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November 2019

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Commodore’s Report

by Mike Samulin, LCYC Commodore

Well – here we go… it’s Wurstfest Regatta time again!  Elizabeth has been hard at work preparing for two very busy weekends of sailing and fun.  I hope to see all of you there…  Let’s see, will it be windy, cold, hot, calm – who knows, but we will have fun.  Last year we had all of the above.  Let’s see what Elizabeth can do with the weather this year (heck – everyone blamed me last year so it is only fair…)!

Here is a great picture from last year – the wind was blowing so hard one of the Opti’s had to abandon their boat on the breakwater.  I think it makes a great wind indicator for a sailing club…  Fortunately nobody was hurt…

Plan ahead for a busy December – we have the Annual Meeting and Dinner on December 7, the Commodore’s Grog on December 14 (come drink some rum and say farewell (or good-riddance if that fits) to me as Commodore), our Winter Series races, Board of Governors meeting, Commodore’s Breakfast (I will be there for my fond farewell) and of course the Merrie Olde Christmas Party on Dec. 6.

As I was reading a few of the sailing magazines I came across two articles about Leukemia Cup Regattas around the country – here is a link to show you just how big this fundraiser has gotten… from BoatUS: .  There was also a nice article in SAILING Magazine.  LCYC plays a large role in this great fund raising effort – we should all be proud of our contribution.

OK – a few housekeeping chores, but I will be brief:

  1.  VOLUNTEER – give others a break and help out!  And for those of you who are always volunteering – a very big THANK YOU.
  2. Don’t use the LCYC dumpsters if you don’t live in a cabana!
  3. Return dock carts to the base of the hill where you found them!
  4. The beer in the clubhouse is for LCYC events ONLY – NOT for your personal use!!
  5. The food in the LCYC refrigerators is for LCYC events ONLY – don’t pick through the refrigerator like you are at your own home!  Maybe we need to put a camera in the fridge to catch the scavengers – we would get some very funny pictures!
  6. When you get caught doing one of the above no-nos – be nice about it and don’t give the person who caught you a hard time!

As usual – I want to share yet another photo from our travels to the Caribbean – this one from 2018.  The full moon rising over the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, BVI at Leverick Bay.  What a great way to spend an evening in the BVI…

A Word About the Youth Sailing Program at LCYC

There has been a great deal of discussion about the youth sailing program at LCYC this past year or two.  Looking back over the history of youth sailing at our club there always seems to be an ebb and flow to the program.  When we have someone or a group of people who want to step up and move the program forward, it moves forward.  When we have less interest in the program by both youth and adults, the program tends to wane a bit.  In the past LCYC has had paid coaches when the program supported the cost of the coach – through fees paid by the youth sailors.  There has also been many times where the coaching staff was comprised completely of volunteers – by both members and parents of youth sailors.  In all of these scenarios, the youth program was led by a club member who wanted to make the program work, and thus had the backing and support of the Board of Governors and the Sailing Foundation.

This year there was a request to the budget committee for monies for repairing boats and to hire a coach.  The budget committee did increase the budget for boat repairs, but only had room to fund “seed money” for the overall youth program.  By the way, this “seed money” was equal or more than was budgeted in the past years.  The budget committee did not see the necessity in budgeting money for a coach for a program that only has 2 or 3 participants at this point.  The perspective is that the program should be self-funding by its fees and dues, and not totally subsidized by the membership.  We actually almost had a program that exactly matched this self-funded plan at the end of July and early August.  Unfortunately the plan was a little late in the season, and then was mired down in contractual issues.

Hopefully we will be able to bring all sides together and use the “seed money” to generate a self-funded program that serves the youth of our club (and surrounding areas) and the club membership.  It will take volunteers who want to step up and think outside the box to make this type of program work.  Sure, it would be easy to just throw 5 figure budgets at the program and see what happens, but without a definitive plan going forward, just throwing money at it will not help.  The time to start working on this program is now, so if you have ideas, please bring them forward.

