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June 2023

Commodore’s Report   |  Adaptive Sailing    |   New Members    |   New Online Forms – Important!    |   Series and Event Racing    |   Port Captains    |   Insurance Report   |   Docks and Grounds    |   Summoning Help on the Water    |   Donating Your Boat    |   Sea Scouts’ First Quarter Report    |

Commodore’s Report

by Anu Day, Commodore

And just like that, summer is almost here!! Happy June to all of us!

Our first Adaptive Sailing event for the year went off without a hitch, thanks to Joe McDonough’s impeccable organization. Please read details in his report. The next Adaptive Sailing event is scheduled for June.

LCYC has a lot of invited guests during various events (Adaptive Sailing, Learn to Sail, regattas, etc.). Let us live up to our reputation of great hospitality by welcoming these invited guests warmly and helping in any way we can.

The Sea Scouts will be taking over our recycling program. Please read Pete Prados’ report for details. A big thank you to our Sea Scouts for continuing the tradition started by long time member Dave Sanford.

As club activities and attendance pick up with the warmer weather, let us continue to treat each other with civility and courtesy, both on and off the water. We may have disagreements and differences of opinion on how/when/what to do. But we can continue to work together collaboratively for the betterment of OUR club. LCYC is a very special place indeed and we are fortunate to belong to such a great community.

Happy sailing!!!

Adaptive Sailing

by Joe McDonough, Adaptive Sailing Committee Chair

First adaptive sailing event for 2023 was held 6 May. Lunch was held a little early as the 25 anxious wounded warriors from “operation comfort” arrived at club in masse by 1000. We hosted “Desert Storm, OIR, OIF vets and their families. There was lots of good chit chat and a delicious lunch provided by new members Jim and Nans Meyer and served by our fearless Commodore Anu with help from Mike Martel. Our club really stepped up with 11 crewed boats stepping up to serve. Special thanks to Dan Connell and his wife Christine Sollinger, Rick Mella, Jack Carter, Bill and Ann Cook, Dwight and Pattie Stickle, Roger and Kathy Goodfellow, Fred Day and Allen Borden, Leslie Heath, Jerry Anderson, Bruce Dunn, Chuck Begley and Andrew McCarty, Rocky Hill and Robert Crider. Boats and crew left the docks around noon and enjoyed 10-15 MPH winds on an uncrowded lake. We took out the Tiki Taxi to take pictures and it was clear that everyone was having a good time. Boats and crews were in by 1500.


This is wonderful outreach and a great pubic service for the club. Its very peaceful for these wounded warriors to be out of their element and just on a relaxing sail with friendly LCYC volunteers. I heard lots of nice comments and all our visitors were quite appreciative. Below are pictures of some of our members underway with guests.

Well done LCYC members!

Welcome New Members

Douglas B. Gregory of Jarrell, TX and Chris & Emily Rhodes of San Antonio, TX have joined LCYC. Currently, the club has 398 members.

New Online Forms for Ordering Decals, Stickers and More!!

by Maggie Carty, LCYC Business Manager

There are two new online forms that will make submitting information and requests easier for members and will automatically send that information to LCYC administrative personnel. Using these forms will streamline the way in which these types of requests are processed as well as cut down on individual emails and phone calls.

The Membership Info Change Form, located on the Info tab in the Membership section, will allow members to enter changes to address, phone numbers, children, and boats. In addition, there is plenty of space to include additional notes and/or requests.

The LCYC Order and Reservation Form, located on the Info tab dropdown menu, can be used to order LCYC stickers, decals and burgees, and additional membership directories. This form will also be used to reserve use of the LCYC clubhouse and/or grounds.

Series and Event Racing

by Chuck Begley, Race Director

A RACE COMMITTEE TRAINING CLINIC was held May 7 with five students led by Travis Grahmann and Chuck Begley. We covered basic race committee concepts such as types of boats and racing, different courses, the purpose and duties of the race committee, equipment, roles, and what to expect out on the water. Several attendees signed up to help manage future races.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT FUN RACING began April 26 with Keelboats and Boardboats on alternate Wednesdays. No registration, no fees, and no scoring. We are moving the starting time to 6:30 pm starting June 7 to allow folks more time to get out on the water.

