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October 2019

Commodore’s Report    |    New Members    |    Wurstfest Regatta    |    LCYC 50 Year Vision    |    Race Committee Volunteers    | Series & Event Racing     |    TSA Update   |    Port Captains  |    Texas 200    |    LCYC Personnel

Commodore’s Report

by Mike Samulin, LCYC Commodore

Well, October is here – where has this year gone?  The Sew-Mad Regatta was a great success as well as the Labor Day picnic and distance race.  There were 20+ boats in the Labor Day race and over 150 lunch plates were served.  We have our new member orientation on Sept. 21 along with our Cook Your Own Steak Dinner (CYOSD).  Winds were iffy and it was hot.  By the way – and just for the record – you can try and blame the Commodore for the heat and the lack of wind at some of these events – but I guarantee you that controlling Mother Nature is WAY above my pay grade.  It is humorous though…

Get ready for a very busy fall – while October looks pretty quiet except for the fall work day on Oct. 19 and our regular races, the weather should be great for some fantastic sailing – hopefully with the hot days behind us (and if there are hot days see above note).  November, on the other hand, is very busy with the Wurstfest Regatta happening on the first two weekends of the month.  Elizabeth is busy preparing for this huge event, so please contact her if you can lend a hand in any way.  It takes a huge number of volunteers to make the Wurstfest Regatta happen and your help is appreciated.

A note about the gate – it is fixed.  We had a lot of obstacles and gremlins to work out, but it seems to be working just fine.  A note though – keep right when exiting to trip the in-ground detector to open the gate, otherwise you will be sitting there for a while…

Even though the lagoon is now even larger after moving “A” dock, please remember that this is the area where small boat training happens for the youth sailing program and open sail days.  Be careful when docking your boats in this area (between A and B docks).  Also, PLEASE do NOT block the youth sailing dock and sunfish docks – we have had a few boats tie up and block access to the water for these boats.

We are still having a few folks who, when launching their boats, use their trailer tongue extensions from the top of the hill.  Please do not do this as it creates a higher chance of trailers disengaging from the vehicle and rolling down the ramp uncontrolled.  The proper protocol is to extend the trailer tongue at the BOTTOM of the ramp.  Please follow the rules and help keep our ramp safe.

We have had a few complaints about folks who try and access the beer tap during non-scheduled events, and folks who are raiding the refrigerators and taking food that does not belong to them.  The keg is for official LCYC events – not for your private consumption, and the same goes for food in the LCYC refrigerators, so PLEASE respect the rules and the property of others…

And now a word about RSVPs for events:  All too often lately we have had more attendees than those who sent in an RSVP.  We always welcome everyone who wants to attend these events, but the volunteer galley staff typically only prepares for the RSVP list plus about 15 to 20% more.  If you are sending in an RSVP for events that involve racing – remember to include your crew in the RSVP.  Otherwise there may not be enough food for everyone, and we really don’t want that to happen.  Nor do we want to be wasteful and prepare more food than necessary.  RSVPs are very important to the planning of every event at LCYC – PLEASE RSVP accordingly.  Additionally please take only what YOU can eat when going through the line.  Do not take “to go” dishes for others – at least until you ask the galley crew after everyone has been served.

And speaking of all of the LCYC events – have you noticed that many times you see the same faces in the galley or on the race committee boats at these events.  If you have noticed that – it means that the same folks are always volunteering for these events – and they deserve a break!  Please step up and volunteer your services for an event or two.  A day in the galley is not that terrible – and is usually quite fun when working with other club members.  And, any day on the water, even on a committee boat, is better than a day at work.  So, please volunteer and help out the “regular” volunteers so they can have a break.

See you at the club….

As usual, here is another picture from one of our sailing trips. This is HAPPY ISLAND – just off of Union Island which is part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  This island was made from conch shells cemented together.  The owner uses solar and wind energy to run the bar and kitchen. They have great rum punch drinks.   It is only accessible by dingy.  I think I need a rum punch….

Happy Island, BVI courtesy Mike Samulin

Welcome New Members

  • Jennalie and Sean Lyons – San Antonio, TX
  • Tyson Templin – New Braunfels, TX
  • Van Templin – New Braunfels, TX

LCYC Sunset courtesy Bill Cook

Wurstfest Regatta

by Elizabeth Bentzen, Wurstfest Regatta Chair

It is hard to believe with the triple digit heat that fall is right around the corner. Along with the – hopefully – cooler weather it brings the Wurstfest Regatta! This will be the 51st year that LCYC has hosted this spectacular event. The Wurstfest Regatta continues to grow each year, bringing competitors from all over the country. The Regatta is an event of the Wurstfest festival in New Braunfels held November 1- 10.