Welcome New Members

  • Ed and Janice Jordan – Boerne, TX
  • Travis and Elizabeth Grahmann – Boerne, TX
  • James and Elizabeth Wilkes – Canyon Lake, TX
  • Justin and Carolina Barber – New Braunfels, TX
  • James and Tracy McAdoo – Spring Branch, TX

Fall Workday

by Mike Samulin, LCYC Commodore

Well, we had a great turnout for our fall workday.  Here are the projects that we had scheduled:

  • Repaint all yellow marks on road/driveway, – project complete
  • Paint damaged yellow rail on boat ramp – project complete
  • Assist Lancine & Vivian in clubhouse painting the clubhouse chairs – project complete
  • Cut & stack firewood around burn area – project complete
  • Paint picnic tables and uprights at picnic areas – project complete
  • Trench & install conduit for new power cord to gate – project complete
  • Any youth or Boy Scouts to pull weeds on C & D docks – project mostly done, they will continue on this during their camp out this weekend (there were lots of weeds).
  • Rent a chipper to knock down some of those brush piles – project complete.


As you can see – virtually all work was completed.

A very special thank you to Julian, Ed and Rashad for their work, and to Travis Mitchell for his work on this.

I do not have the complete list of names of those who volunteered, but I want to thank every one of them for a hard day’s work.  The club looks GREAT! Also, double thanks to Vivian and Lancine for having a light breakfast ready, working all morning on the chairs, then providing lunch for the work crew.  You guys are magnificent!

Youth Sailing – An LCYC Family’s Perspective

by Travis Mitchell, LCYC Member

TSA’s Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta is a wrap for 2019. Despite the long haul up IH35 to Dallas and no way around the road construction of Purgatory, otherwise known as Waco, the turnout of 70 boats for this event was fantastic! The break down included 22 red, white and blue Optimist, 25 green Optimist, 5 Laser 4.7, 9 Laser Radial, 4 Laser Full, and 5 C420’s.

Being our first time on Lake Lewisville we were immediately impressed with the wide open spaces of DCYC dressed with grassy knolls, a two story club house boasting beautiful views of the Lake with a near beach entry adjacent to the marina slips and boat ramp. With plenty of room to spread out about half the competitors decided to camp in RV’s and tents for the weekend. We were pleasantly greeted by DCYC staff dressed in full pirate garb the moment we arrived. With a warm welcome were shown the lay of the land and quickly understood this was a laid back club with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Closer to LCYC, this was more of a shorts and T-shirt type of club than slacks and ties so we felt right at home. After launching our RIB and dropping off Ryan’s Opti we headed back to the hotel for the evening.

Saturday morning was a brisk change from the 90 degree temps we left behind in New Braunfels. With temps in the upper 30’s we felt a bit under dressed and unprepared for Winter! The morning breakfast and skippers meeting preceded the announcement we all felt was coming. “No wind postponement”. Just below the draping flags the kids gathered to play volleyball on the grassy court. Kids played football, Frisbee, skipped rocks on the lake, we even saw kites in the air. There was no shortage of activities to pass the time while the wind filled in and the temperature came up.

By 2:00 PM on Saturday the wind slowly started to fill in, enough that some kids decided to go out sailing. I encouraged Ryan and a couple of his Opti buddies to get in their boats and tool around on the water.  As they were launching the horn sounded and the postponement flag was lowered. The Veteran team of race committee volunteers quickly raced out to set up the course just as all the competitors were launching. I have to give huge compliments to the Optimist green fleet race committee as they were clearly experts in anchoring their 30 foot sail boat and dropping in marks with precision and speed. It was clear this team had worked together before and knew exactly where to be and how to do their jobs.

With low five to six mile per hour wind with random puffs and lulls it was like being back home on Canyon Lake. This is Ryan’s kind of wind and he showed the field who’s boss pulling off three bullets in the only three races of the afternoon. Unlike a green fleet typical starting sequence Ryan decided to hover in safety position near the pin end of the line and closely watch traffic and the perfect opportunity to flip to starboard and head for the weather mark.  We were so proud of him and how far he’s come in just under a year in the sport.

Day two was pushed up one hour to a 9:00 AM start time in hopes to fill the day with more racing. With a steady blow of 15 MPH with occasional gusts to 20 the conditions were prime for exciting and competitive racing!Yuval Sela from Austin Yacht Club was the overall Optimist green winner two weeks prior in Ft. Worth so she had a close eye on Ryan to redeem herself and regain the winning spot.With five ra ces on Sunday, Yuval and Ryan battled back and forth for position leaving the rest of the fleet in their tracks. In one particular race they fought so hard beating back and forth up wind they actually had a port and starboard collision.Pulling off a 4, 6, 2, 1, and his throw out race Ryan scored an overall 16 point, just one point behind the winner, Yuval Sela with 15 points. Third place was as far back as 27 points so it was clearly the Ryan and Yuval battle of the weekend. Donna and I are so proud of Ryan’s accomplishments, but he’s still disappointed he was so close to first place and missed it by a point.