RACE 2 OF THE LONG DISTANCE RACE SERIES scheduled for April 29 had to be cancelled due to very high wind. We are looking forward to a big turnout for the Memorial Day Long Distance Race.

We had 33 Keelboats and 11 Boardboats signed up for the SPRING SERIES. The last weekend was April 20, 21. Congratulations to Keelboat winners – Coleman Terrell and crew J22 Fleet, Chuck Begley and crew Spinnaker A, Bill McVey and crew Non-spinnaker, and Bill Clark and crew Big Boats. First place winners in the Boardboat Fleet were Chris Powers Flying Scot and Jordan Merson Portsmouth. Dwight Stickle, Fred Lindsey, and their RC folks did a good job of managing the races throughout the series as did our newest PRO Dru Wright and crew for Keelboats in April.

Let’s keep the momentum going, particularly with new racers joining the fun.

Port Captains’ Report

by Ann Cook and Mindy Rogers, Port Co-Captains

May was an active month for social events. On the 14th, seven of our LCYC men prepared and served a sumptuous Commodore’s breakfast in honor of Mother’s Day. Thanks go to Fred Day who organized a team of “troubadours” composed of Marvin Arnold, Allen Borden, Bill Cook, Glen Graham, Joe Monosmith and Steve Edlund. The clubhouse was decorated tastefully, there were roses for the ladies and a hearty menu of eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit–the works! Oh, and about that troubadour part–Fred with his guitar accompanied the men in serenading attendees with their version of “Yes Sir! She’s My Baby” (Click for the video).


Towards the end of the month, on Monday the 29th, the Carl Hawkins Memorial Day Fish Fry is scheduled. The RSVP list closed at 154 members and guests. Wow! A lot of folks are coming out to honor our military personnel, to celebrate the beginning of summer and to enjoy a ton of good food. As mentioned last month, there’s a bit of history behind this event. The club used to hold a barbecue on Memorial Day but in 2004, former Commodore Carl Hawkins transformed it to a fish fry complete with corn on the cob and hush puppies. After Carl’s passing, the Board voted to rename the event in his honor. Much appreciation to the Lindsey family who is in charge of the fish and to our members who are rounding out the meal with slaw, salads, vegetables and multiple desserts.

Looking ahead to June, a team of women led by Dru Wright is already making plans for the Father’s Day breakfast on Sunday the 18th. And following that on Saturday the 24th is the annual Jimmy Buffet party hosted by Dave and Audrey Anderson. Busy times ahead, for sure. Let us know if you are willing to help–the more, the merrier. Even if you have never worked in the galley before, consider volunteering. It’s a good way to interact with other members, make new friends, and it’s fun!

See you on the lake or at the clubhouse.

Insurance Expenses Report

by Vivian Miller, Treasurer and Allen Borden, Chair of Safety, Insurance and Risk Committee

The subject of the June treasurer’s report is a discussion of insurance expense by the Treasurer, Vivian Miller and the head of the Safety, Insurance and Risk Task Force, Allen Borden. Since the report contains information that may be sensitive, it is being distributed through the weekly eBlast to restrict access to Club members.

Docks and Grounds

by Pete Prados, Docks & Grounds Committee Chair

The staff started replacing exposed Styrofoam flotation on the Super Dock. Over sixty floats have been removed and replaced with encapsulated Styrofoam. The work is challenging and will take approximately three more weeks to complete.

Much of the breakwater at the Joint Baser broke lose and has washed up toward the shore. Be cautious in the Joint Base marina area. Base management is aware of the issue.

The Sea Scout Ship is taking over management of a revised LCYC Recycle Program. The new program will be limited to processing the contents of recycling containers that are located on the club property. Recycling of all other products has been discontinued.

We have implemented a “Lock-Out/Tag-Out” program for the marina electrical power. This is to protect divers who are in the water working on boats. If you are experiencing shore power failure in your slip, check the power panel on the Super Dock to see if there is a tag posted.

