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February 2024

Commodore’s Report    |   New Members    |   Port Captains’ Report    |   Docks and Grounds Update   |    LCYC Women’s Sailing Program 2024   |    Adult Learn to Sail  |    Local Youth Qualifies for 2024 US Sailing Youth Team |    From the Ditty Bag Editor

Commodore’s Report

by Glen Graham, Commodore

Good news: as I’m writing this report, it has rained off and on for the past several weeks! This was the second wettest January (per KSAT news) on record in the San Antonio Region. You can check the Weather and WebCam links on the LCYC web page here to find out all the lake level details, Guadalupe River inflow and outflow rates, etcetera. Now, for the reality check: unfortunately, despite all the rain, the lake level has increased only approximately six inches. We still face serious problems with the low lake level. In January, the Board of Governors approved a plan to keep the marina open if the lake level continues to drop. Please send in your RSVP and attend the Low Water Planning Session that will be presented at the club on February 4th, at 1:00 pm. Our Low Water Task Force has prepared a very detailed plan for a worst-case scenario, and it will impact all club members and all member-owned boats. I hope all of your questions will be answered at this very important town hall meeting.

In the meantime, we are continuing with all of our other scheduled events, so please keep abreast of the calendar and read your weekly email blasts to stay updated. Our staff and volunteers continue to work very hard to keep us sailing. Please thank them for their efforts at every opportunity.  See you on the lake!


Welcome New Members

by Nicole Rapp, LCYC Club Bookkeeper

William M. and Andrea J Calhoun of Spring Branch are Members 1556-S.

Jared Hoffmeyer of San Antonio is Member 1557-S.

Port Captains’ Report

by Ann Cook and Sally Phillips, Port Co-Captains

New Board of Governors treat grateful club members to a hearty and delicious breakfast.

Last month was a little on the cold side, relatively speaking of course. It seemed to impact the number of sailors who ventured out on New Year’s Day, but those who came by the clubhouse got lots of good luck by way of the black-eyed peas in our homemade “Hoppin John”. Weather was also a factor in the January 14th Commodore’s Breakfast, but the 35 of you who showed up enjoyed a hot and hearty meal prepared and served by new BOG members, Dwight Stickle, Allen Borden, and Gary Kirkham (assisted by Debbie). Fantastic job, guys! In spite of the chill outside, the clubhouse was buzzing as everyone shared updates from the holidays, plans for the year ahead, and concerns over lake levels. And finally, the inclement forecast even delayed series racing for a week. Soon enough we’ll be complaining about the heat! 

Looking ahead, the February Commodore’s Breakfast on the 11th will be hosted by Terry Beasley, Shane Foster, Shirley Jones, Peggy Joynt, and Jessica Farrar. That’s an impressive galley crew so, the meal promises to be outstanding. Remember to RSVP. We ring the bell to start serving at 9:00 am.
Italian Night is scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd, and we need volunteers!! This event was added to the calendar back in 2018 and has been popular ever since (well, not counting the Covid years). If you enjoy antipasti and pasta and are willing to help plan, prepare, serve, and/or clean up, please let us know as soon as possible.
There are lots of other event opportunities for “hosting and helping” in the months ahead, so don’t be shy about stepping up. We will find a place for you. Our budget will cover the food, so you will be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses. We just need a little of your time and elbow grease.
The information below is a message posted for our newest members and a reminder for any of you who may have forgotten:
In 2022 the Board approved charging a nominal fee to members who RSVP for an event but then do not attend. This practice has provided a more accurate headcount and allowed us to save money and cut back on food waste. The fee will be charged only to members who RSVP but do not attend or who do not cancel their RSVP before the deadline.

             Breakfasts – $5.00 per person

             Other events with food – $10.00 per person

Members who have RSVP’d for an event essentially have reserved their meals and will be served first. Members who attend an event without an RSVP will be served if food is available after reserved meals have been served.

Thank you for your understanding and adherence to this practice.
We look forward to seeing you at the Club or on the water.

Docks and Grounds Update

by Pete Prados, Docks & Grounds Committee Chair

Docks and Grounds Crew remove old tires from the LCYC lease area and offload the new walkway for the marina.

