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November 2018 Ditty Bag


November 2018 Newsletter PDF

Commodore’s Report

by Phil Crane

You know I’ve said before that the work and fun doesn’t stop at LCYC and recent weeks have been no exception. With everything from our normal Board of Governors meetings and Fall Series racing to committee and taskforce meetings, Steak Dinners and Fall Work Days and ongoing work on our Marina by MDI there has been a lot of activity at your club.

Among the important items covered at the BOG was a report from our Task Force reviewing the results of our Member Survey, a presentation of the Budget for 2019 by Laurie McGill, a report from Pete Macler on items discussed with the Corps of Engineers, additional marina work reported on by Marvin Arnold, a Bylaws revision brought forward by Renee Kizziar.

There should be more detail on these items further into the Ditty Bag. And, of course, there were our other regular reports like the Treasurer’s Report, Rear Commodore for Sail Report, Port Captains Report, Slip Utilization Report, Youth Sailing Report, Long Range Planning, Women’s Sailing and Wurstfest Regatta. And ongoing work on the website. You get the idea!

While all of these are vital to the club I would like to highlight two connected items where there is apparently some misunderstanding among some of the club members.Canyon Lake is a Corps of Engineers controlled lake and we lease a portion of our property from the Corps of Engineers including the area where our marina is located. The Corps controls the number of slips not only at our marina but at all the marinas on the lake. In our lease with the Corps we are permitted to have 144 slips, period. The Corps has made it clear that no more slips will be permitted. This brings us to Slip Utilization .As you probably know we have a waiting list for slips and there are people who have been on the list for over two years. We have a LCYC Slip, Dock and Storage Utilization Policy that requires “good standing for renewal of lease(s)”. Good standing includes the stipulations that the members boat is sailed at least twice during the 12 months ending with the renewal date, the member’s activity in Club events, maintenance and appearance of the member’s boat and current Texas registration. Further, “the purpose of this procedure would be to free up slips for more active members, and hopefully allow less active members to maintain their boats on LCYC premises at a reduced cost.” I point this out so everyone knows there is growing sentiment to begin enforcing this policy with more vigor.

We also have upcoming events you should consider attending. Of course, Wurstfest Regatta will be in full swing as you read this. The Merry ‘Ol Christmas Party (November 30th), the Annual Meeting (December 1st at River Crossing CC) and the Commodore’s Grog(December 8th). Series boat racing comes back in December after the Wursfest hiatus. Finally, we have had some changes in personnel. Scott Boyd received an offer he couldn’t refuse and moved on. He has bee replaced by Ed Ward and Mike Volke. After he left Scott sent a really nice note to Julian that points out how special LCYC can be. He said “I wanted to personally thank you and all of the members there at the Club for the opportunity to work with LCYC. Everybody that I met there made me feel very welcome and appreciated, always. I truly enjoyed my time there and the work, it makes the job that much more enjoyable when you know that the members really are thankful for your hard work and effort … to all of the members … my personal thank you to that great big family named LCYC.” So, my own personal “thank you” to the members that went out of their way to let Scott know what a great place LCYC really is; we do have a special club. I know you’ll welcome Ed and Mike the same way. The lake is full, hopefully the rain has stopped for now, and there is plenty to do and participate in at your Club.
See you around!

Welcome New Members

Hans & Diane Sheline – Sugar Land, TX
Rick Cross & Veronica Gonzales  – Garden Ridge, TX
Don & Laurie Brunell – Garden Ridge, TX
Lindsey & Joe Sorensen – San Antonio, TX

Charles and Ann Ahrens moved from Austin to Blanco this February and shortly thereafter joined LCYC .They have a sailboat on Lake Travis and are on the waiting list to bring their boat to LCYC. While Charles has been a lifelong sailor on lakes around Texas, Ann has only recently shared this enthusiasm . She took the Women’s Sailing Class in July and raced in the SEW-MAD in August– so now she’s hooked too. While they live in Blanco, they are on Canyon Lake and Lake Travis as often as time allows. Charles is a retired medical supply salesman and stays busy enjoying his many hobbies and volunteering in the area. Ann works full time as an association executive and will be retiring in early 2019.

