers worked to make it the best regatta ever. For BOTH weekends, we should thank the following people:

  • Kathy Leubner chaired the publicity committee
  • Ray Leubner and Chuck Begley served as on-the-water chairs
  • Laurie McGill did registration
  • Carolyn Popp coordinated volunteers
  • Jean Junker chaired the ramp crew
  • Beth Wells organized the raffles
  • Mindy Rogers coordinated the kitchen, served snacks and Saturday dinner
    • Bo and Dru Wright and crew cooked all four breakfasts
    • Margaret McGill and crew cooked Friday dinner and Sunday lunch
    • Sue Radley, Mary Lindsey, and Carolyn Harris helped for just about all meals, starting with preparing potato salad on Thursday
    • Joe and Lonna O’Brien and Cristina and Scott Purcell were grill masters
  • LCYC Docks and Grounds employees Julian, Ed and Rashad kept things clean
  • Sea Scouts conducted the flag raising ceremony for the skippers’ meeting, and Wurstfest Opa David Doss welcomed out-of-towners

Sailors on both weekends arrived starting early Friday afternoon to launch their boats, set up camps, register, and eat sloppy joes for dinner.

Wurstfest Weekend I

81 boats sailed in 8 fleets. In spite of technical difficulties during the skippers meeting, the crowd came to my rescue and sang the National Anthem.  The wind was light, but Saturday was a beautiful day on Canyon Lake and all fleets had several races. Sailors returned to shore to enjoy refreshments and the usual delicious sausage and chicken dinner with all the fixings. Jazz Blues and Diamonds provided live entertainment, and there were great prizes at the raffle.

Sunday morning, shenanigans from Saturday night were discovered!

After breakfast, racers took to the lake again for a fabulous day of sailing. Lunch was served at the clubhouse (chicken salad, by request) as racers retrieved their boats and packed up. Trophies were awarded, and WFR 51 Weekend I was in the books.

Wursfest Weekend II
94 (!) keelboats and multihulls registered. The trimarans sailed a long distance race on Friday to kick off their weekend. North Sails representative, Jackson Benvenutti, joined us from New Orleans and gave a “chalk talk” on the McGowen deck.

The skippers’ meeting Saturday was delayed due to an incident on the ramp, and this might be a good time to remind sailors to follow all the LCYC safety rules, including: (1) make sure your trailer is properly seated and locked on the hitch; (2) check to make sure your chains and hooks are rated for the weight of your boat and trailer, and that they are properly attached to the hitch; and (3) when you are on the ramp, keep a wary eye out at all times for traffic. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Saturday’s weather was beautiful but the wind was nowhere to be found. Races were postponed and even though the race committees went out to find wind, racing was canceled for the day. Everyone made the best of it; they found alternate activities and had fun. There were remote control boat races in the marina, croquette by the lighthouse, college football on TV, and dinner was served early. Texas Tide provided live music for the evening and of course there was another great raffle. The evening ended early for most, but the J24 racers continued the party late into the night at their campsite.

To make up for no races on Saturday, racing on Sunday ended a little later than usual. Lunch and the awards ceremony ensued, and Jean Junker’s ramp crew worked tirelessly until the last boat was retrieved at about 8PM on Sunday.

Thanks again to all the people who helped make Wurstfest 51 a success. We couldn’t do it without you!

Are You Interested in Sailing a Club-Owned Boat?

by Ann Cook, BOG Member

Here’s an exciting new opportunity–or at least the possibility of one. Some members have expressed interest in a club boat program in which existing LCYC-owned boats would be available to members for an additional fee. Commodore Mike Samulin assigned BOG member Ann Cook to chair a committee to examine and submit a proposal for such a program. Ann asked Debbie and Chris Fogle and Bill Cook to work with her on drafting a proposal.

Members who might be interested in using club-owned sailboats or have suggestions about this type of program are asked to email Ann at



Port Captains

by Lancine Justin and Vivian Miller, co-Port Captains

The annual Wurstfest Regatta, reported elsewhere in the Ditty Bag, was the big event for November.