On January 10, 2024, the US Army Corps of Engineers conducted their Annual Inspection of the LCYC marina. There were five representatives from the Corps and five representatives from LCYC present during the inspection. The inspection went well, and the Corps was pleased with the condition of the boat ramp and marina. We shared our thoughts on concerns about the water level situation, and they provided some helpful information.

D&G is working with the LCYC Long Range Planning sub-commitee on a Low Water Plan. A number of options are being discussed to keep the boats afloat should the lake level continue to drop. Details will be shared at a town hall meeting at the clubhouse on February 4.

Two current projects the staff is working on include accepting delivery of and offloading the new walkway for the marina and removing old tires from the LCYC lease area.

Finally, skippers are reminded not to use 15amp receptacles on the marina pedestals for shore power. These receptacles should only be used while the skipper is present and should not be left unattended.

LCYC Women’s Sailing Program 2024

By Dru Wright, Women’s Sail Chair

Thank you to the 23 women who came out on January 6 for our “Wine & Cheese Social”.  The food, wine, and camaraderie were wonderful.   We played a fun game getting to know each other, and signed up five ladies to help with Race Committee, signed several up to head up the SEW MAD Regatta planning committee, and enlisted several volunteers to help with the Fun Sail events that will happen in conjunction with Club meal events this year.

We have quite a few ladies wanting to learn to sail.  Work is underway to schedule some small group training dates.  I want to encourage ladies new to sailing to sign up for the LCYC Learn to Sail class offered in late February and March.

Winter Weather has kept the Wednesday morning Lady Sailors off the water in January, but we’re hopeful the temps, winds, and water levels will improve as we get closer to spring.  On a positive note, bad weather means coffee time in the clubhouse.  Bring your own drink and snack.  Join us at 10 am, and, if the weather improves, we’ll sail!

The first Fun Sail event will be on March 23 from 2-5 pm before the Italian Night meal.  This is open to ALL LCYC members, so get your boat and crew and plan on joining us for a fun afternoon on the water.  If you would like to crew or need crew, please let me know, so I can get you matched up.  We will set a course for those who want to practice their racing skills.  Fun Sail dates will be on March 23, May 27, June 22, July 27, and September 2.

If you are a Sunfish sailor, get ready because we are working on getting the fleet active!!  More to come.

Our next social gathering will be on Sunday, April 7 4-6pm, featuring “Naughty Knots”.  Come join the growing number of women joining the LCYC Women’s Sailing Program.

See you on the water!

Adult Learn to Sail

By Mike Stellato, Adult Sail Training Chair

I hope you are looking forward to another great year of sailing–starting out by volunteering to assist with our Adult Learn to Sail class this year, during the weekends of February 24 & 25 and March 2 & 3!

The 2-weekend format that we began many years ago has been very well received, with high praise and appreciation of our volunteers and club for offering this course to the public. Registration is complete, and we have a full class of 30+ students.  To have a maximum of two students per boat, we will need to have 15 skippers and boats, and 15 additional crew/backup skippers. It is also very helpful to have a volunteer make coffee each morning. Many of you reading this article have helped with multiple prior classes, and it would be great to have other club members join in the fun. It is very satisfying and rewarding to introduce new people to our passion and sport. The classroom subjects will be taught by Mike Stellato and others.  The sailing part of the class schedule is below so you can see the time requirements.

We have gone through the membership directory and spotted those with appropriate boats for the classes.  Please volunteer your time, your boat, and your enthusiasm for sailing!!

Intro to Sailing Part 1 on February 24 & 25

At 1:00pm on both days, meet your assigned students at the clubhouse. Then take them to your boat for orientation, and sail until 4:00 pm. Show them how to do the following: rig, depart your slip, sail trim and steer, determine wind direction, follow 3 basic right-of-way rules, retrieve a man-overboard, and return to your slip. Have students do as much as you feel comfortable with…the essence is for them to gain an understanding of how to make a sailboat go…and stop!  Note: Once you have demonstrated the topics, have the students do as much of the helming and sail trimming as you feel comfortable with. There will be a list of items for you that we would like you to cover on each sail.

