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May 2019

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May 2019 Newsletter PDF

Commodore’s Report

by Mike Samulin, LCYC Commodore

Well, April got off to another COLD start.  We had our New Member Orientation which was well attended albeit cold and wet!  Next up was the Lifetime Service Awards / Founders Day Dinner which was lightly attended but very nice and all recipients were there.  Congratulations to Carolyn (and Bob – in memory of) Cole, Ed Miller, Mike Stellato and Margaret McGill.  Thank you all for your hard work and support over the years – it is appreciated.

April also brought us the monthly BOG meeting with USACE (U.S. Army Corp of Engineers) manager Javier Perez-Ortiz in attendance.  He was introduced to all members at the meeting and we had a very cordial interface with him.  He actually stayed with us for a good part of the meeting which gave him some great insight into our club.  I am grateful that he attended and we look forward to working with him and his staff in the future.  Thank you to Pete Macler for arranging the meeting.

Our Commodores Breakfast / LCR kickoff on April 14 had great attendance and included the kickoff to the Leukemia Cup Regatta by Ray Leubner.  The dates are June 1 and 2 with Cocktails with the Commodore on May 31 in the evening at the Leubners home – details to follow…

Coming up in May we have our BOG Meeting and Mothers Day Breakfast, along with the Longneck multihull regatta and our annual Memorial Day fish fry – watch your email for specifics.

Again I want to acknowledge the passing of founding member # 10 Dr. B.G. “Bubba” Horner.  They were correct to call this generation “The Greatest Generation”.  That pretty much says it all.

So, I was reading my April issue of SAILING magazine and as always I went to Chris Caswell’s article first.  As most of you know, I share a similar level of sarcasm as Mr. Caswell (he just gets paid for it), so I relate to his writings.  Chris wrote about the attitude of “it’s all about me” and “win at any cost” in racing that is so prevalent these days.  Mind you, the “attitude” he speaks of is not the attitude of LCYC, but it did remind me of the one and only issue that arose during a recent regatta here at LCYC.  There was this one coach who was so confrontational and negative regarding a protest that he made a bit of a scene in the clubhouse.  I know his intentions were good and he only wanted to advocate for his club members, but… he belittled and berated our race PROs, he belittled our club, he raised his voice while doing this, and worst of all he did this in front of the young sailors from his club.  What a terrible way to teach conflict resolution to young sailors – rant and rave until you get your way.  Sadly, that seems to be the “attitude” these days – “it’s all about me”.  As you can expect, the LCYC PROs and protest committee handled things in a much more professional manner and displayed the utmost integrity.  It was amazing to me how our own situations here at LCYC paralleled those which Chris Caswell writes about.  Let’s hope that everyone learned a lesson from that incident.

By the way, if you don’t subscribe to SAILING magazine, I highly recommend it.  First, you get to read articles by Chris Caswell, although he does not have an article in every issue.  Of course there are other great articles about sailing as well, and it is really funny to read about winterizing boats – makes you really appreciate South Texas!  By the way, Chris is a really fun guy to speak with – again his sarcasm shines through.

That’s all for now, but I will share yet another picture from one of our sailing adventures.  Here is one of the original rum stills at the Westerhall Rum Distillery (dating back to the late 1700’s) at the Westerhall Estate in Grenada.  If you ever get there check out their 10XO Rum – smoooooth sipping rum.

Image courtesy Mike Samulin

Welcome New Members

Lively Bryner – Lavernia, TX
Jordan and Carrie Merson – San Antonio, TX
Kevin and Dru Wright – Canyon Lake, TX
Bob Rupp on Eagle enjoying a beautiful April sail. Bob has been a LCYC member since 1996.

Charles L. Branch M.D. LEUKEMIA CUP Regatta June 1 & 2

by Ray Leubner & Phil Crane, LCYC LCR Co-Chairs

The fundraising kickoff for the Charles L. Branch M.D. Leukemia Cup Regatta (LCR) was well attended at the April Commodore’s Breakfast. A tasty meal of quiche and smoked salmon was hosted by the Phil & Barbara Crane, Mike & Vicki Samulin, and Ray & Kathy Leubner with much appreciated help from Carolyn Harris, and Mary Lindsey.

With 6 weeks remaining as of the writing of this article until the 2019 Leukemia Cup Regatta, LCYC has raised donations and commitments of over $15,000 for the South Central Texas Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We’re on our way to reaching our goal of raising $65,000 this year, bringing our 6-year total to over $275,000! The 15 fundraising teams now listed on the LCYC LCR webpage are working very hard to make this happen. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, just choose your favorite team on the LCYC LCR webpage and a link will take you to their LCR team webpage. If you are interested in setting up your own team we are happy to help in that effort. Just let us know.