We have to give major props to DCYC for a hosting a well-organized regatta. They were prepared for wind postponement and prepared to race when the time came. With well thought out and prepared meals and snacks the kitchen staff did wonders. The race committee and hosts were all top notch and on their A-game through the whole event. The facility was prepared for the large crowd and was impressive in every way. The awards ceremony included everyone that participated and helped and gave everyone a safe and satisfied send off back to their homes. I heard one comment several times over the weekend that stuck with me. When people found out we were from Canyon Lake they all said the same thing. “We love that lake, it’s so pretty and the water is so clear!”  Yes it is!


The TSA 2019 year is coming to an end with only one regatta left in Corpus Christi. The Corpus regatta was Ryan’s fist time to race just one year ago. We have to give major credit to Chris and Debbie Fogle that took Ryan under their wing and not only taught Ryan to sail but how to compete at a regatta level with many other talented young racers. This sport teaches many things other than sailing to include self-reliance, discipline, strategy, respect for the environment and good sportsmanship.

Youth sailing at LCYC this year has been in what I might describe as “unfortunate limbo” with little or no sailing activities, practice or racing clinics. In effort to overcome the current LCYC malaise, the club has brought in an outside Optimist coach from Brazil for occasional practice and clinics for new sailors in hopes to build the Opti green fleet at LCYC. Catching a few new kids on the hook has been fun and satisfying and hopefully they will return next Spring, however, these “learn to sail” classes did nothing to broaden Ryan’s skills or techniques.

So we decided in early September to enroll Ryan in the Opti 3 classes at Austin Yacht Club and have him compete under the AYC/LCYC burgee. With regular Wednesday night and Saturday team practices by an on-staff coach Ryan quickly upped his skill set in a competitive group of kids that love to race.  Opti 3 mixes the green fleet racers and red, white and blue racers together so sailing up against older and better kids made Ryan that much better.  Austin coach Gal Sela is the father of Yuval Sela, Ryan’s new sparring partner. It’s great to see these kids with so much spirit go against each other at each regatta.

Traveling to other yacht clubs around Texas throughout 2019 it’s clear that those with a focused youth program and sailing team have one common denominator that make them work. With no shortage of kids that want to sail, these clubs have a sailing director and paid coach or coaches on staff to provide the club a consistent and yearlong schedule and itinerary of weekly practice, clinics and regatta coaching and full support of the yacht club.  There are so many examples of clubs, big and small, that have put youth sailing as a top priority for their club.

I hope that 2020 can spark the needed changes at LCYC that will enable Ryan to come back to his home lake to practice with a fleet of enthusiastic boys and girls. The Optimist green fleet is where it all starts as these kids are the seeds that sprout into sailors that move on to red, white and blue, Laser and beyond-including crewing and skippering in club races.

Next year Ryan will move up to white fleet for half the year before his birthday bumps him to blue. Hopefully by time he moves to Laser, LCYC sailor Caleb Fogle will still be sailing and these guys can compete together!

LCYC is such a great venue and has the resources to be much more than just the host of an annual youth regatta our TSA “Spring Fling”. There’s no reason LCYC can’t have a full-on team of youth sailors to sport the LCYC logo on their team shirts while traveling around Texas and showing the state who has the best sailing team! Youth sailing at Canyon Lake can be great again, it only needs club wide commitment from the members and the BOG to be to do what it takes to make it happen.

Adaptive Sailing

by Bill McVey

This Saturday completed the 14th year of our Adaptive Sailing program. Each outing requires about 20-22 sailors helping by taking guests out on the water, and another 3-4 providing a nice lunch for guests and volunteers before going out. There are several members who have been helping out ever since that first year. and a large number who have helped in at least half of the 42 outings!  Another wonderful fact is that each year we keep getting first-time members joining in. I wanted to highlight these numbers so you might appreciate better the contribution these folks have made to the joy this program has provided to our approximately 1,050 guests!

