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March 2024

Commodore’s Report    |   New Members    |   Port Captains’ Report    |   Docks and Grounds Update   |    Race Management Report   |    Treasurer’s Report: New Payment Options for LCYC Dues and Fees    |    Women’s Sailing  |    Diesel Motor Parts Provider Found |    First Fun Sail Event Coming March 23

Commodore’s Report

by Glen Graham, Commodore

March is here already, and warmer weather is right around the corner. Of course, we have already experienced some warmer days in February. I must give a big thank you to Ray Leubner and the low water task force which held two informative and well-attended planning meetings early last month. If you missed these meetings, the information should be available soon on our website. This task force is working hand-in-hand with our Docks and Grounds team to keep the marina viable as lake levels decline. In addition to the normal monthly social and racing activities (all posted on the calendar), I hope to see everyone on the water for the first of five Fun Sail dates planned for the year. This one on March 23 will be followed by an Italian Night dinner. Please don’t forget to check your regular e-mail blasts for updates and more information. See you on the lake!


Welcome New Members

by Nicole Rapp, LCYC Club Bookkeeper

Gary and Penny Purser of New Braunfels are Members 1558-S.

Jessica Farrar and Marco Sanchez of Canyon Lake are Members 1559-S.


Port Captains’ Report

by Ann Cook and Sally Phillips, Port Co-Captains

Galley Crew Jessica Farrar, Terry Beasley, Peggy Joynt, Shirley Jones, and Shane Foster served up a Valentine’s feast at the February Commodore’s Breakfast.

Geez, it seems we have skipped spring entirely and have gone straight into summer given the recent temps of 80+ degrees. Of course, that’s great sailing weather for this time of the year but not sure what it portends for the mid-year months ahead. Oh well, let’s enjoy it while we can as we continue our rain dances.

We had a good turnout (43) for our February Commodore’s Breakfast hosted by Terry Beasley, Shane Foster, Shirley Jones, Peggy Joynt and brand-new member, Jessica Farrar. These ladies prepared some delicious casseroles, a stunning fruit salad plus chocolate-covered strawberries.

Our 10 March breakfast will have a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Penny Monosmith, Joyce Hunter, Karen Sigler, Susan Hoffman, and their spouses are busy planning scrambled eggs and ham, pancakes, bacon, fruit, green mimosas, and maybe even Irish coffee! This one is not to be missed, so be there by 9:00 am. “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya.”

Plans also are underway for an Italian Night dinner on Saturday, March 23rd. We’ll start with an antipasti table followed by some filling pasta dishes and dessert. If you have even an ounce of Italian heritage or just really enjoy Italian food, we would love to have you assist with this meal. So far Shirley Rizzolo Jones and Susan Miano Holland will be hosting with their spouses, but we could use more volunteers.

There are lots of other events for “hosting and helping” in the months ahead, so don’t be shy about stepping up. We will find a place for you. Our budget will cover the food, so you will be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses. We just need a little of your time and elbow grease.

The information below is posted for our newest members and as a reminder for any of you who may have forgotten:

In 2022 the Board approved charging a nominal fee to members who RSVP for an event but then do not attend. This practice has provided a more accurate headcount and allowed us to save money and cut back on food waste. The fee will be charged only to members who RSVP but do not attend or who do not cancel their RSVP before the deadline.

Breakfasts – $5.00 per person

Other events with food – $10.00 per person

Members who have RSVP’d for an event essentially have reserved their meals and will be served first. Members who attend an event without an RSVP will be served if food is available after reserved meals have been served.

Thank you for your understanding of and adherence to this practice.

We look forward to seeing you at the club or on the water!

Docks and Grounds Update

by Pete Prados, Docks & Grounds Committee Chair

The Docks and Grounds committee is working with the LCYC Long Range Planning sub-commitee on a Low Water Plan. Several options are being discussed to keep the boats afloat should the lake level continue to drop. Two town hall meetings were held at the clubhouse on February 4, and both were well-attended.

Old marina anchors are being recovered while the water level is low.

The D&G staff continues to replace rotten timber and old vinyl trim on C Dock. All of the corner piers that house the power poles and dock boxes have now been replaced.

Race Management Report

By Rick Mella, Race Director

2023 – 2024 Winter Series

Saturday, February 17th, 2024, Keel Boat Final Series was canceled due to severe weather with high winds and extreme cold temperatures which made sailing impossible. The concern over RC volunteers and poor weather were considered for everyone’s safety.