Wurstfest Regatta Dates

  • Wurstfest I  – November 1-3             Boardboats & Centerboards
  • Wurstfest II – November 8-10          Keelboats, Trimarans & Catamarans

The 2019 Wurstfest Regatta Chairs

  • On the Water – Ray Leubner & Chuck Begley
  • Galley – Mindy Rogers
  • Publicity – Kathy Leubner
  • Registration – Laurie McGill
  • Launch/Ramp – Jean Junker
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Carolyn Popp
  • WF Raffle – Beth Wells


The WF chairs are busy organizing and planning this fantastic event. We could not do it without all of the wonderful volunteers. The chairs are looking for volunteers from the LCYC membership to help fill positions. Volunteering is great way the meet LCYC members and other sailors, learn more LCYC and enjoy the event. Please consider volunteering!

We are also looking for sponsors and items for the raffle. If you have any questions about the event, volunteering or want to be a sponsor and/or donate raffle items contact me at

I am looking forward to working with everyone and having a fabulous Wurstfest Regatta!

LCYC – For the Next 50 Years!

by Debbie Fogle, Board Member

A little more than a year ago, LCYC members took a survey to determine some key data points about our members, and to solicit ideas for the future. Fast forward to today – your inputs and observations about the current state of our sport has led the current LCYC Board to approve the following recommended Vision Statement and Goals:


We strive to be one of the best family-friendly and preferred sailing yacht clubs in Texas. As sailors, we are environmentally responsible and the best stewards of our Canyon Lake home-waters. As ambassadors of our sport, we thrive on a spirit of competition, enjoy the relaxation of cruising, and mix fun with excellence in all we do. We expand access to the sport of sailing in innovative and inclusive ways. We are second-to-none in seamanship, comradery, respect, and willingness to serve our Club and the communities in which we live.


  1. Continue to govern and manage the Club in a manner that is fiscally responsible, evolves with current technology and trends, and focused on the vision and goals of the Club.
  2. Maintain a membership which is vetted and demonstrates an interest in sailing and related activities; and works with other organizations to increase the community’s exposure to the sport of sailing.
  3. Maintain a Board-led continuous strategic planning process ensuring membership and management involvement that best meets the vision.
  4. Maintain a marina and grounds that meets the Club’s needs for storing member boats, hosting regattas, and promoting its sailing skills development programs.
  5. Promote a clean and vibrant Canyon Lake natural ecosystem using sustainable practices in our events and facilities; avoiding significant adverse impacts as a result of our activities; and fostering close cooperation with the Army Corps of Engineers as responsible stewards of the lake.
  6. Increase the number of opportunities members have for addressing concerns and ideas in a focused, timely, and transparent manner.
  7. Promote Club-wide volunteerism, regular rotation of event and program leadership, and maintain easy access to corporate knowledge.
  8. Promote and increase opportunities for members to improve their skills in sailing, seamanship, racing, and boat maintenance.
  9. Establish and nurture collaborative relationships with other Texas Sailing Association (TSA) member clubs.
  10. Promote LCYC leadership in regional and national regattas.
  11. Encourage and support active member participation in Club sailing and social events.

So… now what!?  It’s time once again to plan and budget for activities which will help us meet our goals. If you have suggestions for how we can achieve these goals or program suggestions – please contact the appropriate program lead, or send your ideas to Board Member Debbie Fogle via email,

Our club has a rich heritage of volunteerism, social activities, and competition. With your help, we can continue the tradition for the next 50 years!




Port Captains

by Lancine Justin and Vivian Miller, co-Port Captains

Thanks to everyone who attended the Labor Day celebration and brought all those delicious desserts and salads!  We also loved Vivian’s wonderful beef brisket!

The LCYC Steak Dinner was a big hit capping a nice day for sailing. This was a participatory cooking event, with members supplying and grilling their own steak, fish, crustacean and fowl. Everyone demonstrated exceptional grilling skills, and poaching was kept to a minimum! Event hosts were Bill & Ann Cook, assisted by Margaret McGill, Phil May, Lancine Justin and George Kerr.