Intro to Sailing Part 2 on March 2 & 3

At 12:45 pm both days, meet students at the clubhouse. Sail and return to docks at 4:00 pm. On Saturday we will have a destination sail depending on wind direction. The point will be to relax and enjoy being on the boat, using the sailboat to go someplace. Discussions while you sail should include right-of-way, sail trim, navigation, the use of radio, how to keep an eye out for weather, etc.

On Sunday we will lay out a course which will require upwind, crosswind, and downwind sailing. The emphasis will be on sailing the boat well…especially on the upwind leg which is always most difficult for novices… and sailing the course in as short a time as possible. Time the boat the first time around, then sail the same course again, and try to improve on the first time. This is the day to highlight which tacks take you to the marks in the shortest time, recognizing wind shifts, and looking for puffs of better wind to maneuver into. Continue emphasis on right-of-way rules.

I would appreciate your letting me know as early as you can whether or not you will be able to help with this year’s class. The classes filled up very quickly, so there is a real interest and 15 BOATS (at least) are needed.   

Please volunteer your time, your boat, and your enthusiasm for sailing!! Contact Mike Stellato at210.887.7469 or

Local Youth Qualifies for 2024 US Sailing Youth Team

Information from Facebook, Shared By Terry Tomko

Dylan Tomko and Casey Small sail to another win, this time qualifying for the US Youth Sailing Team.

Congrats to sailors Dylan Tomko, a Canyon Lake High School freshman, and his partner, Casey Small, a Houston area eighth grade student. The sailing pair competed in Ft. Lauderdale the weekend of January 13 and 14 and qualified for the 2024 Youth Team in the Nacra 15 class. Athletes in the Nacra 15 class compete as a mixed team.

Dylan and Casey raced against each other in Optis in TSA circuit for 4 years before partnering to compete at this level.
Dylan  started at age 8 in Optis under the instruction of Chris & Debbie Fogel who ran the LCYC youth sailing program for several years.
Dylan’s father and mother are members of Houston  Yacht club, although they live at Canyon Lake. His father, John, races foiling catamarans  and practices in ocean conditions.  They can both be seen on their catamarans midweek on Canyon Lake.
The US Sailing Youth Team competes at the Youth World Sailing Championships which will be held in Lake Garda, Italy this summer.

From the Ditty Bag Editor

By Sally Phillips, Editor

The best things in life, as they say, are free. While membership in LCYC is not free, I argue that in fact reaping its full rewards–once you’ve paid your dues–are. We have so much going on and so many opportunities through LCYC that go way beyond boat storage and mooring. All that is required to reap said full rewards is a bit of effort on the part of members. Effort might look like reading the weekly blast or newsletter occasionally or visiting with a slip neighbor. It might look like volunteering to help in the Galley or patting our Docks and Grounds crew on the back once in a while for all of their Herculean efforts. Maybe it’s attending a Women’s Sailing event or racing. Or rsvping for a Commodore’s Breakfast. No matter the effort I personally have ever put in, I’ve gotten so much in return, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of an organization that loves sailing and celebrates socializing. Honestly, while I love sailing and stay in constant awe that I’m lucky enough to have a sailboat–in a slip!–it’s the socializing that really draws me to the Club. So, I say jump in and make the most of the amazing opportunity that is LCYC!

To that end, one more example of effort would be to share your expertise or your experience as a club member or as a sailor. Members are encouraged this year to submit pieces to the Ditty Bag. Perhaps you’ve sailed abroad somewhere other members would like to go; you’re the expert. Share! Perhaps you’ve found some great technique to handle a sticky boat maintenance issue. You’re the expert. Share! Perhaps a particular moment sailing has meant something deeply important to you, and others can relate. Share! Maybe you have a future sailing Olympian for a grandson. (Thanks, Terry Tomko.) Share! Even if you’re considering a charter somewhere and are looking for travel companions, share.

If you’re shy about writing, contact me at I can help. I taught writing for 23 years and never used a red pen. By that I mean, you won’t be judged for your grammar and spelling (which are probably at least as good as mine anyway). You might even find that making this effort adds to your LCYC rewards and enriches fellow members . . . And it won’t cost a penny.





























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