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January 2019 Ditty Bag


January 2019 Newsletter PDF

Commodore’s Report

by Mike Samulin

Greetings fellow LCYC members and sailors…and Happy New Year! It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your Commodore for 2019 – thank you for your trust.

As you all know, becoming Commodore is a process, and trial by fire. The most daunting task is that of running the Wurstfest Regatta, and this past regatta was the 50th annual Wurstfest Regatta! But, in all fairness, running WFR this year was a great deal of fun, along with the hard work. I had some fantastic volunteers who guided me through the process – people like Kathy Leubner, Phil Crane, Carolyn Cole, Renee Kizziar and a host of others. The great volunteers who handled the “big” stuff were – Ray Leubner on the water, Jean Junker on the ramp, and Mindy Rogers in the galley, and I cannot forget our great docks and grounds team of Julian, Ed and Mike. While Vicki (my wife and sidekick for the entire event) and I were busy, we had a great time and were able to spend some quality time with both members and guests. Over 150 club members volunteered their time for this event. Thank you all for helping me through the “trauma” of WFR.

As we begin the New Year, LCYC will continue to be the shining star that it has been for over 50 years. While we face some challenges – both old and new, we will also chart some new courses in the upcoming year. These new courses are to be determined by you the members. While we have all had great ideas to help grow the club, let’s please remember that what we have here is a great club and facility, and we also have a budget to live within. I always like to remind people that there is a difference between an event and a process. Good changes are a process, not an event – so let’s plant the seeds of progress and watch them grow with time. Remember, this club was started 51 years ago with a few hard working sailors – and look at what it has become today. But, it was a growing process that took time to create such a great club.

By the way, as a testament to our long heritage, we are lucky to have one of our founding members (member 007) on our Board of Governors this year – Bubba Harris, along with some newer board members and some members with past experience on the board. I look forward to having their wealth of knowledge on the board this year – we are very lucky to have them all participate at this level.

So, let’s think outside the box, but inside the budget and have a fun and great year. See you at the club.

Welcome New Members

Birch and Velma Smith – New Braunfels, TX
David Shane & Olena Klochak  – Shertz, TX
Grey and Dawn Marshall – San Antonio, TX

Lifetime Service Award

by Sandra Lindsey

Members who have made outstanding contributions to LCYC for 20 or more years are eligible to be nominated for the LCYC Lifetime Service Award. Factors considered by the Board of Governors when selecting honorees from those nominated by Club members include (but are not limited to) the following: 1. Long term volunteerism to LCYC 2.Consistent support of club activities 3. Effective service in elected and/or appointed positions 4. Demonstration of leadership, sportsmanship, and cooperation.

How do I nominate someone for the Lifetime Service Award? Submit nominations to the LCYC Club Administrator (Carolyn Cole) by email ( or in writing (Lake Canyon Yacht Club, P.O. Box 18554, San Antonio, Texas 78218-0554) by February 22, 2019. Include the nominee’s name and membership number, reasons the person should receive the award, and your name and membership number. Your name will be removed from the submission before it is forwarded to the nominating committee.

How are LCYC Lifetime Service Awardees selected? A committee appointed by the Board of Governors will review and evaluate nominations, and make recommendations to the Board of Governors, who will make the final selection. The nominator’s identity is not revealed to the committee or the Board. Who is on the nomination committee? The Board of Governors will appoint at least 5 committee members, only one of whom can be a current board member. A requirement for committee appointment is club membership for at least 10 years.

When will the awards be made? The Lifetime Service Awards will be announced at the annual Founders Day Celebration in April 2019.

How many awards will be given? The number of awards is not limited and there is no minimum or maximum.

May I nominate myself or someone in my family? Yes, and yes.

May I nominate more than one person? You may nominate as many people as you believe deserve the award. Usually only one person in a married couple is a voting member.

May I nominate both? Yes.

Can posthumous awards be made? Yes

What is the deadline for nominations? Nominations are accepted by the LCYC Administrator through February 22, 2019.

Adult Learn to Sail Class

by Mike Stellato

Introduction to Sailing- Part 1, Feb 23-24
Goal – Provide basic understanding of sailing and specific water safety practices related to sailing.
Each day after classroom instruction there will be on-the-water sailing that will use keelboats skippered and crewed by experienced club members. To the extent possible we will provide one boat for each two students for the sailing sessions each day. After demonstrating each new course objective, students will be given the opportunity to do the helming and sail trimming to learn hands-on.

Subject objectives will include:Types of sailboats, Sailing terminology, What makes a sailboat go, Relationship to wind, Sail trim, Controlling a sailboat, Knot tying, Basic right-of-way rules.

 Intro to Sailing- Part 2, March 2-3
Goal – to build on the previous week’s basic training by providing additional classroom topics and on-the-water sailing activities.

