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July 2019

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July 2019 Newsletter PDF

Commodore’s Report

by Mike Samulin, LCYC Commodore

Well, June got off to a great start with the Leukemia Cut Regatta held June 1 and 2, and Cocktails with the Commodore on the Friday before.  I want to give a very special thank you to the Leubners for letting us use their home, and to Phil and Barbara Crane for all of their help.  All had a great time at the Cocktails with the Commodore event and we had a great turnout – thank you to all those who attended.  While the winds decided not to cooperate on Saturday, those of us who stayed out a little later (after the races were called off) had a nice sail.  Dinner was fantastic (thank you Joe and Lana O’Brien and the galley crew) and the silent auction was a huge success.  The big hit at the auction this year were the Adirondack chairs hand made by our own Glen Graham.  I was out-bid at the last minute by Rick Walker (I know where you live Rick).  Sunday the winds took time to develop, but the group was finally able to race.  See Ray’s column for details, but a big thank you to Ray and Kathy Leubner and Phil and Barbara Crane for coordinating this very successful event.  By the way – $68,000 was raised for the South Central Texas Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – FANTASTIC.

Other June events include the Moonlight Distance race, Father’s Day Commodores Breakfast, and our Summer Breeze party – another busy month.

July holds our July 4 picnic and distance race, as well as the Moonshine Pursuit race and Shrimp Fest later in July – it should be a fun month.

So, I have finally realized that Commodore also means “complaint department” (sometimes I am a slow learner…).  One issue that came up recently is an issue we had with the restrooms.  First, let me inform you that we had a critter or two die in the compartment between the two restrooms which caused a horrific odor.  The docks and grounds guys worked hard to resolve the issue, but sometimes those things take time to resolve and fade away.  The other issue was that of cleanliness of the restrooms.  Please remember that we are a volunteer club, and the docks and grounds team have been working on big projects like land clearing, dock replacement, barge repairs and lots more.  They do work hard at taking care of the restrooms, but as a volunteer based club it is incumbent upon ALL of us to take care of the club.  If you see some trash – please pick it up.  If we all just do a little bit all of the time the grounds and facilities will remain much cleaner.  I also had this thought at the club the other day – these are LAKE RESTROOMS – not restrooms at a fine dining restaurant with an attendant.  WE are the attendants and we all need to help keep our property clean.  Short of taking a dues increase to hire a special team just for restroom cleaning, we can all pitch in and make this work and save money by doing it ourselves.  Of course, when a major issue comes up like critters dying in the walls we need to let the D&G guys know.  Let’s all let the D&G guys work on bigger projects like docks, trees and other big stuff.

OK – the complaint department is hereby closed – for now at least.

Speaking of projects – the D&G guys have moved the dock that Harold Simmons and his volunteers built (a big thank you to all of them) to the super dock – and it looks great.  A special thank you to the D&G guys for their work on Harold’s docks.  The D&G guys are the ones that move the heavy components around, deliver the materials to the boat ramp, and then secure the docks in place.  It is a combined effort of both the volunteers and the D&G staff.  The D&G guys have also re-floated the barge and can now finish the barge and start on other dock repairs.  In addition, the roofs on both the clubhouse and gazebo have been replaced thanks to Travis Mitchell and his efforts.  The new roofs should last us for a very long time.  We also have a new entry gate that was recently installed with a very nice club burgee affixed.  The gate looks great and opens the full width of the road for easier access.

I want to give a very special THANK YOU to Travis and the D&G guys for all that they do.  They have been working very hard on these projects.  As you pass through the new entry gate, glance to your right and notice how nice the upper storage area is.  Great job to all!

The new Yot Klub in the BVI

Welcome New Members

Jeffrey and Kelly Hiller – San Antonio, TX
Charles Patterson – Canyon Lake, TX

LCYC Ramp Incidents

by Mike Samulin

Recently we have had two potentially very serious ramp incidents that we want to make you aware of.  The purpose of printing the details of these two incidents is to help prevent similar situations in the future.