As for our 9-28 outing, it  began with the wonderful lunch provided by Joe Lonna O’Brien, Brigitte Hill, Mary Lindsey, and Sue Radley, to all 33 guests plus many volunteers, and followed with 2-2-1/2 hours of great sailing provided by our 22 skippers and crews using 10 boats.

The 30 who went sailing especially had some memories they will cherish for a long time! The sun was out, and the breeze was up, though it came and went…from 5-15mph..

We had five small children, 2 blind adults, and 6 or 7 in wheelchairs this time. The kids, under close supervision, had a ball climbing all over the boats. At first, they wanted to steer, but quickly lost interest when they learned they couldn’t keep spinning the wheel from one stop to the other! One of the blind adults  asked if he could steer. With very little coaching on reacting to the increase or decrease heel of the boat developed a pretty good feel for keeping the boat on the wind and helmed for 7-8 minutes with just a little assist! I’m certain the other blind man and his teen age son who sailed on Jay Pokorski’s Viper 640 (which they requested!) are still telling stories about their wild and wet ride!

At least 7 of our guests have been here several times before, and from comments heard Saturday, some first-timers plan to return as well, which is a great “testimonial” to the feeling we hope they will all leave with! We get many thank you’s to LCYC and our members for allowing them this opportunity. Please join me in thanking these members, in addition to those named above for helping make this a great day for our guests: Jay Pokorski, Cat Benhoff, Chuck Begley, Elizabeth Grahamann, Eli Spurlock, Terry Tomko, Dave Sanford, Harold Simmons, David Shane, Rocky Hill, Joe McDonough, Jim Ritchie, Erik Siegel, Leslie Heath, Cici Pravel, Pete Macler, Chris Copeland, Jerry Anderson Bog Godlewski,, and Bruce Dunn.




Port Captains

by Lancine Justin and Vivian Miller, co-Port Captains

On September 21, new member orientation was held, followed by the annual “Grill Your Own Steak/(Protein of your choice) event starting at 5:30.  Members brought their main course to be grilled and  the club furnished potatoes, salad, drinks and dessert.  The LCYC hosting team – Port Captains, Ann & Bill Cook, Margaret McGill and Phil May orchestrated a fun evening to wrap up the summer social season!

The weekend of October 12-13 marked the end of the fall keelboat and boardboat race season with awards dinners for over 60 race participants at the clubhouse.

The October 13 Commodore’s breakfast was hosted by the Taddia Family, who provided a delicious buffet of Buttermilk Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Butter, Gluten Free Pancakes, Country Stuffed Eggs with Gravy, Thick Sliced Hickory Bacon, Sausage Links, Banana/Walnut Steel Cut Oatmeal, Strawberries and Blueberries,Coffee, Orange Juice, and Mimosas.  Georgina Taddia set the tone with festive fall leaves and table decor.  Thank you for a delicious and memorable meal!

Club food and drink – your port captains try to manage club resources wisely by using the RSVP system to estimate attendees and the amount of food that will be needed.  However, there have been several recent episodes where club food or drink has been used inappropriately, or where to-go plates have resulted in food not being available for members arriving at the end of the serving period.

So, please note that LCYC food and drink are for LCYC events on the LCYC property ONLY. Private events must provide ALL of their own food and drink.  Also, to be considerate of your fellow members and to avoid a discussion with a port captain, please do not prepare takeout plates.

Although there is great turnout for social events, there is a limited group of selfless volunteers who plan, purchase, cook and clean up.  Volunteers are the key to having a full social schedule at a bargain price!  If you can host or work at any event, let us know at or call Vivian at 512-289-8077 or Lancine at 951-427-0806.  We are in need of hosts and a kitchen crew for the December 6 Merrie Olde Christmas Party.

Are you a new – or newish – member? Volunteering at our social events gets you into the thick of things and gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other members.   The social season winds up in December with the Merrie Olde Christmas Party – consider volunteering for this fun event.  Contact Arnie Wilenken, our volunteer coordinator, to explore all the options!