Subjects will include: Launching a boat from a trailer, Rigging and de-rigging the boat, Departing and returning to a dock or mooring, Planning a short trip, Understanding weather considerations, Making a sail plan, Safety Considerations including emergency procedures, Knowledge of the knowledge of the Texas Water Safety Act, Continued emphasis on right of way rules, and using Correct sail trim to sail the boat efficiently (as quickly and as safely) as possible.

Saturday afternoon will be a 3 hour sail to Canyon Lake Marina, or island, or dam, depending on weather. The intent on Saturday is for a leisurely sail, to use the boat to take a trip, practice the lesson objectives and build self confidence.

Sunday afternoon, we will lay out an hour-long triangle and have the students sail the track as quickly as possible, two times around. The intent Sunday is to sail the boats as well as possible, with primary emphasis on efficient upwind sailing, best boat speed, and compass headings to cover the course in minimum time.

Class Schedule for both weekends – Saturday and Sunday:
9am-noon – classroom
12-1pm-lunch (bring your own)
1pm-4 pm – on the water sailing

Everyone is encouraged to treat these two weekends as a single course, although we will accept entrants for either one (must have prior sailing experience to sign up only for the second one).

The fees are $30 for both weekends, or $15 for either weekend separately. Only one fee is required for two family members if they are willing to share the course books.

Register on line at Registration should be operational by mid-January. Please contact Mike Stellato at with any questions.

Race Officer Seminar

by Rick Mella

Sailors: Join the volunteer race committee team by signing up for a One-Day RACE OFFICER SEMINAR, covering Race Management and all the primary elements in running a race regatta from start to finish . This seminar is open to all sailors who want to learn about race management .

US Sailing is offering this one-day class here in South Texas at LCYC, on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 .

Follow this web link and search for the seminar offered on the 19th, at Canyon Lake

Port Co-Captains

by Lancine Justin & Vivian Miller

AHOY all, and Happy 2019! We have another great year in store for you with lots of exciting happenings planned for our club–from the traditional Commodore’s Breakfasts to holiday cookouts and sailing events. Be sure to check the monthly calendar on the LCYC website and read your weekly e-mail blasts for details. And as always, we’re delighted to welcome volunteers in the galley. Besides being rewarding and fun, kitchen duty is a great way to meet other club members. Below are several important dates to remember for January:

– After the ‘First Things First’ sail, your port captains will host a ‘Second Things First’ dinner of chile con queso, cocktail weenies, Texas cavier, salad, assorted breads and dessert–the perfect way to start your new year off right on Tuesday the 1st from 5 – 630 pm. The only help needed is one or two volunteers to assist with prep and serving, and a couple more for clean-up. Let us know if you’re available and willing, and please remember to RSVP.

– A special presentation, ‘Miller Time’s Great Loop Adventure’ is scheduled for 5pm on Saturday, January 12. New BOG member Ed Miller and his wife, Gwen, will share their pictures and recount experiences aboard their trawler while circumnavigating the waterways of the eastern half of North America. The club will provide heavy hors d’oeuvres, wine and beer during the show. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, so put it on your calendar now!

– The Commodore’s Breakfast hosted by the Incoming Board of Governors will take place from 9 to 10:30 am on Sunday, January 13. Come share a hot, morning meal while you greet the new board, catch up with sailing friends and find out what’s been going on over the holidays.

– Dinner will be served after the Winter Long Distance Race on Saturday the 26th. It’s likely to be something warming like chili or chowder, but details will be forthcoming once we know more about the weather.

In summary, we’re looking forward to a year full of memorable events. Come out and join us, volunteer when you’re able, but most important of all, ENJOY!

Series and Event Racing

by Chris Powers

It has been an honor to serve as Rear Commodore for Sail for 2018, and I want to encourage everyone to support Rick Mella in the role going forward. I presented comments at the Annual Dinner, but attendance was light and I’d like to repeat those thoughts here:.

– We had Bubba Horner as Rear Commodore for Sail for 8 straight years (2006-2013), and he was almost always the PRO himself with a consistent crew. It is easy to take that luxury for granted, but the position has since shifted 6 times among 5 people, usually assembling RC crews month-by-month, and that’s a common reality.

– It’s important that we, the general membership, never take for granted the contributions from a core group of people and families who persistently volunteer in a variety of ways, year-after-year, in role-after-role, sometimes involving multiple generations, often without carrying official titles. I see them as an ongoing core that began with the founding families. It now includes families like the Leubners, Lindsays, McGills, McVeys, and Kizziars (please don’t be offended by names I missed…it wasn’t meant to be comprehensive). Please value those ongoing contributions, don’t take their efforts for granted, help them when you can, and consider who will be in the next generation. Possibly you.

– Regarding Race Committee, I believe racers (including crew) should see themselves as incurring a small debt of volunteer time when they race. Sailors outnumber RC crew heavily, so it doesn’t have to be repaid heavily. One or two days of RC duty per year should be enough to clear the conscience of any racer, or a few hours of other volunteer time to the club if RC duties are difficult for you logistically. Please understand that I would rather have all racers racing whenever possible, so the ideal is for you or your crew to assist with RC when the boat wouldn’t otherwise be racing anyway.