On one occasion after successfully launching a boat, the owner was unable to secure the trailer to the ball hitch after eliminating the strap extension.  Rather than staying on the ramp, the member decided to try and pull the trailer up the ramp with the strap only – NO CHAINS.  As a result the trailer went off of the road into the gully and caused damage to the trailer.  Luckily the strap held (all the way to the dry storage area!).

The second occasion occurred when a member decided to use his trailer tongue extension (rigid extension) from the TOP of the ramp rather than using the extension at the BOTTOM of the ramp (as required by club rules).  The tongue extension was only held in place by a U-bolt and did not have a through-pin to secure the extension.  In addition, since the extension was in place chains could NOT be used as a safety precaution.  As you can guess – the tongue extension was unable to hold the weight of the boat and trailer and the trailer with the boat attached careened down the ramp.  Fortunately nobody was on the ramp or sidewalk as the trailer rode up on the yellow rail between the sidewalk and the ramp.  The friction caused the trailer to stop before reaching the main dock gangway.  Again LCYC was very fortunate that there were no injuries.

Please do not make these same mistakes.  Please make sure you follow the safety rules outlined below and in your membership handbook.  Failure to follow rules could lead to suspension of ramp privileges or other actions by the Board of Governors.

LCYC SAFETY RULES: (from the LCYC Club Rules)

5. Launch/Recovery of Vessels:

a) The launch ramp has two lanes. Do not move your trailer/car down the ramp until a launch space is open.

b) Use chocks (yours or those provided by the Club) to ensure that your trailer is properly blocked before releasing it from your vehicle. Maintain control of your trailer at all times.

c) After you launch your boat, move it away from the launch area before securing it to the walkway. The launch area is designated by a yellow line along the walkway. Please be courteous and do not moor along the yellow line.

d) Unattended boats tied in the “yellow line” launch area may be moved along the dock and tied at a new location.

e) Do not leave unattended cars and trailers at the bottom of the ramp.

You MUST use chains going down and up the ramp–and whenever moving a trailer on LCYC property.

Ensure that the ball on hitch is seated and locked in.

Do not use an extension strap when moving trailer down or up the ramp.  Only use an extension strap if needed at the bottom of the ramp to launch the boat from the trailer.


Docks and Grounds – Job Well Done!

by Mike Samulin

I doubt that these guys will give themselves the credit they deserve, but I wanted to point out to everyone the fantastic job that our Docks and Grounds crew is doing.  Travis Mitchell is our Docks and Grounds Chairman, Julian Craven is our Property Manager, and Rashad Williams and Edward Ward and Michael Vocke are our Docks and Grounds Crew.

In case you missed it – there is a new gate with a new burgee on it.  It looks FANTASTIC!


New gate and burgee, and the view from the entry

View from the upper lot itself

What a difference.  The new upper lot provides for more (and more organized) storage.

In addition, the “ugly” stuff (trailers, old hydro-hoists and other old stuff) have been moved out of site for a nicer view those visiting our club (and for us too).

And if that is not enough, “the Crew” have been clearing other parts of the dry storage area and rebuilding our barge.  The new flotation is now on the barge (old Styrofoam is GONE) and the barge is almost complete.  Once the barge is complete “the Crew” will start working on other projects which includes work on “A” Dock.

And while that was going on the roof on the clubhouse and McKown Deck Gazebo were replaced – we did have roofing company do that job, but oversight was provided by Docks and Grounds.

Make sure you give these guys a big pat on the back when you see them – they are doing a great job.

Thank you to “The Crew” from your Commodore and the entire Board of Governors and membership!

Volunteering at LCYC

by Arnie Wilenken, Volunteer Committee Chair

Hello LCYC members, old and new! As the club’s Volunteer Coordinator, I’m honored to have been asked to take on this position. I’m passionate about sailing and the sailors who make this incredible sport what it is. We’re very fortunate to belong to a premier yacht club, in so many ways. We’re blessed to have a fabulous staff managing our club and all it’s facilities!  We host regular and frequent races and other sailing activities. Other sailors from far and wide come to LCYC to participate in our numerous events ranging from our Series races to the annual Wurstfest Regatta. What also keeps LCYC in this category are the member volunteers who step up to ensure all our activities function like clockwork. After all, LCYC can only be the great club it is through the efforts of all our volunteers.