LCYC Bylaws

by Renee Kizziar, Treasurer
At the October 13 Board of Governors (“the Board”) meeting the Board approved the following Bylaws change for submission for vote at the 2018 Annual Meeting . Ballots for this Bylaws change and for the 2019 Vice Commodore and 2019-2020 members of the Board will be distributed to members not sooner than November 11 as required by Bylaws Article II Board of Governors, Section III Election of the Vice-Commodore and Board of Governors.

Section IV. Eligibility for Board of Governors

Bylaw as revised (change in italics)
No member shall be eligible for election as a member of the Board of Governors unless he/she shall be entitled to vote under the provisions of the Bylaws, and who is and has been in good standing for no less than 24 months. No member shall be eligible to serve as a member of the Board of Governors if the member, his or her parent, his or her spouse, his or her children, or his or her child’s spouse is employed by Lake Canyon Yacht Club, unless the employment is approved by the Board of Governors .

Discussion of Change
It is inconsistent to consider a person who cannot sponsor members (Article I MEMBERSHIP, Section IV Admission of Members) for election as a member of the Board of Governors.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Bentzen #1263 and Kathy Leubner #903

Adaptive Sailing Report

by Bill McVey

For the first time in our 13 years hosting this program an adaptive sail outing had to be cancelled for inclement weather!

We were prepared with 26 volunteers, 8 sailboats, and a pontoon boat to host as many as 30 guests from, but the weather was rainy all week and was forecast to continue into the weekend. As a result, DITW had only 18 folks signed up by Thursday so the founder of DITW and I decided in a phone conversation that afternoon to cancel the outing . Though we wanted to believe it wouldn’t rain Saturday, if you recall, we did have a tremendous downpour most of the day beginning around noon!

Nonetheless, I would still like to recognize all of our members who had volunteered to help and were ready to make this another special day having lunch and sailing at our club.

Our galley crew included Mary Lindsey, Sue Radley, and Lonna and Joe O’Brien . Carolyn Harris was “given” the day off to watch her granddaughter in a cheerleader performance in Houston!

Scott and Christina Purcell once again had volunteered their pontoon boat to take out any guests who might have preferred the creature comforts it offers!

The sailing skippers and crews included Jim and Judy Ritchie, Glen Graham, Ann and Bill Cook, Leslie Heath, Ron and Carolyn Popp, Jerry Anderson, Bog Godlewski, Jack Mogab, Letitia Lane, Dwight and Patti Stickles, Carl Hendrickson, Bob Middleton, and Chris Copeland.

Many thanks to all of these folks! To them, and to everyone else reading this, please know that we have already put the same three week – ends on the calendar for 2019, so be sure to consider those dates before making your travel plans to all of those exotic ports of call you may be planning for next year!

LCYC Board of Governors Follow up Member Survey with Strategic Analysis

by Chris Fogle

It should come as no surprise that Lake Canyon Yacht Club is a jewel in South Central Texas . We are located on an amazing body of water and close to several vibrant metropolitan areas. Our founding members had vision – creating a place for families to sail and race, promote the love of sailing, and to bring safe sailing to as many as possible.

Through the years, this vision became a reality largely because of the efforts of many dedicated officers and volunteers . Today, our club is one of the best venues in Texas for racing, and our reputation on the racing circuits and the popularity of our Wurstfest Regatta are proof. It’s also a great place to just relax and enjoy the beauty that is Canyon Lake!

This year, the Board of Governors took a keen interest in ensuring that LCYC is postured to continue as a family-oriented and dynamic sailing club. In January 2018, the Board of Governors authorized a Members’ Survey to cover – at a minimum – youth sailing, social programs, facilities and race programs . Thanks to member Fred Day and other volunteers for developing the survey.