The main power Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) is located in the large power box across from the lighthouse. It is now equipped with an alarm and light. If you notice that the alarm and/or light are on, please contact the D&G staff. Do not attempt to shut it off.

Summoning Help on the Water

by Allen Borden, LCYC Member

While it’s something none of us sailors ever want to experience, if you find yourself in an emergency situation while on the lake, here are 5 ways to be seen and heard when you really need to summon help according to a BoatUS you can read  here.

  • VHF Radio
  • Emergency Beacon
  • Sound-Producing Device
  • Visual Distress Signals
  • Distress Flag

Donating Your Boat

by Vivian Miller, Treasurer

If you’re a member interested in donating a sailboat, contact Marvin Arnold for more information. Donated boats must be sea-worthy and include a fully functioning boat trailer.

ANNAPOLIS, Md., May 25, 2023 – Thinking of donating your boat? If you’re looking to get a break on next year’s tax bill by donating your boat this year, you may not want to wait too long. That’s because the Internal Revenue Service bases the value of the charitable deduction on the actual selling price of the donated boat. Selling now, at peak season of demand, could potentially mean a greater benefit for the former boat owner.

“Donating your boat now aligns a charity’s interests with your own – they get the most value from the donation to run programs or operations, and more you stand to gain in tax benefits in the form of a tax deduction,” said BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water Boat Donation Program manager Ted Sensenbrenner. “More boats are sold now than at any time of year. If you wait to donate in late fall, it is less of a seller’s market. Additionally, if the boat doesn’t get sold until 2024, you delay any potential tax benefit.”

The BoatUS Foundation’s Boat Donation Program, unlike other charities that accept boats, may offer additional benefits to those looking to donate as it actively uses some donated boats for training purposes. In some cases, donated vessels − typically single engine center-console types − are needed for Foundation On-Water Training programs. With these boats, the donor may use the surveyed value at the time of donation for tax purposes, and the write-off may be taken immediately.

For boats donated but to be sold, the Foundation’s program uses a partner broker to advertise the boat to help realize its highest value. The nonprofit also ensures that the donation process is hassle-free, from picking up the boat to handling the paperwork.

If you have a boat in good or better condition that you are considering to donate, go to Also available are helpful IRS links, including the IRS brochure “A Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donation,” IRS Publication 526 “Charitable Donations,” and IRS rules for determining maximum deductions for charitable contributions. Always consult a tax professional regarding boat donations.

Sea Scouts’ First Quarter Report

submitted by Eliza Sutton, Yeoman, Ship 26 Alamo

Sea Scout Ship 26 had a lot of fun at our events during the first part of 2023, held at Lake Canyon Yacht Club. Through the Yacht Clubs’ generosity, we have become better leaders, learned nautical skills, and completed boat maintenance and community service hours. 

Some of our ship members participated in the LCYC Races. We hosted two Splash and Sails where we sailed, kayaked, and prepared our fleet for the season. We held an event with a Scouts BSA Troop to help them earn their small boat sailing merit badge. We also participated in the LCYC April workday. 

Our Wednesday Warriors, a group of homeschoolers and graduated Scouts worked on painting one of our boats, refurbishing and fiberglassing our sunfish, boat repair, yard work, and sailing skills. They are also preparing to participate in the Texas 200, a week-long sailing challenge on the intercoastal waterway from Port Isabel to Magnolia Beach, and are prepping boats and practicing as a team to complete this event successfully. The Sea Scout Ship attended our annual first sail of the year, on New Year’s Day, where we socialized, sailed, and had fun. During our membership meetings, we had classes on radio communication, marine safety, navigation, GPS, parts of a sailboat, distress signals, weather, landship, types of lines, classes of fire, and heaving line. 

We had two new members join the Ship. We had eight rank advancements, and three Scouts earned their lifeguarding BSA. Ten of our Scouts completed their first aid and CPR training. Three Scouts were elected into the Order of the Arrow. Lastly, one of our Scouts earned the first in-Council Duke of Edinburgh award at the Bronze level. 

We truly appreciate Lake Canyon Yacht Club’s contribution to making this program the best it can be. 




























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