Areas we’re always looking for volunteer help include various programs such as Youth Sailing, Race Committee, Adaptive Sailing, Docks and Grounds, Social events, and also our annual Regattas, the Leukemia Cup and Wurstfest, just to name a few. I know each of you has a special talent and desire to become more involved. Whether you know which of these events you can help with, or feel you’d like to help out, but don’t know where, please see me. I’d love to meet with you and together we can find a way for you to enjoy the rewards of continuing LCYC’s legacy of greatness. I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!

Charles L. Branch M.D. LEUKEMIA CUP Regatta

by Ray Leubner & Phil Crane, LCYC LCR Co-Chairs

For our 2019 campaign, LCYC raised $68,000 for the South Central Texas Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, smashing last year’s total of $62,000! Over the six years that LCYC has hosted this event, our smallish yacht club has raised $283,000 for LLS. We cannot offer enough thanks to all those who have made donations and/or volunteered their time in support of LLS.

This year’s 14 fundraising teams which raised a total of $53,000 (including the sponsors they signed up). Teams for 2019 were: Gary Kirkham (Team Floridays), Bill Clark (Team Carson), Phil and Barbara Crane (Team Stevie Boy), Wayne and Ginny Peacock (Team J/22), Fred and Sandra Lindsey (Team MABL), the McGill Family (Team McGill), Steve and Wanda Edlund (Team Edlund), Jean Junker and Jan Broyles (Team Win Dog), Jim and Renee Kizziar (Team Alibi), Gustavo Medellin (Team Canyon Wind), Chris and Debbie Fogle (Team Skeeter), Marty Chrisman (Team Over the Hill Krewe), Phil Davis and Sylvie Mathis (Team Shiraz), and Ray and Kathy Leubner (Team StellaRay). A huge thank you also goes out to the Branch Family for their significant contribution to our fundraising efforts. The 2nd Annual “Cocktails with the Commodore” was a huge success, raising $1,750.

This year a total of 12 sponsors donated $15,000 in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Keith Zars Pools, CEMEX, McCracken and Carroll Wealth Management, Peter E. Macler Associates, Roeschmann Design, Mittel Cattle Company, Broadway Bank, Glen Graham & Associates, Intruder Alert Systems (Mike Samulin), A. Hunter Stanco of Morgan Stanley, JS Fine Wines and Spirits, and Cadence Bank. THANK YOU!

Saturday evening was a combination of good food, partying and celebrating another successful fundraising campaign. Music by Jazz, Blues and Diamonds was enjoyed by all. Mindy Rogers, Joe and Lonna O’Brien and their teams of volunteers including Sue Radley, Mary Lindsey, and Carolyn Harris prepared and served up a fabulous dinner. Mindy Rogers and Mary Lindsey took care of lunch on Sunday. Feeding this many people is an enormous amount of work, many thanks to all our galley volunteers.

This year’s Silent Auction was again a huge success, raising $5,350! A big THANK YOU goes out to all those who contributed the more than 75 items that were auctioned off. Laurie and Margaret McGill, Lancine Justin, and Kathy Leubner put a ton of work into organizing, seeking items, and running the Silent Auction.

The regatta had 21 boats racing in 3 classes. The Race Committee tried to run the Branch Long Distance portion of the regatta on Saturday, but there was no wind…….ZERO. Sunday was only just a tiny bit better, but enough to get in a very much shortened long-distance race. First place finishes went to: Fred Lindsey in PHRF Spinnaker for the 6th year in a row, Bill Clark in Big Boats, Ben Kennady in PHRF Non Spin A, Alex Schmidt  in Non-Spin B, and Charlie Mayer in PHRF Trimaran. The first spinnaker keel boat to finish the “long” distance race was Fred Lindsey, winning the Branch Long Distance Race trophy yet again. Jake Mathis and his Race Committee of Nancy Hodo, and Jennifer Bourland on the Tiki Taxi, Dave Sanford and Hans Kohler in Chase 1, and Chuck Begley, Richard Onysko, and Brooks Bourland in Chase 2, all did a great job trying to get some racing in. Marvin Arnold drove me around so that I could take photos of the action. Photos are now posted to the LCYC LCR webpage.