In April, the Survey was opened for members and in June the summary of results were made available to the Board. After reviewing the initial findings, Board members considered a range of options and decided to take a proactive approach to the club’s programs, in much the same way that it has directed the Long-Range Planning Committee to assess future infrastructure and facilities needs.

In September, the Board of Governors kicked off an initiative to closely examine the results from the Members’ Survey conducted this past Spring and determine the next steps for the Club’s programs.

This strategic analysis initiative is chaired by Chris Fogle and includes Travis Mitchell, Mindy Rogers, Jim Kizziar, Dwight Stickle, Sandra Lindsey and Elizabeth Bentzen.

The group is still in the early stages of reviewing the Members’ Survey and establishing a working rhythm. The members have developed focus to guide their efforts:

Purpose: Identify, Research, and Recommend program initiatives to the Board of Governors, which remains responsible for program approval, funding, and implementation

Focus: The near-term focus is on the data and member input captured in the Members’ Survey and initiatives for maintaining and fostering successful programs and activities.

Stay tuned for more information, requests for members’ feedback, and reports on the activities of the group. If you have any questions, you can contact any one of the group members. We want to hear from you

Port Co-Captains

by Ann Cook & Vivian Miller

October brought shorter, cooler and plenty of wetter days, but our Fall Workday on the 20th dodged the showers and 45 volunteers helped get the clubhouse, grounds and marina ready for the 50th Wurstfest Regatta which is coming up fast! Many thanks to Joe & Lonna O’Brien and Carolyn Harris who made sure the workers were well fed with hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixings . That was a rather tricky feat given that only 15 members had RSVP’d before Saturday. Nonetheless, we were delighted with the big turnout.

Appreciation is also in order for Terry & Roger Beasley, Jean & Bob Drew and Elsa & Glen Graham who earlier in the month hosted an excellent Commodore’s breakfast for an unusually small group of 35 . Since they prepared for a targeted crowd of 60, many attendees were happy to take home the extra migas, bacon, cinnamon rolls and watermelon, all of which were delicious . (We’re still trying to get Bob to share his miga recipe for posting on the website .) And special thanks to Laurie McGill and new member Peggy Joynt who stepped up to help the port captains with the Fall Series Award Dinners held that same weekend.

Although we had several social (read “food”)events in October, the November schedule is devoted almost entirely to racing . Well, that and the big food holiday on the 22nd which is not a port captain responsibility 🙂 Hats off to Mindy Rogers and her assembled crew who are in charge of the galley during Wurstfest which is a huge and very important part of a successful regatta . Remember, no Commodore’s breakfast in November.

If you have not yet volunteered for KP but would like to help out, let us know. The Merry Ol’ Christmas party will be hosted by Joe & Lonna O’Brien and Carolyn Harris at the end of the month on November 30th . Extra hands are always welcome . And before you know it we’ll be into the new year where there will be lots of opportunities and need for assistance.

We know this is a familiar refrain, but again, let us express our thanks to all of you who continue to RSVP for our social events . Yes, it takes a few minutes of your time, but it really helps us purchase and prepare appropriately.

Hope to see you in the galley or on the water soon!

Budget Committee Report

by Lauri McGill

The LCYC Budget Committee met Sunday, September 23rd and prepared a proposed budget for 2019 that was presented to the Board of Governors at the October 13, 2018 meeting.
2018 has been a very lean budget year. While we will not be able to move any money into the reserve funds for future major projects and emergencies, we did undertake significant spending for overdue repairs on the marina this year.
The 2019 budget approved by the Board of Governors estimates $653,925 in revenue, $570,283 in expenses, and $50,000 earmarked for the reserve fund. This budget complies with the Bylaws spending limitation and allows some modest room for unanticipated expenses.
Most areas of proposed spending have remained the same as last year, or slightly increased, except for salaries and wages. The Board approved a third D&G staff person as well as a wage increase for the Property Managers . The 2019 budget also anticipates providing for additional administrative staff.
The only major D&G project proposed is paving around the maintenance building.
During this recent decade, fee increases have only occurred in alternate years. There was no fee increase in 2018 . The 2019 budget includes a 10% increase in club dues and fees . Even with this increase, LCYC fees remain very affordable . Here are the fee changes, exclusive of tax and WORD charges, on a monthly basis

