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March 2022

Commodore’s Report    |      New Members     |    Series and Event Racing    |    Italian Night Dinner    |    From the Treasurer    |    Adult Learn to Sail Program   |    Docks and Grounds    |    Sea Scouts    |    Youth Sailing Volunteers Urgently Needed    |   TSA

Commodore’s Report

by Bill Clark, LCYC Commodore

Hello, Sailors! Well, another month in the books at LCYC. First, let me bring you up to date on our annual inspection by the Corps of Engineers. The local team as well as their counterparts from the Fort Worth office stopped by to inspect our marina. Phil Crane, Marvin Arnold, Pete Prados, John Ruiz, and myself met them and walked the docks. The inspection could not have gone any better! They only found a couple of minor things for us to improve upon. They also complimented LCYC on how well we are keeping the marina in tiptop shape.

I know we are all looking forward to getting the club back to normal with our activities and social events. Please be patient. Our COVID task force team is constantly assessing this topic. We are trying to be mindful of all opinions and options.

See you on the water!

Welcome New Members

  • Sandra French and Karma Yoakem, Canyon Lake, TX
  • Clifford and Kim Trinkaus, Kyle TX

Italian Night Dinner

by Kathy Luebner

Saturday, March 19
5:30 pm – Antipasti
6:00 pm – Entrees

Who doesn’t like Italian?! This year’s Italian Night Dinner is an outdoor event, so keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have a cold front or thunderstorms. LCYC will prepare and serve all food. An antipasti table will be set up on the McKown deck featuring an array of olives, cheeses, bruschetta and cured meats. The entrée will consist of lasagna, green salad and bread. There will be plenty of iced tea and lemonade. The selection of beer and wine will be limited. We encourage you to also bring your own adult beverage of choice. Above all, make sure you come hungry and ready to socialize!

Help us plan – let us know you love Italian!
RSVP HERE by Wednesday, March 16th
All others will be served once those responding have been through the food line.

From the Treasurer – When is an Expenditure not an Expense?

by Vivian Miller, LCYC Treasurer

I was recently asked by a member of the club about why club expenditures and expenses are not equal.

Fundamentally, the answer is timing!

From the perspective of the Club’s Bylaws (more on that later), expenditures are “spending” or cash disbursements. From the perspective of accounting rules, expenses should be matched with the time period(s) to which they pertain.

For example, in 2021, the Club spent over $15,000 to replace part of the existing Styrofoam dock flotation with encapsulated flotation blocks. While the expenditure was made in 2021, the useful life of the flotation is estimated to be 15 years. So, for accounting purposes, the expenditure for the flotation will be capitalized and recorded as an asset for 2021 and amortized or depreciated over the 15-year period of the expected life.

The result? For 2021, an expenditure of $15,000 resulted in an expense of $1,000. For 2022, the expenditure would be zero, but the expense will be $1,000 and the expense would continue as an annual charge for the remaining 13 years of the expected life.

Additional expenditures that may be capitalized and depreciated over multiple years include large equipment, dock and breakwater cables, dock refurbishments, and so on. For budgeting purposes, these major expenditures are estimated by Docks and Grounds and Long-Term Planning and are typically classified as Projects.

But, why the focus on expenditures? The Club’s Bylaw (Article II, Section XI) Limitation on Expenditures defines this limitation as “the amount which can be spent in any annual period shall not exceed … 107.5% of expected annual revenues.”

Each year, during the September thru November budgeting process, the expenditures for the upcoming year are estimated and the 107.5% limitation is applied to determine if annual dues and fees will provide sufficient funding for those expected expenditures. However, the limitation applies to actual spending, which may or may not match the estimates. So, throughout the year, the actual spending is monitored for compliance with the limitation and adjustments are made as needed.


by Mike Stellato

Lake Canyon Yacht Club is conducting an ADULT LEARN TO SAIL program for those interested in learning the Basics of Sailing and on-the-water boat safety. Participants that are 18 years of age or older are encouraged to register for this course. The following itinerary will be followed:

I. Introduction to Sailing- Part 1, Feb 26 – 27

Goal – Provide basic understanding of sailing and specific water safety practices related to sailing. Each day after classroom instruction there will be on-the-water sailing that will use keelboats skippered and crewed by experienced club members. To the extent possible we will provide one boat for each two students for the sailing sessions each day. After demonstrating each new course objective, students will be given the opportunity to do the helming and sail trimming to learn hands-on.