Let’s also thank Claudia Roeschmann and Kathy Leubner for all their work on design, graphics, publicity, and the web page. A special THANK YOU goes to Julian Craven who pulled everything all together from a Docks and Grounds perspective.

Ray Leubner and Phil Crane


Youth Sailing

by Chris Fogle

LCYC has a long and rich tradition of providing youth with opportunities to learn how to sail, enjoy and appreciate our sport, and grow in confidence on the water. At times our youth sailing programs have thrived, and at other times – less so.  We need your help.

We are asking all members to please consider serving as our Youth Sailing Program in one or more leadership roles. What does it entail?

The Youth Sailing Committee (Co-)Chair acts as a point of contact for coordinating sailing and social activities for youth. Our primary responsibility is to our members, but we also have an opportunity to be ambassadors for our sport to our surrounding communities. The Youth Sailing Committee Chair recruits volunteers for youth sailing events and provides budget inputs at the end of the year. They coordinate the activities of the Youth Sailing Committee’s activities and members.

The Youth Sailing Committee Chair can elect to take on the responsibilities for setting up Youth Sailing Instructions, or she or he can recruit a committee member to take on that role. In the past, we’ve benefited greatly by having a separate person responsible for coordinating and delivering instructions. Going forward, it would be good to once again have someone other than the committee chair to manage it. They can draw upon us and the many other US Sailing Certified Instructors and volunteers in the club to deliver the instructions.  We currently field an average of 3-5 requests for sailing instructions PER WEEK in the Spring and early Summer months.

Please consider stepping up and taking on this role in the club. We’re here to help. You’ll be joining in a tradition of volunteerism upon which LCYC members take pride.  If you have any questions about the responsibilities and how you can get involved, please send us an email at, or give us a call.

See you on the water!

Wednesday Night Racing

Port Captains

by Lancine Justin and Vivian Miller, co-Port Captains

Summer is here, and thanks to our volunteers who are generous with their time and abilities, our club is taking advantage of the weather to meet, greet and party!

On Memorial Day, the Lindsey Family, led by Fred and Sandra, hosted the annual fish fry for over 180 people!    Attendees provided imaginative side dishes and desserts and every bit was consumed.   Thanks to the galley crew as well – Maria Wachter, Debbie and Gary Kirkham, Mary Lindsey and your Port Captains.

On Fathers’ Day, approximately 80 people enjoyed a delicious brunch spread of smoked salmon, bagels, charcuterie, sweet rolls, migas casserole, fruit salad and bloody marys.  And, the piéce de résistance – home grown tomatoes from Mary Lindsey’s garden!  The buffet and tables were decorated In LCYC colors with black runners and yellow and red flowers.  Thanks to the galley crew – Maria Wachter, Mary Lindsey and your Port Captains.

On June 22, 125 people attended the ever-popular Summer Breeze party, hosted by Carolyn Harrison, Sue Radley and Joe and Lonna O’Brien.  Although showers were nearby, party goers stayed festive and dry and enjoyed entertainment by Texas Tide.  The delicious menu included chips, queso, hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad and cake and ice cream.

You may have heard that LCYC has received a green designation for its efforts in recycling and minimizing waste.  In the galley, this means making coffee mugs available instead of foam or plastic cups.  The mugs are washed and reused.  Plastic utensils are collected and washed before being placed in the red recycling bins.   We are also collecting compostable scraps and cardboard.  Members can help out by bringing their own mugs and even utensils!

