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Marina Info at LCYC

Lake Canyon Yacht Club (“LCYC”) has a lovely sailboat marina with 144 slips of various sizes. The marina is tucked into a small cove west of the dam on the north side of the lake. This same cove is home to the Joint Base San Antonio marina. LCYC’s docks are connected to a framework anchored to the lake bed and float on cable tethers. The system of docks and cables was professionally designed, is routinely maintained by LCYC staff and maintained and inspected professionally every six months. The marina is surrounded by an extensive breakwater. Each slip has floating finger docks on each side, shore power and access to water. Slips can be outfitted for television reception with Board approval and at the slip holder’s expense. LCYC ‘s Wi-Fi is accessible from most slips. A diagram of the docks is provided below.

Slip lessees must be members of LCYC. See the Membership page of this website for information about the membership application process. The marina is always fully occupied. There is a slip waiting list upon which member’s names can be placed by using the Slip Waiting List form below. The process of assigning slips is described in the Slip, Dock and Storage Utilization Policy (the “Slip Policies”) which is also available on the Membership page of this website. A recent Slip Waiting List is provided below.

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