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February 2022

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Commodore’s Report

by Bill Clark, LCYC Commodore

Hello, Sailors! Just a quick note on what’s going on at your club. First, I am sure you have noticed how clean and organized our boat storage and grounds are. Please let Pete, John, and our newest team member, David Anderson, know how much we appreciate what they have done and plan to do. It is incredible. I would also like to point out the marina has been through two high wind events in January and has come through in great shape. It is absolutely due to the new attention to detail that is being performed by our docks and grounds folks, such as the daily monitoring of the cable tension.
A quick reminder, our club membership is filling up fast. We are getting closer and closer to the 400-member cap. What a good problem to have, right? So, if you know someone who is thinking of becoming a member, they might want to apply soon.

My thanks to all of our staff and volunteers. It looks very bright for our club!

See you on the water!

Welcome New Members

  • Susan and David Hoffman, Canyon Lake, TX
  • David Cannon, San Marcos, TX
  • Larry and Sally Waldner, New Braunfels, TX

LCYC Leukemia Cup Regattas are Being Canceled

by Ray Leubner and Phil Crane

First, a little bit of history. In the early 1990s, Gary Jobson grabbed hold of the idea of getting the sailing community involved in raising charitable funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) through hosting Leukemia Cup Regattas (LCR) across North America. Through his efforts, and those of many other sailors, it has grown to 45+/- participating yacht clubs raising $73 million for LLS over the intervening years. LCYC joined in this effort in 2014, raising $350,000 for LLS, an awesome number for a yacht club of our size.

Through our contacts in the sailing community over the last few months, we have learned of the massive restructuring of LLS. A new COO was hired early last year. In July, the number of Chapters (now called Regions) was nearly cut in half and several hundred staff let go. As part of this restructuring, LLS decided to discontinue support of the LCR at the national level. We have since learned that the Southern, Annapolis, and San Francisco Yacht Clubs will no longer be participating. These 3 yacht clubs represent a third of the money normally raised each year through LCRs. Several national sponsors have pulled out as well, including Gosling Rum and West Marine. Others withdrawing are unknown currently. Some LLS Regions are trying to continue local LCRs, all on a yacht club “Do it Yourself” basis. But with the large moniker yacht clubs pulling out, there’s little chance for much success with that.

Based on LLS’s national decision not to support the LCR, the sailing community can no longer answer the question of “WHY” LLS should be the focus of our collective charitable efforts, and hence our own at the LCYC level. In the future, LCYC can investigate conducting another charity regatta, just not with LLS. It is with great regret that the LCYC BOGs have decided to discontinue LCRs going forward.

LCYC would like to thank all the volunteers, fund raising teams, donors and sponsors for their support in making the past seven LCYC Leukemia Cup Regattas such a success.


by Mike Stellato

Lake Canyon Yacht Club is conducting an ADULT LEARN TO SAIL program for those interested in learning the Basics of Sailing and on-the-water boat safety. Participants that are 18 years of age or older are encouraged to register for this course. The following itinerary will be followed:

I. Introduction to Sailing- Part 1, Feb 26 – 27

Goal – Provide basic understanding of sailing and specific water safety practices related to sailing. Each day after classroom instruction there will be on-the-water sailing that will use keelboats skippered and crewed by experienced club members. To the extent possible we will provide one boat for each two students for the sailing sessions each day. After demonstrating each new course objective, students will be given the opportunity to do the helming and sail trimming to learn hands-on.

Subjects will include: Types of sailboats, sailing terminology, what makes a sailboat go, relationship to wind, sail trim, controlling a sailboat, knot tying, basic right-of-way rules.

II. Intro to Sailing- Part 2, March 5 – 6

Goal – to build on the previous week’s basic training by providing additional classroom topics and on-the-water sailing activities.

Subjects will include: Launching a boat from a trailer, Rigging and de-rigging the boat, Departing and returning to a dock or mooring, Planning a short trip, basic understanding weather considerations, making a sail plan, Safety Considerations & emergency procedures, knowledge of the Texas Water Safety Act, right of way rules, and using correct sail trim to sail the boat efficiently (as quickly and as safely) as possible.

Saturday afternoon on March 5th will be a 3+ hour sail, depending on weather. The intent on Saturday is for a leisurely sail, to use the boat to take a trip, practice the lesson objectives and build self-confidence. Sunday afternoon March 6th, we will lay out an hour-long triangle and have the students sail the track as quickly as possible, two times around. The intent Sunday is to sail the boats as well as possible, with primary emphasis on efficient upwind sailing, best boat speed, and compass headings to cover the course in minimum time.