Independence Day is almost here, and the club will be celebrating with a distance race at 10:00 am followed by a buffet featuring pulled pork sandwiches.  Club members with last names A-K, bring a dessert; last names L-Z, a salad or side, please. Below is a peek at upcoming events.  We need volunteers to host and to help with the setup, prep, serving and clean-up, so don’t hesitate to offer your services by emailing

Thanks to those of you who have already come forward and to those who will assist in the future . It’s a great way to meet folks and learn more about the club . We invite you to participate whenever you can . Are you a new – or newish – member? Volunteering at our social events gets you into the thick of things and gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other members.  Please consider volunteering! Just let us know and we’ll find a spot for you.

See you on the water or at the club!

July 4

Independence Day  Picnic – Hosts – your Port Captains,  Dawn Marshall, David & Matt Shane

RSVP here:

July 14

SHRIMPFEST – Hosts Linda and Dan Hollingworth, Amy and George Irving

The club will provide peel-your-own shrimp, sausage and corn.

The club is purchasing the shrimp this year so we must have your RSVP by July 22 to be sure there will be enough shrimp!!

RSVP here:

Members A-M Please bring a side or salad, Members N-Z, please bring dessert.

August 11
Commodore’s Breakfast
September 2
Labor Day Picnic
September 8
Commodore’s Breakfast
September 21
Cook your own steak!

Memorial Day Picnic

Commodore’s Breakfast     


Adaptive Sailing Outing June 21st

by Bill McVey

The club held its second Adaptive Sailing event of the year just a few days ago. We held the outing on a Friday this year due to a schedule conflict on the original planned Saturday June 22, and had a little more difficulty getting boats and volunteers lined up. Due to that,  along with a couple last minute unavoidable “losses”, we wound up with just six boats, skippers, and crews, while at the same time, a record number of 29 guests arrived to go sailing!

A bit over-crowded you might say, not at all! Our three largest boats solved the problem by each taking 3-4 guests sailing for half the time while the other group swam in the pool, then came in and traded out for the others…the guests actually seemed to feel they had gotten an extra treat getting to swim and sail…we might have to rethink our program!

Our 29 guests for this outing came from Door-in-the-Wall.Org in Bandera. Quite a few have sailed with us several times in the past but most were here for the first time. Millie McVey was a wonderful help getting the 29 guests all checked in and accounted for before starting time, leaving me free to meet and greet them!

We began at 11:00 with a brief orientation showing them the sailboat model, explaining its various parts, what makes a sailboat go, what to expect like heeling from side to side, boom swinging over, items of safety, assurance in their skippers experience, etc., and  answering questions.

At 11:30, our terrific galley crew put out all of the fixings for ham, turkey, and cheese sandwiches, chips, and cookies, which as always, was a big hit for both guests and volunteers, feeding close to 50 of us all together. Many thanks to Carolyn Harris, Lonna and Joe O’Brien, and Sue Radley, for hosting this and also for cleaning up!

At noon, we assigned our guests to the sailboats and went out in the 13-15 mph (gusting to 25!) breeze for a wonderful 2 ½ hour sail! Each skipper chose his/her own method of making the ride comfortable for their guests, some went main only, some Genoa only, some reefed mains, partial furled jibs, a couple kept the pedal down, throwing a little spray…! A new addition this year was a Viper 640 sport boat volunteered by new member Jay Pokorski, and crewed by Dave Sanford…we found two guests who actually thought they would enjoy getting wet…and, boy, did they! Apparently, the speedo hit 12.5 knots a few times! Talk about smiling faces! And speaking of smiles, when everyone returned from sailing, there were nothing but smiles and thank yous from our guests to our volunteers and to all of our club members for providing this opportunity to spend this day at LCYC!

Being prepared to accommodate up to 30 guests, LCYC volunteers totaled 21 for this outing.    They included Jim Ritchie, Jerry Anderson, Bruce Dunn, Bog Godlewski, Glen Graham, Pete Macler, Joe Maloney, Bob Middleton, Lonna and Joe O’Brien, Carolyn Harris, Sue Radley, Catherine Parten, Frank Doyle, Margaret McGill, Ann and Bill Cook, Jay Pokorski, Chuck Begley, Millie McVey.  Please join me in thanking them for representing our club so well!