Upcoming Social Events

  • December 6 – Merrie Olde Christmas Party at the Clubhouse – Volunteer NOW!!
  • December 7 – Annual Meeting (more information to follow)
  • December 14 – Commodore’s Grog
  • December 15 – Commodore’s Breakfast – hosted by the outgoing board members

Report from the Office

by Renee Kizziar, Treasurer

Our Office Administrator, Carolyn Cole, has served the Club for more than 30 years. Long-term employees have significant insight into both their position and the Club in general. During the 2017 transition of Property Manager, Josef Scherm, who worked with the Club for 14 years, the Club became aware of impact that the loss of this long-term insight had to our operation. Also, over these years, the Club Administrator’s job has become more time consuming; during seasonal swings in the Club’s activities the Administrator works overtime. Besides that, in November and December our monthly deadlines occur at an awkward time compared to the traditional holiday calendar.

With this in mind, in late 2018 the Board of Governors discussed adding a part-time administrative position. The plan was to train a person to cross-train and eventually assume the book keeping functions currently performed by the Administrator. During the early months of 2019, the Board considered out-sourcing these functions. After reviewing the responsibilities involved, some of the firms who considered proposing for this function suggested that the tasks would be more cost effectively performed for the Club by hiring a part-time employee. This process re-affirmed the conclusion of the Board’s previous discussions.

Many volunteers were involved in this candidate search. This position was advertised within the Club and in the New Braunfels newspaper. By mid-August, the Club has 44 candidates to consider. The initial decision was made to consider only individuals already experienced with the Club’s book keeping software. A committee then reviewed information submitted by each of the remaining candidates. From this pool, the committee selected 6 candidates for interviews. At the conclusion of the interviews, two candidates were so outstanding that the unanimous decision of the committee was to offer both candidates part time positions. Besides the book keeping tasks which were already the focus of the search, other administrative responsibilities were identified for these new employees.

The Club has hired two part time administrative employees. Please welcome Tiffany Hodge and Maggie Carty to the Club. They began work on October 7. Both have been busy meeting other employees and officers of the club, becoming familiar with the Club’s structure and rules, and identifying tasks that need immediate attention. A plan for transitioning book keeping is being developed.

Both Tiffany and Maggie live near Canyon Lake. They both still have children at home. The part time, home based positions were attractive to both of them. Each has committed to work on a Saturday during Wurstfest so that they can meet members and become connected to the spirit of our Club.

Carolyn remains our Club Administrator. She will continue to be the primary contact for members and for inquiries. As the transition proceeds she will be able to work a reduced schedule. This change will allow her to take time to pay attention to other family and personal matters. The Club will, though, still benefit from her historical perspective and experience with the expectations of our members.

Please welcome Tiffany and Maggie. Continue to appreciate Carolyn as she continues to contribute to LCYC.

Nominees for 2020 Vice-Commodore and Board of Governors

by Jim Kizziar, Nominations Committee

The LCYC Nominations Committee considered many qualified members for the 2020 Vice-Commodore and Board of Governors positions.  The nominations submitted by the Committee were unanimously approved by the LCYC Board of Governors and are recommended to the membership for election at the December 7, 2019, Annual Meeting.

Nominee for LCYC Vice-Commodore


Scott currently serves on the Board of Governors. He is so dedicated to LCYC that he joined twice; his previous membership, from 1996 to 2001 ended with the birth of his third child. With all their children now grown, he and his wife, Beth, are now able to spend more time at the Club.

Scott grew up sailing in Florida. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1981 to 1987, before graduating from the University of Florida with an engineering degree. Since 2011 he has been with Alderson and Associates in San Antonio.

The Wells own three boats. He was Flying Scott Fleet Captain from 2014 to 2018. Beth is leading the 2019 Wurstfest Raffle.

Nominees for LCYC Board of Governors


Chuck and his wife, Laurie, have enjoyed LCYC from afar for many years. He crewed with his father-in-law, Henry McGill, for many years. He’s also served on many race and protest committees, as well as assisting with social functions and work days.

Since retiring and relocating to Canyon Lake full time, Chuck has acquired his own keel and board boats. He facilitates informal racing practices among board boats. This year Chuck is co-chairing the on-the-water committee for Wurstfest.


Bog began sailing during college in Poland. He and his wife, Maria, moved to this side of the Atlantic for his residency in Internal Medicine, then a fellowship in cardiology in Detroit. From 1975 until 2001 he practiced invasive and general cardiology in Houston.

After retiring in 2012, Bog returned to sailing on a Capri 16 then a Capri 22. He also sails with other club members, including our former Property Manager, Josef Scherm. He participates in annual work days, assists with dock construction projects and is involved with the LCYC adaptive sailing program.


