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March 2023

Commodore’s Report   |   New Members    |   New Online Forms – Important!    |   Flying Scot Regatta    |   Port Captains   |   Series and Event Racing   |   Docks and Grounds

Commodore’s Report

by Anu Day, LCYC Commodore

Greetings fellow LCYC members! February has been an unpredictable month weather-wise, but that’s what Texas weather is all about. We had an ice storm in early February but fortunately the club did not suffer any major damage.

Our Docks and Grounds Staff, ably guided by Pete Prados and assisted by several of our volunteers, moved the A Dock in mid-February. Pete will provide a detailed report, but I wanted to acknowledge the hard work of our staff and our volunteers.

A pontoon race committee boat was christened the SS Sanford on January 29th, in conjunction with Dave’s Celebration of Life event at LCYC. Thanks to Harold Simmons for the suggestion, to the BOG for approving it, and to Fred Lindsey for bringing it to fruition.

I would like to end with a gentle reminder that LCYC is a volunteer club. Help when and where you can, thank the members who do volunteer, and let’s all work together. We all bring different skills to the table; let us celebrate our like-mindedness and our differences and work to make our club function at its best.

Welcome New Members

  • Kendall and Monica Mann, San Antonio, TX

New Online Forms for Ordering Decals, Stickers and More!!

by Maggie Carty, LCYC Business Manager

There are two new online forms that will make submitting information and requests easier for members and will automatically send that information to LCYC administrative personnel. Using these forms will streamline the way in which these types of requests are processed as well as cut down on individual emails and phone calls.

The Membership Info Change Form, located on the Info tab in the Membership section, will allow members to enter changes to address, phone numbers, children, and boats. In addition, there is plenty of space to include additional notes and/or requests.

The LCYC Order and Reservation Form, located on the Info tab dropdown menu, can be used to order LCYC stickers, decals and burgees, and additional membership directories. This form will also be used to reserve use of the LCYC clubhouse and/or grounds.

Series and Event Racing

by Chuck Begley and Rick Mella, Race Directors

Winter Series Keel Boat:

courtesy Rick Mella

The last weekend for Winter Series racing started Saturday, Feb 18th, 2023, twenty-seven (27) Keel Boat skippers had registered in Regatta Network for this final Saturday racing. Weather forecast was for 8 – 9 mph winds, from the Southeast moving over to blowing from the South by late afternoon, under cloudy skies for two scheduled Saturday races.

As the Race Committee volunteers worked to setup the 1.8 mile race course Southwest from LCYC, winds began to drop as 14 Keel boats checked in at the Committee boat. So by time the scheduled 1pm start time came around the winds had dropped to 2 mph, leading to a 10 minute Postponement before the first race got underway. Three starts were planned, first start PHRF Spin A & B, second start PHRF Non-Spin & Multi-Hull and third start, Big Boats. Sailors rounded the W1 course (Windward / Leeward – with up wind finishes) around 30 minutes. When Keel boats began finishing, Mother Nature decided to add some spice to the final Keel boat Winter race bringing in a cold front to support the second race.

Finally, with the Winter Keel boat series now over sadly the end of a Dynasty appears on the LCYC horizon where Canyon Wind will no longer sail in the PHRF Spinnaker class by Dr. Gustavo Medellin, opening up new opportunities for LCYC members.

Congratulations to all Winter Series Keel Boat Sailors:

PHRF Spinnaker A
First Place: Canyon Wind, Gustavo Medellin
Second Place: ShockWater, Stephen Saint-Vincent
Third Place: A Pavonis, Wayne Peacock

PHRF Spinnaker B
First Place: Catch 22, Frederick Lindsey
Second Place: Chili Pepper, Jake Dempsey
Third Place: U20, Bo Wright

PHRF Non-Spinnaker
First Place: Venus, Darlene Beeson
Second Place: Bossa Nova, Anibal Diogenes
Third Place: Elsa’s Ride, Glen Graham

Big Boats
First Place: Cascabel, Bill Clark
Second Place: Chiloe, Janet Lockhart
Third Place: Hugo, Ray Leubner

First Place: Saturday Knight, Joe Monosmith

Winter Series Board Boat:

Sunday, Feb 19th, 2023, final race day for Board Boats scheduled for three (3) races on Sunday, leading to scoring the best seven races over the three month Winter series. Weather forecast for Sunday, winds 10 – 12 mph from the Southwest, moving to the South by 5pm. Eight Flying Scots were registered with six boats checking in at the Committee boat on race day. The first race started at 1pm, where boats finished the W1 course in 20 – 25 minutes. The Race Committee then decided to have the skippers sail a W2 course (Windward / Leeward – Twice around) to add some excitement as the wind direction started to change, blowing from the South. The second start got underway at 1:36pm with five Flying Scots finishing the W2 course, with the third race start underway, the South winds began to drop as the Scots neared the finish line as seen with the photo below (Clarabelle – Craig Uberroth & Morgan Powers) taking first place in the final race.