Courtesy Arnie Wilenken

The year ends with several traditional events:

  • December 6 – Merrie Olde Christmas Party at the Clubhouse, hosted by Carolyn Harrison and Joe and Lonna O’Brien.
    • RSVP required by Wednesday, December 4.
    • Holiday food and drink will be provided by the club.
    • ***Bring your favorite holiday dish to share if you wish.***
    • If you wish to participate in the gift exchange, bring a wrapped present not to exceed $15.00
  • December 7 – Annual Meeting
  • December 14 – Commodore’s Grog
  • December 15 – Commodore’s Breakfast – hosted by the outgoing board members

Club food and drink – your port captains try to manage club resources wisely by using the RSVP system to estimate attendees and the amount of food that will be needed. However, there have been several recent episodes where club food or drink has been used inappropriately, or where to-go plates have resulted in food not being available for members arriving at the end of the serving period.

So, please note that LCYC food and drink are for LCYC events on the LCYC property ONLY. Private events must provide ALL of their own food and drink. Also, to be considerate of your fellow members and to avoid a discussion with a port captain, please do not prepare takeout plates.

Although there is great turnout for social events, there is a limited group of selfless volunteers who plan, purchase, cook and clean up. Volunteers are the key to having a full social schedule at a bargain price, and if volunteers are not available, some events may be discontinued or canceled.
If you can host or work at any event, let us know at or call Vivian at 512-289-8077 or Lancine at 951-427-0806.

Are you a new – or newish – member? Volunteering at our social events gets you into the thick of things and gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other members. Contact Arnie Wilenken, our new volunteer coordinator to explore all the options!

Series & Event Racing

by Rick Mella, Rear Commodore of Sail

To begin, Race Committee Volunteers deserve a great run of applause for their hard work this year in putting race weekends together for all the sailors to enjoy and experience very competitive sailing.  I can’t say THANK YOU enough.  Remember, without volunteers, no future races.

LCYC Annual Board Meeting Dinner is December 7th, 2019, where the Rear Commodore of Sail will announce this year’s fleet standings.  Reviewing our 2019 calendar, the following fleets will receive recognition: Keel Boats: J-22, PHRF Spin, PHRF Non-Spin, PHRF Non-Spin B, Big Boats, Multi-Hull, and Board Boats: Flying Scot, Sunfish, Portsmouth, Laser

Looking forward to next year’s racing regattas (2020), the Winter Series begins on Dec 14th, 2019, Keel boats and Dec 15th, 2019, Board Boats.  As I stated in our last Ditty Bag article, “For this three month racing series running from Dec 2019 to February 2020, changes will be implemented to entice more sailors to participate in the winter series regattas.”

To enhance new race requirements, the Rear Commodore of Sail is recommending each Fleet appoints a Fleet Captain to help manage next year’s events.  The benefits of fleet captains are:

  • Assisting in RC support for the 2020 Racing Year
  • Designing new challenges that will help build sailing experience so when Regional Regattas are held, LCYC is well represented
  • With the appointment of fleet captains, this will lead to improved communications concerning the race year:
    • Enhanced communications, so all skippers will have the latest information & updates
    • Better communications will improve the racing environment
    • New race courses can be implemented or Fun Sailing challenges to work on sailing skills
    • Delicate & train more volunteers in supporting Race Committee duties

Adding to the new communication requirements, a new email address for racing has been created:


Courtesy Rick Mella

TSA Update

by Chris Fogle, LCYC TSA Representative

It’s been a great circuit this year for TSA and Canyon Lake sailors, and now it’s time to put it in the books.

The final TSA regatta of the year and the End of Year Awards presentations were held the weekend of November 9th and 10th at the Corpus Christi Yacht Club. The regatta saw much of the same conditions as Wurstfest – a general lack of wind and a very “un-Corpus-like” experience. The photo below of Caleb “taking a break” at Wurstfest I” captures this month’s racing conditions perfectly.