Two Abandoned Boats

by Renee Kizziar, Treasurer

There are boats in the Lake Canyon Yacht Club (“the Club”) Dry Storage area which are owned by individuals who are no longer members of the Club. There are also boats in the Dry Storage area for which the ownership is unknown to the Club. These boats are “tagged” with a notice to please notify the Club Administrator with any information about the boats ownership. You’ll see a tag on the boat in space H3- 018.

Since ownership of these boats involves registration with the State of Texas, resolving what to do with these boats also involves an extensive process with the State of Texas. Yes, what fun!

As of October 2018, the Club is at the point of this “abandoned boat” process with two boats in the Dry Storage area where the Club may decide whether or not to proceed with obtaining title for these two boats . Obtaining the title does – this won’t surprise you – cost money. But, why pay to obtain the title if the Club does not have a use for the boat? Therefore, the Club’s Board of Governors (“the Board”) would like your feedback about potential benefits of the Club obtaining title for the following boats:
Hunter 23. Currently in space H2 -070
Travis Pontoon Boat. Currently in space H3-002

Please provide your comments to Renee Kizziar at treasurer@lcyc .net. I will collect these comments and go over proposals with the Board at the December 8, 2018 meeting. Wondering why the Treasurer is in the middle of this? First, as an officer of the Club I really am more comfortable when the Club does not violate the law… so I have been doing the work necessary to legally take possession of these boats . Second, as the Club Treasurer, I am reluctant to spend money without any benefit to our members.

So let me know if you have ideas!

Series & Event Racing

Chris Powers

With concerns about instability in the forecast, four races scheduled, and a shorthanded RC crew, PRO Rick Mella opted for short rapid-fire races for the Boardboats . Each race was a single-lap Windward-Leeward in 7-11 kts . The short courses placed a premium on starts and maneuvers with a lot of close-quarters tactics to prepare us for Wurstfest . In the Scots, Jeff Foerster took races 5 and 7 with Bill McVey taking race 6, and I took race 8 and the series . Darlene Beeson was second in the series . In Sunfish, Dave Sanford won all four races, but Debbie Fogle won the series . Craig Berleme and Caleb Fogle continued their dominance of the Laser and Portsmouth fleets . Rick opted to run a bonus race because conditions allowed more than anticipated, which was fun for all . The bonus race was not formally scored because the NOR did not allow for more than 8 races. There will be no series racing in November, in deference to Wurstfest . Winter Series will run December – February.

Keel Boats Series Final Standings

1 – Bruce Dunn – 6 pts
2 – Bill McVey – 9
3 – Ken Taylor – 13
4 – Ben Kyzar – 16
5 – Keith Zars – 28T
6 – Fred Lindsey – 28T

1 – Gustavo Medellin – 6 pts
2 – Chris Fogle – 9
3 – Phillip Davis – 15
4 – Jack Carter – 19

PHRF Non-Spin B
1 – Jack Mohab – 4 pts
2 – Donna Rice – 15
3 – Daniel Rice – 20T
4 – Glen Graham – 20T

Big Boats
1 – John Ruiz – 5 pts
2 – Bill Clark – 7

Board Boats Final Standings

Flying Scot
1 – Chris Powers – 8 pts
2 – Darlene Beeson – 26
3 – Fred Soward – 27
4 – Jeff Foerster – 28T
5 – Bill McVey – 28T
6 – Doug Shepard – 32
7 – Jeff Richards – 36
8 – Scott Wells – 60T
9 – Keith Zars – 60T

1 – Debora Fogle – 12 pts
2 – Dave Sanford – 14T
3 – Allen Borden – 14T
4 – Chris Besch – 30