Please note: Our 3d and final outing is scheduled for September 28th .  If you would like to help, please contact me a few weeks prior.

Thanks very much!

Women’s Sailing Program

by Lynn Simpson

Learn to Sail Class:

The Learn to sail classes offer a thorough introduction to the basics of sailing on a small keelboat to include; boat nomenclature, rigging and de-rigging the boat, tacking, jibing, helm, sail trim, departing and returning to the dock, wind awareness and safety. In the Learn to Sail class you will learn enough to get you off to a good start and sail with confidence with a little help from our women instructors.

For questions about the program please contact Lynn Simpson, Women’s Sailing Coordinator at

Class Details:
Where: LCYC
When: July 26, 27, & 28
Cost: $75.00
Class size is limited to 9 students.
Online registration opened on June 14.

The finale of the program will be the women’s regatta SEW-MAD on August 24, more detail on this event as we get closer to the date.

See you on the water!

LCYC Is Getting Greener!

by Debbie Fogle

Well, I am proud to announce that all the hard work and attention to detail paid off for the TSA Spring Fling Regatta.  Once again, LCYC was honored to receive Silver Level Certification recognition for our Youth Regatta for the second year in a row!

This only happens when you have a dedicated group of folks who committed to the Green Regatta mission!  Thank you to all the volunteers and sailors who did away with plastic water bottles and cups and opted for reusable ones.  Also thank you to everyone who made sure to use the correct recycle and composting bins.  Next year we will do even better.

I would like to highlight some other things our Port Captains are doing in an ongoing effort to make LCYC a little better place to enjoy and invite all members to follow their lead in making our club more environmentally responsible.

During any of the meals you may attend at LCYC be on the lookout for the red bucket set out to collect your plastic utensils.  The plastic utensils being used at LCYC are recyclable.  Please take the extra minute to put your utensil in the bucket and not in the trash.  The galley crew will rinse the utensils and then put them in the recycle bin.

The next container to look for is the big red garbage cans with the hole in the lids.  These are not new to LCYC and have been around for years.  These bins are for plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles (there should not be glass on the docks – just saying).  I continue to be amazed to find plastic bottles or cans in regular gray garbage cans.  This means members are actually having to open the lid on a garbage can to make the choice NOT to recycle.

Another container you may only see if you work in the galley is the one for compost.  The galley crew will be using this bin for things like vegetable scraps and eggshells.  The bin’s contents will be taken to a compost pile.  This is another great way to decrease the amount of trash in our gray bins.

The last container to use is the gray landfill containers.  Make sure what you are placing in these bins can’t be recycled.

Last, but not least, if you have cardboard left over, flatten it out and place in a pile next to the trash bins.  The cardboard will also be either recycled or placed in a compost.

Little changes can make a big difference and if we all pitch in we will be making a big impact by making our trash footprint much smaller.  So remember, sort your trash accordingly so we don’t have to go picking through the bins in order to make a difference.

The container you use makes a big difference.


Recycling – Plastic utensils to be recycled (not reused) with other plastics        Landfill – Non-recyclables only

Series & Event Racing

by Rick Mella, Rear Commodore for Sail

Series Racing:

Summer Race Series got underway June 8th for Keel Boats and on June 9th for Board boats. The next weekend series dates are, July 13th (Keel), and July 14th (Board).  Summer Series Leaders at this point in time after sailing June weekend results.