Canyon Lake sailors did very well in Corpus Christi Bay – Dylan Tomko (Lakewood YC) continued to dominate the Optis placing 9th overall in the Opti RWB Fleet and 1st place in the Opti White Division.  Ryan Mitchell (LCYC/Austin YC) earned his second TSA overall regatta win of the season in the Opti Green Fleet. Caleb Fogle (LCYC) placed 11th in a competitive Laser Radial Fleet.

For the season, Dylan was nearly untouchable in the Opti RWB Fleet.  He finished in 1st Place for the season with a score that was 22 points better than the next closest sailor!  In addition to his Opti White Division win, he was awarded 3rd Place in the overall Opti RWB Fleet for the season.

Ryan – competing in his first full TSA Circuit – posted the third-best results in Opti Green Fleet.  His fantastic performance in Green Fleet has positioned him well for a transition next year to the Opti RWB Fleet!

Caleb completed his second season in the Laser and first in the Laser Radial rig. He finished in 5th place overall in the Fleet after moving to the Radial in the early part of the season.

Our Canyon Lake sailors were also recognized at the annual awards for completing an entire Circuit. To be recognized, sailors must compete in at minimum of seven regattas and in all three regions in Texas.  This year’s Circuit award was Caleb Fogle’s 5th straight; Dylan Tomko’s 2nd; and Ryan Mitchell’s first!  Congratulations to all our Canyon Lake sailors. Enjoy the off-season – you’ve earned it!  We look forward to seeing you all on the Circuit in 2020.

The Corpus Christi Regatta was also the site of TSA’s annual meeting. Changes to the TSA Race Conditions, Notice of Race, and Sailing Instructions were discussed.  Minor changes were approved and will be communicated to all TSA Reps soon. The author (yours truly) was confirmed as the senior TSA Youth Committee Co-Chair for 2020, the second year of the two-year commitment.

Also, at the meeting, we discussed and tentatively approved the regatta schedule for next season.  LCYC successfully bid for the weekend of March 21st-22nd. The Kickoff Regatta will be a little earlier than normal with action commencing the first weekend in February at Corpus Christi Yacht Club.

Please continue to SAVE THE DATE for our TSA Youth Regatta in 2020: March 21st-22nd.  Please mark your calendars to help with this great volunteer opportunity!

See you on the water!

LCYC Personnel

Commodore – Mike Samulin Treasurer – Renee Kizziar
Vice Commodore – Elizabeth Bentzen Port Co-Captains – Lancine Justin, Vivian Miller
Rear Commodore – Phil Crane Rear Commodore for Sail – Rick Mella
Secretary – Mindy Rogers

Board of Governors
2018 – 2019
Ann Cook Carolyn Harris
Glen Graham Carolyn Popp
2019 – 2020
Debbie Fogle Ed Miller
Bubba Harris Scott Wells
Jean Junker

Committee Chairs
Adaptive Sailing – Bill McVey Membership – Jim Garity
Adult Sail Training – Mike Stellato Nominations – Jim Kizziar
Audit Committee – Rick Cioppa Personnel – Glen Graham
Budget Committee – Laurie McGill PHRF – Jim Garity
Cabana Owners – Rick Walker Safety – Pete Macler
Corps of Engineers – Pete Macler Slip Utilization – Steve Edlund
Docks & Grounds – Travis Mitchell TSA Rep – Chris Fogle
Emergency Task Force – Julian Craven Vice Docks and Grounds – TBD
Lifetime Achievement – Sandra Lindsey Wurstfest Regatta – Elizabeth Bentzen
Long Range Planning – Marvin Arnold, Ed Miller Youth Sailing – Vacant

Club Administrator – Carolyn Cole Staff – Michael Vocke, Rashad Williams
Property Manager – Julian Craven Ditty Bag – Bill Cook
Docks & Grounds – Edward Ward Website – Kathy Leubner

























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