Carolyn recently joined the Board of Governors, completing the 2018 – 2019 unexpired term of another member. Her dedication to the Club and to participating in the affairs of the Club led the Nominating Committee to ask her to serve her own two year term.

For years Carolyn has been a faithful, hard-working galley team member. She also regularly attended Board of Governor meetings so that she could understand and participate in Club management. Besides assisting with events, she has co-hosted two of our regular events for more than 4 years. She also assists with LCYC’s adaptive sailing program.


Joe began racing Prindles during college in Dallas. He competed in the Prindle fleet’s nationals in 1983. His chartering of boats around the U.S. has resulted in some exciting storm experiences. An experienced racer on smaller boats – laser 16, Raider 16 and Hobie 16 – he now races his Hunter 340 at LCYC. When in town and not racing, he volunteers with our Club’s TSA regatta and other regattas.

Now he and his wife, Lori, have four boats. Recently he has hosted scouting troops working toward their sailing merit badges. Two of the scouts from the Boy Scout troop he mastered from 2003 – 2012 graduated from West Point.

Professionally Joe uses his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Texas Tech to develop chemical agents and related antidotes for commercial clients and for the U.S. Department of Defense and Health and Human Services. He currently also serves with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Series & Event Racing

by Rick Mella, Rear Commodore of Sail

2019 Fall Series Regattas

My special thanks to Randle Moore, Jake Mathis, Fred Lindsey & family for stepping up and running the September Fall Series regattas.  Also, a shout out goes for our GREAT Port Captains in working so hard with supporting dinners during the Awards presentation at the end of our condensed Fall Series racing.

RC Volunteers also deserve a run of applause for their hard work in putting race weekends together for all the sailors to enjoy and experience very competitive sailing.


Craig Berleme Preparing for the Next Win; Chuck Begley Wins Portsmouth 1st Place

Keel Boat Series Standings

  • J-22
    • First Place:          Keith Zars                            Baby Lips                           5 pts
    • Second Place:    Bruce Dunn                        Alyssa Rose                         9 pts
    • Third Place:         Lynn Simpson                    Bling                                   10 pts
  • PHRF Spin
    • First Place:          Phillip Davis                        Shiraz                                  8 pts
    • Second Place:    Debora Fogle                     Skeeter                                  9 pts
    • Third Place:         James Pokorski                 Haulin’ Asp                         10 pts
  • PHRF Non-Spin A
    • First Place:          Daniel Quinn                      Judy Lynn                            2 pts
  • PHRF Non-Spin B
    • First Place:          Jack Mogab                        Pura Vida                             4 pts
    • Second Place:    Peter Macier                      Somewhere                           7 pts
    • Third Place:         Robin Engel                        Havin’ Fun                          11 pts
  • Big Boats
    • First Place:          Bill Clark                               Cascabel                             4 pts
    • Second Place:    John Ruiz                             Wind Chime                       9 pts
  • Multi-Hull
    • First Place:          Drew Riddle                        SOAH                                    6 pts

Sunday’s Fall Series Board Boat sailing got underway with warm sunny skies and temperatures hovering in the mid 90’s, and light wind conditions.  Four races were scheduled to compensate for the condensed series race schedule.

Board Boat Series Standings

  • Flying Scot
    • First Place:          Keith Zars                            Freezer                                8 pts
    • Second Place:    Chris Powers                      The Full Catastrophe         12 pts
    • Third Place:         Doug Shepard                   5967                                      16 pts
  • Sunfish
    • First Place:          Allen Borden                      78773                                    7 pts
    • Second Place:    Dave Sanford                     8                                              15 pts
  • Laser
    • First Place:          Caleb Fogle                         186109                                 10 pts
    • Second Place:    Chris Fogle                          91012                                    11 pts
  • Portsmouth
    • First Place:          Chuck Begley                     2120                                       9 pts
    • Second Place:    Travis Grahmann              Julie                                       10 pts

Next on the agenda are Wurstfest weekends (Nov 2nd & 3rd Board Boats) and (Nov 9th & 10th – Keel Boats).  Also, the Annual Meeting set for Saturday, December 7th, 2019.