Class Schedule for both weekends: Saturday and Sunday – 9am-noon – classroom; 12-1pm -lunch (bring your own); 1pm-4 pm – on the water sailing. Everyone is encouraged to treat these two weekends as a single course, although we will accept entrants for either one (must have prior sailing experience to sign up only for the second one).

The fees are $30 for both weekends, or $15 for either weekend separately. Only one fee is required for two family members [must be 18 yrs of age or older] if they are willing to share the course books.

Register online at  Registration should be operational by mid-January. Please contact Mike Stellato at with any questions.

Sea Scouts – Free Vessel Inspections

by Bryant Bowington, Sea Scout Ship 26

As a Sea Scout I promise to do my best
To guard against water accidents.
To know the location and proper use of the
life saving devices on every boat I board.
To be prepared to render aid to those in need.
To let those less able come first.

To deliver on the Sea Scout Promise Sea Scout Ship 26 will partner with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 74 to arrange for and assist with free courtesy vessel examinations for Boats from 6 to 65 feet.

To get your Free Safety Inspection which may qualify you for a discount on your insurance. Please call Darlene Beeson 210-602-9715. Darlene is Certified US Coast Guard Auxiliary Examiner & Mate of Ship 26. Inspections can be completed at your vessel in the water or in the dry lots by appointment.

Youth membership in the Sea Scouts is open to both female and male youth 14 to 21 years of age. It is a program of the Boy Scouts of America.

Series Racing

by Chuck Begley and Joe McDonough, Interim Race Director

Board boat races were also a bust on Sunday 16 Jan. 12 boats registered and 6 showed up. After blowing a gale on the 15th and into the evening, winds died as soon as the race committee left the dock. After drifting about and one postponement, racing was abandoned. Still it was a good training day for a record number of new volunteers that will be supporting club racing moving forward. Phil Davis, Gustavo Medellin, Jake Dempsey, Nancy Hodo, Bryant Bowington, Josh Strickland, Steve Ross, Jonathan Crayhorne, Joe McDonough and Bo Wright had everything ready to go by race time. Any day at LCYC is a good day. Racers and RC volunteers enjoyed some brews and chips after the boats were put away, thanks to our port captain Mindy Rodgers and co-captain Drew Wright. Last race event for the winter series is 20 FEB. We are looking forward to an exciting afternoon since these will be the only races run for the winter series.

We finally got to race for the Winter Long Distance January 22. The weather was chilly but sunny with a NE breeze of 10-12 knots. Fred Lindsey managed the race under an informal format (no RC boats, rounding at channel marks, honor system for starts and finishes) and at the same time was first in the PHRF spinnaker fleet. Chris Pickett won the non-spinnaker fleet. Everyone had a good time after the racing with brews and chips thanks to Mindy and Dru.

The new race committee model is working so far with plenty of volunteers signing up for the Winter Series. We need a few more crew for the Spring Series Keelboat races.

Youth Sailing Volunteers Urgently Needed

by Chris Fogle

Do you wish you could get more involved in our Club’s activities and – at the same time – learn more about our sport?

We currently have two open positions looking for dedicated volunteers!

LCYC Representative to the TSA – Our club is a member of the Texas Sailing Association ( Many people know of TSA’s affiliation with the annual youth racing circuit in Texas, and each year LCYC hosts a youth regatta as a stop on their circuit. As the LCYC Representative to the TSA you’ll act as a conduit for information from TSA to the club. You’ll participate in the annual TSA meeting held at the last youth regatta of the year, usually in November. You’ll participate in setting the schedule for regattas, reviewing proposed changes to published Race Conditions; and relaying information to club members about upcoming youth and adult championship regattas. If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact member Chris Fogle, our current TSA rep.

LCYC Youth Regatta Chairperson – Each year LCYC hosts a Youth Regatta which typically attracts over 80 youth sailors from across Texas and Oklahoma, and sometimes as far away as the US Virgin Islands. We currently are in urgent need of a person or team to take on the task of organizing the regatta for 2022. This is a great way to learn what goes into planning and running a regatta, and it has the added benefit of introducing you to our sport of sailboat racing. If you volunteer to lead this important club activity, you will be provided training and mentoring from a very experienced team! If you would like to find out more information about this important position or have any questions, please contact Chris or Debbie Fogle via the regatta email address:


by Debbie & Chris Fogle, TSA Representative

Stay tuned to the Ditty Bag for more updates as the season progresses. You can also check out the TSA website at for more information, or check us out on the Facebook TSA Junior Sailing Page

2022 Texas Sailing Association (TSA) Youth Racing Circuit Dates

Check the TSA website for updates.




























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