Sponsors signed up or recommitted from last year LCR include CEMEX, McCracken and Carroll Wealth Management, Roeschmann Design, Intruder Alert Systems (Mike Samulin), Pete Macler Associates, and Glen Graham and Associates. We’re very happy that Keith Zars Pools has signed up as a Diamond Level Sponsor, our first ever! The Silent Auction now has a dozen donation items committed. We are in need of more treasures from your attic and/or items and services from your favorite merchants. Please call or email Ray Leubner….check that attic or garage for that buried treasure.

We’re selling Ice Gray Hanes short sleeve 6 oz. cotton T-Shirts on which the LCYC LCR logo will be screen printed front side, and the poster graphic backside. Very nice! If you want one or more reserved for you at $20 including tax, please let us know ASAP so that we can reserve them for you.

The NOR is up. Expectations are that we will have fleets in PHRF Spin, PHRF Non-Spin A, and B, Big Boat, PHRF Trimaran, Portsmouth Catamaran, and Portsmouth Dingy. Volunteers are needed to help with Race Committee. Please give Ray Leubner or Jake Mathis (PRO) a call or text.

Mindy Rogers needs help staffing two shifts of 5 to help with dinner Saturday. We will be serving roast pork and gravy prepared by Joe and Lonna O’Brien, Mary Lindsey’s green beans, cheesy vegetable rice and dessert. There will be an RSVP required for the Saturday dinner. Remember to include your guests and crew! Live music will be provided by Jazz, Blues, and Diamonds…we’re very happy to have them back.

Please check the LCYC website and blast e-mails in May for details re the wine tasting and raffle at JS Fine Wines in San Antonio on May 4th and Cocktails with the Commodore on May 31st.

LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the fight against blood cancers!

Information for Racers – Payment Methods

by Renee Kizziar, Treasurer

When you register on Regatta Network (“RN”), you have a choice of paying by credit card or charging your club account. Do you know that RN charges the Club the same fee no matter which alternative you choose? If you pay with your credit card, RN pays the Club during the following month.  If you charge your club account, the Club enters that fee on your club account in the month following receipt of the RN statement and then you don’t pay the Club until the next following month. So, if you charge your Club account the Club does not save any money with RN and the club is paid a couple of months later than if you had paid when you entered the race on RN.

LCYC Monthly Statements

by Renee Kizziar, Treasurer

Just a reminder, your monthly statement from LCYC comes from this e-mail:>. Sending the statements using this process protects the security of the transmission. If you don’t receive your statement soon after the business day following the 25th of each month, please contact the Club Administrator at

Adaptive Sailing

by Bill McVey

Please note that our first outing this year is Friday May 24, when we will host wounded warriors and their family members from Operation Comfort. They had a conflict this year with the original planned Saturday 5/4 date. We offer them a nice day away from their normal routines with a visit to our beautiful club and lake, a complimentary lunch, and an afternoon sail using our members’ boats.

Our schedule is 11 am- orientation to our club and sailboats

  • 11:30 – Lunch; LCYC provides sandwiches, chips, cookies, and drinks for both guests and  our volunteers. Please join us.
  • 12:00 – Assign guests to boats
  • 12:15 – Go to boats, sail
  • 2:45 – Return to docks
  • 3:00 – End of event

We would like to have 10-12 keelboats and skippers and also 10-12 additional experienced sailors so we can accommodate up to 25 guests. We also need two volunteers to set out the lunch and clean up afterwards.

May 24 is just over three weeks away so please let me know as soon as you can if you would like to help with this outing. Please contact me at 210 601-9144 or  Thanks very much!

Bill McVey

Women’s Sailing Program

by Lynn Simpson

The Women’s Sailing Program is introducing a new class for 2019. A Performance/Spinnaker Class. The two day class is tailored for women that have racing experience, and who are ready to take their sailing skills to the next level. Participants will learn the ins and outs of the spinnaker along with getting the best performance out of the boat!

Class Details:
Where: LCYC
When: May 17 & 18 from 9:30 – 4:30
Cost: $60.00
The class size is limited to 3 students!
Online registration is now open.

Learn to Sail:
The 3 day Learn to Sail Class is designed to introduce women to the wonderful sport of sailing. This beginner course will cover: parts of the boat, points of sail, sail theory, sailing upwind and downwind, tacking, jibing, basic knots, safety on the water, rigging/derigging the boat, and wind awareness.

The class is hands-on with more time spent on the water and less time in the classroom!
Each student will receive US Sailing’s Basic Keelboat book.

Class Details:
Where: LCYC
When: July 26, 27, & 28
Cost: $75.00
Class size is limited to 9 students.
Online registration will open on June 14!