Finally, planning is underway for the next Winter Series beginning on December 14th, Keel Boats and December 15th for Board Boats.  For this three month racing series running from Dec 2019 to February 2020, changes will be implemented to entice more sailors to participate in the winter series regattas

TSA Update

by Chris Fogle, LCYC TSA Representative

October saw Canyon Lake sailors once again excelling on the TSA Youth Circuit!

The month’s racing began with the “Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta” on Lake Lewisville near Dallas on October 12th-13th. Winds were extremely light on the first day, and racing was held up waiting for things to fill in.

At the end of the first day, LCYC/AYC sailor Ryan Mitchell was at the top of the leader board after notching three bullets in the three races held in the Opti Green fleet! Day #2 saw the winds return, and the Opti Green fleet got in five more races. Ryan continued to do well throughout the day, including another win in race #7.  He finished the regatta with four bullets out of eight races – giving him the second-best record for Opti Green fleet – only one point out of the top spot!

We are so proud of Ryan as he prepares for the end-of-the-season regatta at Corpus Christi YC in a couple weeks.  Please congratulate Ryan for a great performance!


Caleb relaxes, waiting for the wind to fill in at the Palacios regatta…..and then tackling the wind

Over the weekend of October 19th-20th, two Canyon Lake sailors competed at the “Cannonball Run” Regatta at Palacios, Texas. Winds were light – delaying the start of both days. However, they eventually filled in each day, and when they did it brought light chop and heavy gusts, typical of our coastal regattas.

LCYC sailor Caleb Fogle competed once again in the Laser Radial class and finished in 6th place overall.  He had very consistent finishes over the 7 races held in a very competitive class.

Dylan Tomko, LYC, competed in the Opti RWB fleet.  His win in race #5 helped propel him to win the Opti White division and a 5th place overall in the Opti RWB combined fleet.

Congratulations to both Dylan and Caleb for their awesome performances!

The final TSA Youth Circuit regatta will be held November 9th-10th at Corpus Christi Yacht Club. This year, three Canyon Lake sailors will be recognized for completing the Circuit in 2019:  Caleb Fogle, LCYC, will complete his 5th Circuit; Dylan Tomko, LYC, will complete his 2nd Circuit; and Ryan Mitchell, LCY/AYC, will complete his 1st Circuit.

In other racing news, Caleb Fogle won the LCYC Fall Series in the Laser class. He notched 4 wins in 8 races to snare the top award for the series.  Congratulations, Caleb!

Please continue to SAVE THE DATE for our TSA Youth Regatta in 2020.  We have submitted March 21st-22nd as a placeholder to TSA.  The dates will still need to be approved by LCYC’s Board and the TSA leadership. Please mark your calendars to help with this great volunteer opportunity!

See you on the water!!

2019 TSA Youth Sailing Circuit Regattas

9-10 Nov Changes in L’Attitude / End of Year Regatta Corpus Christi YC

LCYC Personnel

Commodore – Mike Samulin Treasurer – Renee Kizziar
Vice Commodore – Elizabeth Bentzen Port Co-Captains – Lancine Justin, Vivian Miller
Rear Commodore – Phil Crane Rear Commodore for Sail – Rick Mella
Secretary – Mindy Rogers

Board of Governors
2018 – 2019
Ann Cook Carolyn Harris
Glen Graham Carolyn Popp
2019 – 2020
Debbie Fogle Ed Miller
Bubba Harris Scott Wells
Jean Junker

Committee Chairs
Adaptive Sailing – Bill McVey Membership – Jim Garity
Adult Sail Training – Mike Stellato Nominations – Jim Kizziar
Audit Committee – Rick Cioppa Personnel – Glen Graham
Budget Committee – Laurie McGill PHRF – Jim Garity
Cabana Owners – Rick Walker Safety – Pete Macler
Corps of Engineers – Pete Macler Slip Utilization – Steve Edlund
Docks & Grounds – Travis Mitchell TSA Rep – Chris Fogle
Emergency Task Force – Julian Craven Vice Docks and Grounds – TBD
Lifetime Achievement – Sandra Lindsey Wurstfest Regatta – Elizabeth Bentzen
Long Range Planning – Marvin Arnold, Ed Miller Youth Sailing – Vacant

Club Administrator – Carolyn Cole Staff – Michael Vocke, Rashad Williams
Property Manager – Julian Craven Ditty Bag – Bill Cook
Docks & Grounds – Edward Ward Website – Kathy Leubner

























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