Subjects will include: Types of sailboats, sailing terminology, what makes a sailboat go, relationship to wind, sail trim, controlling a sailboat, knot tying, basic right-of-way rules.

II. Intro to Sailing- Part 2, March 5 – 6

Goal – to build on the previous week’s basic training by providing additional classroom topics and on-the-water sailing activities.

Subjects will include: Launching a boat from a trailer, Rigging and de-rigging the boat, Departing and returning to a dock or mooring, Planning a short trip, basic understanding weather considerations, making a sail plan, Safety Considerations & emergency procedures, knowledge of the Texas Water Safety Act, right of way rules, and using correct sail trim to sail the boat efficiently (as quickly and as safely) as possible.

Saturday afternoon on March 5th will be a 3+ hour sail, depending on weather. The intent on Saturday is for a leisurely sail, to use the boat to take a trip, practice the lesson objectives and build self-confidence. Sunday afternoon March 6th, we will lay out an hour-long triangle and have the students sail the track as quickly as possible, two times around. The intent Sunday is to sail the boats as well as possible, with primary emphasis on efficient upwind sailing, best boat speed, and compass headings to cover the course in minimum time.

Class Schedule for both weekends: Saturday and Sunday – 9am-noon – classroom; 12-1pm -lunch (bring your own); 1pm-4 pm – on the water sailing. Everyone is encouraged to treat these two weekends as a single course, although we will accept entrants for either one (must have prior sailing experience to sign up only for the second one).

The fees are $30 for both weekends, or $15 for either weekend separately. Only one fee is required for two family members [must be 18 yrs of age or older] if they are willing to share the course books.

Register online at  Registration should be operational by mid-January. Please contact Mike Stellato at with any questions.

Sail On Boat Program

by Ann & Bill Cook

Interested in sailing a small sailboat? The LCYC Sail On program may be introduced this Spring if there’s enough interest from club members.

Sail On will use boats in the club’s fleet of youth sailing dinghies. We envision the core Sail On boats to be the Coronado 15, Sunfish and 420, but boats from the Pico, Laser and Opti fleet may be available. Visit the waiting list for boat information.

The program will only be available to LCYC members. Sail On members will be required to help maintain the rental fleet in occasional weekend clean-up sessions, and sailors are expected sail and stow their boat responsibly.

For more information email

Docks and Grounds

by Pete Prados, Docks and Grounds Chair

The staff was well prepared for the recent freezing temperature and high winds. The marina and facilities only suffered minor damage. Only three small water pipe breaks were found.

The staff participated in the annual inspection by the USACE. The feedback was very positive. The CORPS pointed out that LCYC is one of the premier properties in their territory.

There is new signage on the two dumpsters on the club property. It is to remind everyone that the dumpsters are for the exclusive use of Docks & Grounds and the cabana owners.

Signage has also been posted to deter feeding animals on the club property. A number of feral cats have taken over p[arts of the property and they are a nuisance. They have made a mess and caused issues for boat owners.

Plans are to have a member work day in April. The exact date will be announced soon.

Series Racing

by Chuck Begley and Joe McDonough, Interim Race Director

After two months of cancelled race days all the marbles were up for grabs for the Winter Series on February 19, 20. There were 24 participating keelboats and 13 boardboats. Keelboat winners were Keith Zars (J-22), Phil Davis (PHRF Spinnaker), Chris Pickett (PHRF Non-Spinnaker), and Jack Mogab (Big Boats). Among the boardboats Chris Powers gets the honors for the Flying Scots and Travis Grahmann for the Portsmouth fleet. Special thanks to the volunteers that made the racing happen. PROs: Joe McDonough and John Thompson. OTW Crew: Gary Clark, Bo and Dru Wright, Bill Cook, Bob Morris, Phil Davis, Nancy Hodo, Jonathon Craythorne, Gustavo Medelin, Bryant Bowington, Fred Day. Equipment, Scoring and Snacks: Bo Wright, Jordan Merson, Dru Wright and Mindy Rogers.