Congratulations to all Winter Series Board Boat Sailors:

Flying Scots
First Place: Simon’s Boat, Bryan Clak
Second Place: The Full Catastrophe, Chris Powers
Third Place: Clarabelle, Morgan Powers & Craig Uberroth

First Place: Aero, Chuck Begley

Special Thanks to all the RC volunteers who helped with the Winter Series, without your support this event would never have happened.  Also, we can’t forget the Port Captains!!!

Docks and Grounds

by Pete Prados, Docks & Grounds Chair


  • The A dock was successfully moved twenty feet further away from the shoreline due to the drop in lake water level. The move took a crew of twelve workers (four D&G staff and eight volunteers) three hours to complete.
  • Thanks to the following volunteers: Glen Miller, Roger Goodfellow, Terry Tomko, Fred Day, Marvin Arnold, Robert Crider, Russ Ansley and Larry Hull.
  • One the dock was move and reattached, new cables were run to hold the arms/dock in place, and the water line was reconnected to the marina.
  • The Property Supervisor handled this project internally which included: Dock and arm preparation, planning, organizing and execution of the move in a timely manner when the weather conditions were ideal.

Ice Storm

  • There was no damage to the boats, marina or facilities due to the ice storm that recently casused a lot of damage in the lake and surrounding areas. The property was slittered with broken branches and trash, but was promptly cleaned up.



Images courtesy John Ruize, Terry Tomko and Pete Predos

Flying Scot Regatta

Registration for the LCYC Flying Scot Southwest District Regatta is now open. This event is hosted by Lake Canyon Yacht Club Flying Scot Fleet 67 with races planned for Saturday March 25 and Sunday March 26. This is a Flying Scot Southwest District event and should attract Flying Scot sailors from Texas and Oklahoma to race in either the Championship fleet or Challenger fleet. A BBQ is planned for Saturday night. The entry fee covers the cost of the meal for skippers and crew. Additional plates are available for $15. The RSVP process for non competitors will open up closer to the event. We are looking forward to a big crowd of sailors to enjoy our warm hospitality and great sailing conditions.

Visit for complete details.

Port Captains Report

by Ann Cook and Mindy Rogers, Port Co-Captains

LCYC’s main social event in February was a valentine-inspired Commodore’s Breakfast on Sunday the 12th–and what a festive event it was! Tables were decorated with red hearts and stars, candy kisses, little balloons and confetti. The menu of baked eggs with ham and basil pesto (in individual red cups), southern grits, croissants with strawberry butter, fruit and raspberry mimosas was unique and very delicious. Some of the 47 attendees said it was one of the best club breakfasts they could remember. Special appreciation goes to creative hosts Sally & Rip Phillips and their team: Peggy Joynt, Mary Sue & Robert Wilson, Jeanne Butler & Rick Miller.


Images courtesy Ann Cook

Our March 12th breakfast will be hosted by Misty & Aaron Brittain with able assistance from Georgina Taddia and new member, Marina Conrad. This team is planning to serve a sausage potato casserole with blueberry and orange cranberry muffins, fruit, mimosas and coffee. Remember, breakfast begins at 9:00 and is served until 10:30.

Our annual “Italian Night” is on the calendar for the following Saturday, March 18th. We still need volunteers for this event, but if it is anything like we’ve seen in the past, you will not want to miss this spread of antipasti, pasta, garlic bread, wine and hopefully, some tiramisu.

Be sure to get your reservations for these two meals in early. It is essential that we plan carefully when preparing to feed a crowd. We do not want to run short nor do we want to spend more than necessary or deal with excess–thus the importance of your RSVP. Our business manager has improved the process by sending a confirmation of your response that you are able to edit in advance of the event. Please review the event “no-show” policy which is currently in effect. You can find details by clicking here.

We need hosts for other social events on our calendar in the months ahead. Working in the galley is a good way to meet others, plus it’s fun! Just let us know you are willing to help and we will find a place for you.

P.S. Next LCYC workday is Saturday, April 1st.

See you on the lake or at the clubhouse!




























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