– Regarding fleet health and growth, I want to strongly encourage all fleets, not just onedesign, to have an active Fleet Captain, and to consider meeting as a fleet at least once per year. The Rear Commodore for Sail is focused on producing a quality slate of racing events, and ensuring the volunteers, equipment, and trophies are in place. Organizing as a fleet can help you to additionally encourage more participants for each event, recruit new sailors, support the learning of new fleet members, find or share crew, and express fleet consensus to the Rear Commodore for Sail about things like scheduling, courses, or format.

Our perpetual trophy winners for 2018 are:
PHRF-Spinnaker: Gustavo Medellin on Canyon Wind
PHRF-Non-Spinnaker: Jack Mogab and Steve Wilson on Pura Vida
J/22: The Dunn family on Alyssa Rose
Sunfish: Dave Sanford
Flying Scot: Fred Soward

Finally, we kicked off the Winter Series in December appropriately with a cold day. Saturday’s keelboat races saw gusts into the high 20s with temperatures in the 40s. Nine boats checked in, but only six stuck it out to finish both races. Keith Zars, Gustavo Medellin, Steve Wilson, and Bill Clark won both races in each of their respective fleets. Sunday remained chilly, but the wind was tamer and the sun was out. Eleven boats raced, including seven Flying Scots. Deb Fogle and Craig Berleme swept the Sunfish and Laser races, respectively. Keith Zars is leading the Scots with a 1-3-1, one point ahead of my 3-1-2, and 2 points ahead of Fred Soward’s 2-2-3.


Youth Sailing Program

by Debbie and Chris Fogle

Happy New Year! First things first – as they say…..

Congratulations to our youth sailors for an exciting 2018. In December, we held an end-of-year social to highlight their accomplishments, set some goals for 2019 racing, and present some annual awards.

The Alan & Worth Riley Memorial Award was presented to Caleb Fogle. This award is presented annually to a youth sailor who bests displays cooperation and sportsmanship. Caleb raced the TSA Youth Circuit in the Laser 4.7 division and – in his first year in the Laser – placed 4th overall for the season out of 26 sailors competing in the 4.7. In addition, he raced in the Portsmouth Division in club races – and won many of them – and assisted with introductory sailing lessons. He is a wonderful ambassador of our sport in the club and in his community.

The Racer’s Award was presented to Dylan Tomko. Dylan earned the award for his demonstrated tenacity and outstanding performance on the race course. This was Dylan’s first year on the TSA Youth Circuit, and he was a fearless competitor! He sailed in 11 of the 13 regattas – dominating the Opti Green Fleet all season-long. In his final regatta, he tested the waters in the Opti RWB fleet, and showed that he will certainly be a force in the Opti for many years. For the 2018 season, Dylan had the best overall results out of over 70 Opti Green sailors from around Texas!

The Coach’s Award was presented to Ryan Mitchell. This award recognizes hard work, a willing spirit, and a desire to excel as a sailor – all traits which describe Ryan. This was Ryan’s “learn to sail” year, and that he did! After an introductory lesson toward the end of summer, Ryan indicated he wanted to learn more, and he wanted to learn to race. In fact – he wanted to race in Wurstfest. Over the course of about six weeks, Ryan learned the most important rules and how to make the boat go fast around the course. As a tune up to Wurstfest, he competed in his first-ever TSA regatta in Corpus Christi in the Opti Green fleet – and posted impressive scores despite the 20+ knots of wind! This served him well, as the first day of Wurstfest-I saw winds of that strength and more. He finished first in the impromptu “Opti In-Port Series” and second overall in the Wurstfest Opti fleet.

So, please congratulate each of our youth sailors when you see them on the dock – and on the water!

Our 2018 calendar was dominated by our racing activities, which reflected the interests of the kids who participated. We have already begun to lay out our plans for 2019 which will continue a focus on racing, but also a return of sorts of more sailing instructions. We will be putting a premium on “family sailing” opportunities as our fleet now includes more double-handed boats than in the past. Stay tuned for more information about our sailing opportunities in 2019.

Finally, I want to let everyone know we are still in need of volunteers to lead youth sailing activities. My awesome co chair for the past two years (Debbie Fogle) has formally stepped out of the co-chair position to fill her role on the Board of Governors, but she will remain active on the Youth Committee. If you or someone you know would like to be co-chair of our program, please contact me.

We are also in need of volunteers for our TSA Youth Regatta, March 16-17. We earned Regatta of the Year for this event in 2018 – no small feat considering the regatta is one of the first on the circuit. We would like to do it again – so please respond to the call for volunteers. If you would like to get a head-start, please send me an email at to let me know.

See you on the water!


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