Sailing the Texas 200

by Steve Fleming, LCYC Member

The Texas 200 started June 10th, starting line was Port Mansfield, and ended four days later.  Participants camped along the way. The event is more of a raid, with entries sailing a variety of boats, some homemade.  We sailed in a 1985 MacGregor 22 with retractable keel.  A number of LCYC club members helped me get familiar with the boat before I sailed it and had lots of good advice. A full description of the race event can be found here:

This year was the 12th year of the race.  This year had the lowest number of finishers, about 10, out of approximately 86 boats that registered.  This was due to the freak weather system that made the normally ideal gulf winds blow from the west, north, northwest and east nearly the entire week.  Having a retractable keel and ability to sail in shallow water is nearly a must since the race goes from Port Mansfield to Magnolia Beach, cutting through the many bays along the way. Many days we were forced to motor-sail, covering about 35 to 40 miles a day with the soft hum of our 4 hp Tohatsu in our ears. While sailing portions of the ICW we passed a number of large barges. The channel buoys of the ICW were kept in sight much of the trip even while skirting out into the bays. Along the way dolphins frequently surfaced to give us a look-over.  Many within touching distance, if one was inclined to do so.  We stopped hallway through the trip to eat in Corpus Christi at Snoopy’ s restaurant on the ICW.  Several other sailors took a break from the heat also and we compared notes, routing strategies and sunburns. As is the case every year, stories of mishaps enfolded among the attendees.  This year a man was rattlesnake bitten at one of the camps. His condition was complicated by waiting to seek care.  He was eventually taken by the Coast Guard to a hospital in Victoria and recovered fully.  In another event, a camper emerged from his tent in the morning to find his boat missing.  It was later located by the Coast Guard having drifted some miles away.  A number of other boats, some homemade, suffered snapped masts, or other mechanical failures. Two strong storms blew across the gulf during the event, contributing to the excitement.  To add to my own personnel adventure I got stuck at least three times along the ICW by simply letting my boat drift outside the ICW channel.  Luckily it was just mud, the retractable keel made for an easy escape but other boats had to implement more elaborate escape strategies.  If a week on the water and heat wasn’t enough excitement, halfway home to San Antonio one of my trailer bearings went out.  As a result, the Kennedy Public library parking lot briefly served as my dry-dock until I got someone out there to fix it.  And the Kennedy Police were very accommodating.

Overall it was a fun trip and the camping locations were scenic.  I highly recommend it.


Courtesy Steve Fleming

Race Committee Volunteers

by Arnie Wilenken, Volunteer Coordinator

We’re in critical need for volunteer support aboard both the Committee Boat and Chase Boat for our upcoming Fall Series Keelboat and Board Boat races on October 12th and 13th.  This is an awesome opportunity to observe these races and at the same time assist our Race Committee!  Committee Boat help involves observers to assist the PRO with contestant check-in’s, race starts and finishes.  What we’re looking for are two people to assist aboard the Committee Boat on Saturday and two people on Sunday.  For the Chase Boat, we’ll someone with powerboat skipper skills to operate the Chase Boat and Crew (one or two others) to help with deploying the race marks, on Saturday, and the same for Sunday, at the direction of the Race PRO.  While we have a need for these volunteer positions on both days, hopefully we’ll have enough volunteers so you’ll only need to cover one day.  If you’re interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact either Arnie Wilenken, Volunteer Coordinator at or Rick Mella at

Series & Event Racing

by Rick Mella, Rear Commodore for of Sail

Series Racing

The start of Fall Series Regatta Weekend kicked underway with a beautiful summer day for each Keel and Board boat races. My special thanks to acting Principle Race Officers covering for the start of our Fall Series races and taking the helm were Randle Moore, Jake Mathis & Fred Lindsey as well as the volunteers supporting these events. From PRO Randle Moore:

“Saturday, September 14th brought beautiful weather and a lot of keelboats to race. Five fleets – J/22, PHRF Spin, Multihull, Big Boat, and PHRF Non-Spin B. All together, 25 boats.  A significant wind shift prior to the first race put all boats on three consecutive W courses for the day. Wind shifts as great as 180 degrees generally favored everyone at some point in the day.

From my vantage point on the race committee boat, the greatest competitive fleet was the J/22 fleet. Race number 2 had almost a photo finish between Serendipity and Mule Mechanic. By just a few inches Mule Mechanic edged out Serendipity for 5th place. That was the closest finish of any fleet for the day. Race number 3, brought close-quarters competition at the start at the pin end of the line. Alyssa Rose, Baby Lips, and Catch 22 were all top contenders for the first 3 places in all races, so it was no surprise they were in heavy competition to cross the start line first. Started first they did, ahead of the start horn. The start horn blew followed by the air horn and the X flag. Alyssa Rose’s prompt return to the pre-course side allowed her to earn a third-place behind White Lightning and Bling.