The Winter Keel Boat Series winners:

Fleet Boat Sail Number  Skippers
PHRF Spin 391 Travis Grahmann
Big Boats 48 SJS Team
PHRF Non-Spin 821 Darlene Beeson


Sunday, February 18th, 2024, Board Boat Winter Series final regatta with three Scots making the starting line where the weather forecast was a repeat from the month prior (Feb) where winds were not steady and shifting from the Northwest to the West at 6 mph. Three races were scheduled but Race Committee PRO Travis Grahmann had doubts on weather forecast of winds at 6 – 8 mph holding out in the late afternoon. Two races were completed with the last race planned as a WL-3 (3 times around). As the race got underway, the winds slowly dropped where the final lap had to be shortened at the windward mark due to winds dropping to 0- 1 mph.

Winter Board Boat Leader Standings:

Fleet Boat Sail Number  Skippers
Flying Scot 1st Place 6194 Bryan Calk
Flying Scot 2nd Place 6081 Chris Powers

Race Committee volunteers are needed. Volunteers are always welcome, and no experience is required! For those LCYC members / non-members, who want to help with Race Committee duties, please reach out to me or see the new page on LCYC website: Race Committee Volunteer Form – Lake Canyon Yacht Club (, since we have plenty of openings for volunteers throughout the 2024 calendar year.  Contact info: Email: or


Treasurer’s Report: New Payment Options for LCYC Dues and Fees

By Vivian Miller, Treasurer

LCYC now offers several methods for paying monthly dues and fees. In addition to accepting mailed personal checks and bank bill pay checks, we can now process fully automated bank account debits or click to pay ACH and credit card payments. 

Members can avoid the potential delays and risks of mailing a personal check by authorizing an automated debit to their bank account, or by using an Online Payment Option invoice. Both of these methods save the Club administrative time and expense and offer convenience and reliability to the members.

Mail is retrieved from the PO Box throughout the month. To avoid late payment fees, the payment must be received by the club or its bank on or before the 25th of each month for the invoice or statement issued at the end of the prior month.

The club also welcomes prepayments, such as quarterly or annual payments. Your monthly statement will indicate a credit balance until the prepayment is depleted.

*Forms are available at

LCYC Women’s Sailing Program 2024

By Dru Wright, Terry Beasley, and Susan Hoffman

Spring is trying to arrive here at Canyon Lake, and the LCYC Women’s Sailing Program is trying to take advantage of it! Come join us on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. as the Lady Sailors get out on the water. Depending on how many women show up, we’ll go out in one or two keel boats. If the weather is bad, we’ll gather in the clubhouse for coffee and conversation. Bring your own drink and snack.

The first FUN SAIL event will be on March 23, from 2-5 p.m. before the Italian Night meal. This is open to ALL LCYC members, so get your boat and crew and plan to join us for a fun afternoon on the water.

Our next social gathering will be on Sunday, April 7, from 4-6 p.m., featuring “Naughty Knots” and “When Two Boats Meet”. Come join the growing number of women joining the LCYC Women’s Sailing Program. We’ll have a practice sail from 1-3 prior, so join us on the water.

Stay tuned for more information on Women’s Only Intro to Learn to Sail.

See you on the water!

Diesel Motor Parts Provider Found

Shared By Joe McDonough

Having trouble with the diesel motor on your boat?  I found a group up in Annapolis that seem to know what they are talking about and have all the parts.   They were able to find the exact parts and electrical upgrade for my 20-year-old Yanmar.   They are Bayshore Marine, and their phone number is (410) 263-8370.

First Fun Sail Event Coming March 23

By Dru Wright, Fun Sail Chair

Commodore Glen wants to see more boats and sailors out having fun on the lake. So, we are having our FIRST FUN SAIL event on Saturday, March 23 from 2-5 pm before the Italian Night meal, hosted by the LCYC Women’s Sailing Program. This event is open to ALL LCYC members and their guests. So, get your boat and crew and plan to join us for a fun afternoon on the water.

Our goal is to give beginner and intermediate sailors a feel for racing without the stress and pressure of an official race. There will be three options for you to choose from. First, is a shortened racecourse set up for boats under 25 feet. Second, will be a racecourse for larger boats over 25 feet. The third option is for everyone else who wants to get out and sail their own course. We ask that you stop by the Super Dock to check in for instructions. If you would like to crew or need crew, please let us know so we can get you matched up. Contact Dru Wright at 832-289-4624

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Italian Night Meal following the Fun Sail.

Future Fun Sail dates will be on May 27, June 22, July 27, and September 2.





























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