1 – Craig Berleme – 6 pts
2 – Chris Fogle – 10
3 – Bryant Boyington – 18
4 – Joeseph Mcdonough – 23

1 – Calib Fogle – 6 pts
2 – David Oates – 13

Youth Sailing Program

by Debbie and Chris Fogle

Youth Sailing Dates
November 10-11
TSA End of Year Regatta, Rush Creek Yacht Club, Rockwall, TX

What an awesome October this has been for our youth sailors and program! By the time you read this, you’re getting ready for Wurstfest, and you’ll notice a new youth racer on the Opti line and some “newer” boats on the dock . More on that later…

First – our own Caleb Fogle won the Portsmouth Division in our club’s Fall Series. While there weren’t a lot of boats competing, he sailed especially well – often close enough to beat Laser full-rigs . Congrats, Caleb! On the TSA Youth Circuit, we had three racers compete in October.

On October 6-7, Dylan Tomko took top Opti Green Fleet honors at the “Pirates of the Corinthian” Regatta at Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club. Dylan continued his dominance on the circuit winning with bullets in all nine races scored!

On the weekend of October 21-22, we had three racers compete at the “Changes in Latitude” Regatta in Corpus Christi . The winds and seas on Sunday were once again a major challenge for all racers, especially in the Laser and C420 fleets out on the Bay. Fortunately, Saturday’s wind was uncharacteristically lighter and the seas a mild chop. So, the sailors took advantage of the great early conditions to set themselves up for strong finishes for the regatta . Dylan Tomko and Ryan Mitchell sailed solidly in the Opti Green Fleet, and Caleb Fogle finished in 4th place in the Laser 4 .7 fleet .

The next, and final stop, on the TSA 2018 Youth Circuit is November 10-11 at Rush Creek Yacht Club near Heath (Dallas).

Our program has had some very exciting news to share . First, our very special thank you to LCYC Member Allen Borden who approached the Corpus Christi Yacht Club on our behalf and secured a donation of five used C420s for our program! Member Travis Mitchell was invaluable in driving us to CCYC to retrieve the boats, and we offloaded them on our dock with the help of Marvin Arnold, Bill Cook, Lynn Simpson, and Fred Day! Thank you to all for your very timely and appreciated help! The C420s will be used to foster our goal of more double-handed sailing lessons and racing . In 2019, we hope to hold a series of clinics in Team Racing – an exciting aspect of our sport typically relegated to the Intercollegiate Ranks . Exciting times – join us in thanking Allen and the CCYC program for this wonderful addition to our program!

Second and perhaps most notable news to share? Let me introduce our newest racer, Ryan Mitchell . Ryan is 9 years old and the son of members Travis and Donna Mitchell . Ryan competed in his first TSA regatta in Corpus Ryan (front-right) leads the fleet at Corpus Christi at the end of the October, but the story behind his achievements so far is worth sharing!

Ryan has been sailing solo for less than a year – about three months, to be exact. He participated in introductory sailing lessons this past summer with us, and – although he’s sailed and raced with his Dad in Sunfish and Multihull races – he had never raced solo before . Ryan let us know he would be interested in racing in Wurstfest on the Opti line, so we worked out a schedule with him to help prepare him . A crash course (no pun intended!) ensued.

Ryan has done really well learning how races are run and what the basic rules and techniques are for going around the race course safely and efficiently. He’s worked hard on his tacking and gybing skills and is becoming very proficient at sensing the wind and trimming his sails for maximum speed in all conditions.

The TSA regatta in Corpus was a test regatta, of sorts – to give him the large-fleet experience before Wurstfest . It was a baptism of fire, with high winds and chop the norm . Ryan did a fantastic job at the regatta, posting as high as a 7th place finish in one of the races! We are so excited for Ryan and impressed that he’s taken on the very challenging task of getting ready for our own Wurstfest on such a short timeline . We look forward to him racing the TSA circuit in 2019 and beyond . Please find Ryan on the docks at Wurstfest and welcome him as a racer to the LCYC small boat racing family!

See you on the water!


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