The RC Team is looking forward to the Spring Series with Fred Lindsey and crew lined up for the Boardboats and Dwight Stickle and crew for the keelboats. We need 4 more volunteers for the keelboat Saturdays. Contact me directly if you can volunteer or go to the tab on the LCYC website for RC Volunteers, download and send me the sign-up form. Join us for our second RC Team training March 12, noon-4pm on the clubhouse deck. We will go over some items covered in the earlier training and introduce some new info.

Sea Scouts

by Bryant Bowington, Sea Scout Mater Ship 26

Clara Sutton, Sea Scout Ship member and Youth Member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary instructing fellow Ship 26 youth on how to conduct Coast Guard Auxiliary Courtesy Safety Inspections Sunday January 23rd, 2022 at LCYC. Twenty plus vessels were inspected.

As a Sea Scout I promise to do my best
To guard against water accidents.
To know the location and proper use of the
life saving devices on every boat I board.
To be prepared to render aid to those in need.
To let those less able come first.

To deliver on the Sea Scout Promise Sea Scout Ship 26 is partnering with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 74 to arrange for and assist with free courtesy vessel examinations. Sunday March 13th After the Commodore’s Breakfast Courtesy Inspections will be offered.

Call LCYC Member Darlene Beeson to schedule your Safety Inspection 210-602-9715. Darlene is a Certified US Coast Guard Auxiliary Examiner, club member & Mate of Ship 26. Inspections can be completed at your vessel in the water or in the dry storage by appointment. Boats from 6’ to 65’

Presidents Day Weekend Ship 26 went to Lake Nimitz in Kerrville Texas. Sunday, they taught youth attending Sea Base Florida for high Seas Adventure the basics of sailing.

To fund the Youth and Scouting programs North Shore United Methodist Men’s Group holds an Annual BBQ chicken dinner with all the fixings, Saturday March 6th. 2022. Ship 26 youth will be selling tickets Saturday February 26th. Outside Brookshires Market. Tickets are $12.50 for adults and $7.00 for children Marvin Arnold is the Point of Contact if you miss us at Brookshires. 830-237-6781

Youth membership in the Sea Scouts is open to both female and male youth 14 to 21 years of age. Sea Scouts is a High Adventure Vocational program of the Boy Scouts of America. Check us out on Facebook – Ship 26

Youth Sailing Volunteers Urgently Needed

by Chris Fogle

Do you wish you could get more involved in our Club’s activities and – at the same time – learn more about our sport?

We currently have two open positions looking for dedicated volunteers!

LCYC Representative to the TSA – Our club is a member of the Texas Sailing Association ( Many people know of TSA’s affiliation with the annual youth racing circuit in Texas, and each year LCYC hosts a youth regatta as a stop on their circuit. As the LCYC Representative to the TSA you’ll act as a conduit for information from TSA to the club. You’ll participate in the annual TSA meeting held at the last youth regatta of the year, usually in November. You’ll participate in setting the schedule for regattas, reviewing proposed changes to published Race Conditions; and relaying information to club members about upcoming youth and adult championship regattas. If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact member Chris Fogle, our current TSA rep.

LCYC Youth Regatta Chairperson – Each year LCYC hosts a Youth Regatta which typically attracts over 80 youth sailors from across Texas and Oklahoma, and sometimes as far away as the US Virgin Islands. We currently are in urgent need of a person or team to take on the task of organizing the regatta for 2022. This is a great way to learn what goes into planning and running a regatta, and it has the added benefit of introducing you to our sport of sailboat racing. If you volunteer to lead this important club activity, you will be provided training and mentoring from a very experienced team! If you would like to find out more information about this important position or have any questions, please contact Chris or Debbie Fogle via the regatta email address:


by Debbie & Chris Fogle, TSA Representative

Stay tuned to the Ditty Bag for more updates as the season progresses. You can also check out the TSA website at for more information, or check us out on the Facebook TSA Junior Sailing Page

2022 Texas Sailing Association (TSA) Youth Racing Circuit Dates

Check the TSA website for updates.




























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