The finale of the program will be the women’s regatta SEW-MAD on August 24, more detail on this event as we get closer to the date.

See you on the water!

Sea Scouts and the Missing Spars

by Bryant Bowington, Sea Scouts Ship 26

I am a forgotten boat who recently was adopted by Sea Scout Ship 26, the SS Alamo. For years I languished under the hot sun and frigid winters here in the LCYC dry storage lots, rotting away, collecting oak leaves to decay in my cockpit as my varnished mahogany pealed and splintered. The lichen found nourishment on the dust that collected on my bare uncovered deck. No one payed any attention to me except a few who would walk by and usually said what a shame. “I am sure someone or somebody could have some fun with this boat if it was fixed up again”. This Spring I was donated to Ship 26, my prior owner delivered the foils, sails to the ship. They immediately began restoring me, so I could sail again to teach the youth how to sail this summer.

Where are my spars?

What was left of my wood was removed for replacement along with the traveler system and control lines and cleats. I was pressure washed and scrubbed with soap and water in early February and that is when it happened! My black anodized spars went missing, both mast pieces and my boom. Now my future is uncertain given I am not a very popular class and replacement parts are far and few to be had. If my mast and boom are not found I may meet with a most unfortunate demise of a Saws All and the dumpster. I plead of you if you know where my spars have gotten to please bring them back or I may never see the water again.

Spring Series Racing

by Rick Mella

Weather, Weather, Weather!  Mother nature is playing with Canyon Lake on the weekends where sailors are either home bound due to extreme high winds or searching for cat’s paws in light air to round the Windward/Leeward racing course.

Chris Fogle on a reach

For May, Board boats will sail on Sunday, May 5th, with awards & dinner to follow later that afternoon. Keelboats will sail on Saturday, May 11th, with awards & dinner to follow later that evening.  Due to weather in February, the awards for the 2018-2019 Winter Series will be presented at the Spring Series dinner, please plan on attending.

Also for May, LongNeck Multi-Hull Regatta weekend (May 18th & 19th), and Memorial Day Long Distance Race, May, 27th.

Rick Mella
Rear Commodore for Sail

Keel Boat Current Leaders:
J-22                           Keith Zars                Baby Lips
PHRF Spin               Chris Fogle              Skeeter
PHRF Non-Spin B  Jack Moab              Pura Vida
Big Boats                  Bill Clark                  Cascabel
Multihull                  Charlie Mayer          Otra Vez

Board Boat Current Leaders:
Flying Scot              Chris Powers          The Full Catastrophe
Sunfish                     Dave Sanford         8
Portsmouth             David Oats             Survivor
Laser                         Chris Fogle            91012

TSA Update

by Chris Fogle, LCYC TSA Representative

April brought some drastic weather extremes for our racers.

Our youth sailors competed in the Chocopalooza Regatta at Rush Creek Yacht Club on April 6th and 7th – the third stop on the youth racing circuit this year.   The sailors from Canyon Lake were Ryan Mitchell in Opti Green; Caleb Fogle in the Laser 4.7, and Dylan Tomko in Opti RWB.

The regatta was delayed nearly 4 hours on Saturday as a violent storm rolled through the Dallas area with winds topping 40 mph. The sailors and their families played games and enjoyed the hospitality of Rush Creek as they waited for the storm to abate. The sailors finally launched at about 3:30 pm, and were met with extremely light conditions. The Opti RWB got in one race, as did the Opti Green fleet.  The Laser 4.7 division was one of two fleets on Laser/420 starting line who did not get in a race before the Race Committee abandoned racing for the day.

Dylan Tomko wins Opti White and overall 3rd place for Opti RWB fleet!

Sunday started an hour earlier, and the conditions looked to be favorable at the harbor launch, but quickly subsided. The Opti Green fleet got in four more races; Opti RWB got in two more; and the Laser/420 divisions each got in three races.

All Canyon Lake sailors sailed well in the very light and challenging conditions. The big news was Dylan Tomko sailing in Opti White Division on the Opti RWB course. Dylan led all racers in all division after the first day with a bullet in the first race. He continued sailing well on Sunday, notching two fourth place finishes.  His score for the weekend was not only good enough to win the Opti White division, but he also earned a podium spot with a third place overall!  A fantastic result that we’re sure to see more off.

Off the circuit, Caleb Fogle continued in the LCYC Spring Series with two fine races in the Laser Fleet in very light and shifty conditions.

We are very proud of our Canyon Lake sailors!

Racing continues on the TSA Circuit in May with the “Silly String Regatta” hosted by Grapevine Sailing Club. The regatta will be held the weekend of May 18th-19th.  If you’re between 8 and 18 and already know how to sail, we invite you to come out and try racing with us. Drop us a line in email letting us know you’re interested, and we’ll get you the information you need.