Congratulations are in order for PHRF Spinnaker fleet for Hauling Asp in first and Canyon Wind in second, Non-spin B’s winners were Pura Vida in first and SOMEWHERE in second. Congratulations need to be given to Havin’ Fun, a Catalina 22, for her first place in the third race. BooYa! A big welcome is extended to Full Circle for her debut in club racing. In the Big Boat fleet, Cascabel grabbed three bullets, followed by Squid in second place in hot competition with Pearl of Great Value in third place. In the multihull fleet, SOAH took three bullets followed by Saturday Knight.”

Fall Keel Boat Series Results

  • J-22                               Bruce Dunn            1st
  • PHRF Spin                   James Pokorski     1st
  • PHRF Non-Spin          Steve Wilson           1st
  • Big Boats                      Bill Clark                  1st
  • Multi-Hull                    Drew Riddle            1st

Sunday’s Fall Series Board Boat sailing got underway with warm sunny skies and temperatures hovering in the mid 90’s, and light wind conditions.  Four races were scheduled to compensate for the condensed series race schedule.

Fall Board Boat Series Results

  • Flying Scot                Keith Zars                 1st
  • Sunfish                       Allen Borden            1st
  • Laser                          Caleb Fogle               1st
  • Portsmouth               Travis Grahmann    1st

The second fall series races with continue in October and terminate with Awards & Dinner.  Volunteers for Race Committee are still needed….

TSA Update

by Chris Fogle, LCYC TSA Representative

The month of September began with the “Rock the Rock Regatta” held at White Rock Lake in Dallas on September 7-8.  Canyon Lake sailor Dylan Tomko sailed to an impressive 1st Place finish in Optimist White Fleet, and a 3rd Place finish in the Optimist RWB Class. This was Dylan’s second podium finish in the Overall Class for the season. Congratulations Dylan!

At press time, our sailors will be wrapping up the “Jr. Ol’ Man of the Sea Regatta” hosted by the Ft. Worth Boat Club on September 28-29.  Stay tuned for race results in next month’s edition.

There are two TSA regattas in October – the “Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta” on Lake Lewisville near Dallas; and the rescheduled “Cannonball Run Regatta” at Palacios on the coast.

As I mentioned last month, please SAVE THE DATE for our TSA Youth Regatta in 2020.  We have submitted March 21st-22nd as a placeholder to TSA.  The dates will still need to be approved by LCYC’s Board and the TSA leadership. This date is a week later than our typical dates because of the US Optimist Dinghy Association’s Gulf Coast Championships which will be held the weekend prior at the Houston YC.  Please mark your calendars to help out with this great volunteer opportunity!

See you on the water!!

2019 TSA Youth Sailing Circuit Regattas

12-13 Oct Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta Dallas Corinthian YC, Lewisville TX
19 -20 Oct Cannonball Run Regatta (New Date) Palacios YC
9-10 Nov Changes in L’Attitude / End of Year Regatta Corpus Christi YC

LCYC Personnel

Commodore – Mike Samulin Treasurer – Renee Kizziar
Vice Commodore – Elizabeth Bentzen Port Co-Captains – Lancine Justin, Vivian Miller
Rear Commodore – Phil Crane Rear Commodore for Sail – Rick Mella
Secretary – Mindy Rogers

Board of Governors
2018 – 2019
Ann Cook Carolyn Harris
Glen Graham Carolyn Popp
2019 – 2020
Debbie Fogle Ed Miller
Bubba Harris Scott Wells
Jean Junker

Committee Chairs
Adaptive Sailing – Bill McVey Membership – Jim Garity
Adult Sail Training – Mike Stellato Nominations – Jim Kizziar
Audit Committee – Rick Cioppa Personnel – Glen Graham
Budget Committee – Laurie McGill PHRF – Jim Garity
Cabana Owners – Rick Walker Safety – Pete Macler
Corps of Engineers – Pete Macler Slip Utilization – Steve Edlund
Docks & Grounds – Travis Mitchell TSA Rep – Chris Fogle
Emergency Task Force – Julian Craven Vice Docks and Grounds – TBD
Lifetime Achievement – Sandra Lindsey Wurstfest Regatta – Elizabeth Bentzen
Long Range Planning – Marvin Arnold, Ed Miller Youth Sailing – Vacant

Club Administrator – Carolyn Cole Staff – Michael Vocke, Rashad Williams
Property Manager – Julian Craven Ditty Bag – Bill Cook
Docks & Grounds – Edward Ward Website – Kathy Leubner

























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