2019 Summer Keel Boat Series
J-22                              Wayne Peacock                –
PHRF Spin                  Gus Medellin          Canyon Wind
PHRF Non-Spin A     Jack Carter             Sonar
PHRF Non-Spin B     Steve Wilson          Pura Vida
Big Boats                     Bill Clark                 Cascabell

2019 Summer Board Boat Series
Flying Scot              Keith Zars
Sunfish                     Wayne Peacock
Portsmouth             Chuck Begley
Laser                         Craig Berleme

Prior to the start of the summer race program and to initiate the regatta sailing series, the Memorial Day Long Distance race was held on May 27th, 2019.  Strong gusty winds gave sailors a real challenge to make their Pursuit race start beginning at 15:00, where 14 Boats competed in this Memorial Day Long Distance event, with the winners listed as:

Memorial Day Long Distance Results
PHRF                             Keith Zars                  1st Place
PHRF                             James Pokorski        2nd
PHRF Non-Spin          Ray Luebner              1st
PHRF Non-Spin          Jack Mogab               2nd

On June 15th, LCYC’s first of the year Moonlight Long Distance Race got underway at 7:15pm, just in time to witness the early full moon rise and the Sunset later that evening at 9:21pm.  Five sailors braved the windy Pursuit start following the 8.08 mile course around the lake with the only J-22, sailed by Dr. Ben Kyzar.  Ben’s PHRF rating gave him the last pursuit start time where he worked through the fleet to cross the finish line in first place.  Second place went to Marty Chrisman.  All enjoyed the full moon which guided the sailors home as seen in the photo below

Headed toward the finish line

Longneck Multihull Regatta

by Travis Mitchell

Longneck Regatta 2019 is a wrap! Saturday’s wild weather forecast kept the race committee glued to the reports hour by hour. We watched several bands of thunderstorms and lightening head our way just to fizzle out a few miles from us. By 3:00 PM we made a group decision to get out on the water and race. With 18 entries this year we had three separate starts at the line. The first race had decent wind as we powered up to A mark double trapping all the way. By time we got one race in the books the wind quickly began to fall off. By 4:30 our second race was a slow crawl to the finish and we were done for the day. After tear down and a hot shower we were treated to a fantastic Gennaro’s Italian dinner back at Lake Canyon Yacht Club. Visiting with old friends and sharing stories made up for the light racing and we were all glad to have dodged the weather and stayed out of harm’s way.

Sunday were back on the beach ready to sail but after a no wind postponement we realized a day of racing was not meant to be. With the sound of a horn the regatta was over. Race committee did a great job to score each group with Saturday’s results and after trophy hats and laser-cut bamboo cups with the fleet logo and Longneck #1 for the winners the regatta was in the books.

First Place in the Hobie 16 fleet – Yam Vidal and Kyle Polzin.
First place in Hobie 17 fleet – Jane Sherrod.
First place in Portsmouth B fleet – Jim Casto.
First place in Portsmouth A fleet on F-18 – Steve Piche and Juke Ball.

Many thanks to the race committee; Rodger, Rita, Betty and (Carrie on loan from Austin Cats!) Thank you chase boat crews; Rick, Adam, Ziggy, Debbie, Chris, Caleb.

Thank you to our scoring team to include Rick, Betty and Jake!

Many thanks to Donna and Meredith for set up of the most fantastic dinner, deserts, Longneck decorations, organizing the trophies, gift bags, and answering the call to many questions throughout the day!

Thanks to Porcha at Jacobs Creek for allowing us to launch off the point and enter the park as VIPs! If not for you and your team lowering the water side cable, last minute moving of rocks and setting up the entrance passes for us the regatta would not have been the same. Thank you!

Thank you Chris and Debbie Fogle with Weathermark Creations for our awesome winner trophies this year!

We had a stellar turn out of regatta sponsors this year to include: Premier Plaster and Stone, Illusions Drywall and Painting, Diamond Plumbing, Advanced Windows and Glass, Taylor Designer Flooring, Infinity Concrete, KM Designs Inc, Mitchell Custom Homes LLC, Keystone Granite, Site Solutions, Educated Roofing, PS Designs Inc, Ferguson Bath- Kitchen and Lighting Gallery, Williams and Chase Insulation.  Thank you sponsors!  You not only support our regatta but help Canyon Lake Cats donate to the Canyon Lake Sailing Foundation that supports youth sailing.

Thank you to all the skippers and crews that participated and hope to see you all back here again next year.