See you on the water!

2019 TSA Youth Sailing Circuit Regattas

18-19 May
Silly String Regatta / TSA Girls Championships
Grapevine Sailing Club
8-9 Jun
Road Runner Regatta & Texas State Youth Laser Championship
Austin YC, Austin TX
22-23 Jun
Rockin’ Rockport Regatta
Rockport YC
10 Jul
TX Youth Race Week Clinic
Houston YC
11-14 Jul
Texas Youth Race Week
Houston YC
17-18 Aug
Cannonball Run Regatta
Palacios YC
7-8 Sep
Rock the Rock Regatta
Corinthian Sailing Club, White Rock Lake
28-29 Sep
Jr. Ol’ Man of the Sea Regatta
Ft. Worth Boat Club
12-13 Oct
Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta
Dallas Corinthian YC, Lewisville TX
9-10 Nov
Changes in L’Attitude / End of Year Regatta
Corpus Christi YC


Port Co-Captains

by Lancine Justin & Vivian Miller

April arrived with stiff breezes, glorious wildflowers and fun events at the clubhouse.

A popular event, Italian Night, on March 30 had over 70 attendees!   Port Captains Lancine Justin and Vivian Miller hosted, with invaluable assistance from Linda Arnold, Mary Lindsey, Maria Wachter and Carolyn Harris.  Our club members again showed their flair for Italian delicacies by contributing to a delicious spread of antipastibruschette, salami, proscuitti, olive, formaggi, giardiniera, funghi and grissini.  Dinner of lasagna, baked penne, salad, garlic bread, fig tart and mocha icebox cake was tunefully accompanied by accordionista Beverly Garcia.

Thank you to all who attended and for RSVP-ing!   Your RSVP helps us make sure there will be enough food and fun for all and helps us to use club funds wisely.


Images courtesy Lancine Justin and  Vivian Miller

April 6th was a double feature – new member orientation in the morning for new members and the Lifetime Service Awards in the evening.  A seasonal dinner of crudités, ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, salad and cake feted the LSA honorees.  The dinner was hosted by the Port Captains with able assistance from Linda Arnold, Carolyn Harris, Susie Boedeker, Lynn Simpson and Ann and Bill Cook.

On Sunday, April 14th, Kathy and Ray Leubner and Barbara and Phil Crane, helped by Carolyn Harris, Mary Lindsey and Mike & Vicki Samulin, hosted the Commodore’s Breakfast for more than 60 members to kick off the 2019 LCYC Leukemia Cup Regatta.  A tasty buffet of assorted quiches, smoked salmon, bagels, garnishes and breakfast pastries, along with coffee and mimosas fed the hungry attendees.

Are you a new – or newish – member?  Volunteering at our social events gets you into the thick of things and gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other members.  Please consider volunteering! Just let us know and we’ll find a spot for you to help our hosts who have already generously volunteered for upcoming events.

See you on the water or at the club!   Vivian and Lancine

LCYC Personnel

Commodore – Mike Samulin
Treasurer – Renee Kizziar
Vice Commodore – Elizabeth Bentzen
Port Co-Captains – Lancine Justin, Vivian Miller
Rear Commodore – Phil Crane
Rear Commodore for Sail – Rick Mella
Secretary – Mindy Rogers
Board of Governors 2018 – 19
Terry Beasley
Kathy Leubner
Glen Graham
Carolyn Popp
Board of Governors 2019 – 20
Debbie Fogle
Ed Miller
Bubba Harris
Scott Wells
Jean Junker
Committee Chairs
Adaptive Sailing – Bill McVey
Membership – Jim Garity
Adult Sail Training – Mike Stellato
Nominations – Jim Kizziar
Audit Committee – Rick Cioppa
Personnel – Glen Graham
Budget Committee – Laurie McGill
PHRF – Jim Garity
Cabana Owners – Rick Walker
Safety – Pete Macler
Corps of Engineers – Pete Macler
Slip Utilization – Steve Edlund
Docks & Grounds – Travis Mitchell
TSA Rep – Chris Fogle
Emergency Task Force – Julian Craven
Vice Docks and Grounds – TBD
Lifetime Achievement – Sandra Lindsey
Wurstfest Regatta – Elizabeth Bentzen
Long Range Planning – Marvin Arnold, Ed Miller
Youth Sailing – Chris & Debbie Fogle
Club Administrator – Carolyn Cole
Staff – Michael Vocke, Rashad Williams
Property Manager – Julian Craven
Ditty Bag – Bill Cook
Docks & Grounds – Edward Ward
Website – Kathy Leubner

































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