TSA Update

by Chris Fogle, LCYC TSA Representative

Our sailors set some new benchmarks in performance and skills in June. On the TSA circuit, we had three Canyon Lake sailors compete at the Roadrunner Regatta at the Austin Yacht Club on June 8th and 9th.  Conditions were extremely light for the weekend – and in fact, racing was abandoned on Saturday.

Sunday saw a bit more breeze, and our sailors took full advantage of the variable conditions.  In the Optimist RWB fleet, Dylan Tomko – competing under the Lakewood burgee – continued his winning ways by capturing a podium finish for the 5th consecutive time this season. He sailed to a 2nd place finish in the Opti White Division and a 7th place overall for the Opti fleet. A very impressive showing!

Caleb Fogle took advantage of the forecasted light conditions to try his hand at the bigger Laser Radial rig for the first time. He sailed well and was able to finish within 2 minutes of the leader in each race. Racing was tight as the sailors competed for the Texas State Laser Championships. Caleb will continue to hone his Laser skills for the rest of the season in both the 4.7 and Radial rigs.

The biggest news of the weekend was Ryan Mitchell’s OUTSTANDING performance in the Opti Green Fleet! After 7 races on Sunday, Ryan out sailed all 21 other competitors to finish with the best Green Fleet scores.  This was Ryan’s best regatta showing this season, and he did it in VERY impressive fashion – scoring three bullets and a second place in seven races! Congratulations to Ryan on his outstanding performance in Austin.

At press time, our sailors still have one more TSA regatta in June – the Rockin Rockport Regatta – on June 22nd and 23rd.  We wish them good luck and favorable winds.

No youth sailors competed in the club summer series due to the conflict with the TSA regatta on the same weekend.

Both Ryan and Caleb raced in the Wednesday night racing – Ryan in the Sunfish and Caleb in the Laser 4.7.  Both did very well.

See you on the water!

2019 TSA Youth Sailing Circuit Regattas

10 Jul TX Youth Race Week Clinic Houston YC
11-14 Jul Texas Youth Race Week Houston YC
17-18 Aug Cannonball Run Regatta Palacios YC
7-8 Sep Rock the Rock Regatta Corinthian Sailing Club, White Rock Lake
28-29 Sep Jr. Ol’ Man of the Sea Regatta Ft. Worth Boat Club
12-13 Oct Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta Dallas Corinthian YC, Lewisville TX
9-10 Nov Changes in L’Attitude / End of Year Regatta Corpus Christi YC



LCYC Personnel

Commodore – Mike Samulin Treasurer – Renee Kizziar
Vice Commodore – Elizabeth Bentzen Port Co-Captains – Lancine Justin, Vivian Miller
Rear Commodore – Phil Crane Rear Commodore for Sail – Rick Mella
Secretary – Mindy Rogers

Board of Governors
2018 – 2019
Terry Beasley Carolyn Harris
Glen Graham Carolyn Popp
2019 – 2020
Debbie Fogle Ed Miller
Bubba Harris Scott Wells
Jean Junker

Committee Chairs
Adaptive Sailing – Bill McVey Membership – Jim Garity
Adult Sail Training – Mike Stellato Nominations – Jim Kizziar
Audit Committee – Rick Cioppa Personnel – Glen Graham
Budget Committee – Laurie McGill PHRF – Jim Garity
Cabana Owners – Rick Walker Safety – Pete Macler
Corps of Engineers – Pete Macler Slip Utilization – Steve Edlund
Docks & Grounds – Travis Mitchell TSA Rep – Chris Fogle
Emergency Task Force – Julian Craven Vice Docks and Grounds – TBD
Lifetime Achievement – Sandra Lindsey Wurstfest Regatta – Elizabeth Bentzen
Long Range Planning – Marvin Arnold, Ed Miller Youth Sailing – Vacant

Club Administrator – Carolyn Cole Staff – Michael Vocke, Rashad Williams
Property Manager – Julian Craven Ditty Bag – Bill Cook
Docks & Grounds – Edward Ward Website – Kathy Leubner

























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