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LCYC Safety Resources

Safety is of primary importance at LCYC, whether on shore, while launching boats, in the marina or on the water.
The information and videos highlighted on this page are designed to insure the safety of our members and guests.

LCYC Ramp Launch Regulations

All tow vehicles and trailers entering LCYC property must meet or exceed the minimum limits of liability insurance as required by the Texas DPS.

No person shall remain on a vessel or trailer while in motion beyond the waters edge.

The Trailer’s Ball Coupler must be sized to the Ball being used and property adjusted to minimize play and to prevent popping off. Inspect the coupler and test it to ensure it is properly seated and attached. Use a Pin, Lock or Bolt to ensure that the Coupler locking leaver is secured. Ensure that the Ball is in good condition and properly bolted or attached to the Hitch.

Properly sized Safety chains or cables shall be securely attached while the vehicle/trailer is in motion until reaching the immediate waters edge launch area.

Wheel chocks must be used when trailers are parked (rocks do not qualify as proper chocks).



Launch Ramp Videos

Trailer Safety Checklist

We will ask every driver when they arrive at LCYC, to review and inspect the following checklist items:

  • Is there any surface rust on your trailer?
  • Do you have penetrating rust on your trailer?
  • Are any chain links stretched?
  • Is the chain welded or are any links damaged?
  • Any signs of wear, stress or chain drag?
  • The chain S-hook should have a safety latch.
  • Are you using Gated Clevis Hooks?
  • Is there an equal distance on either side of the tow bar?
  • Are chains Crossed with proper slack?
  • Are chains securely attached to the side or top of trailer?
  • Are they securely clipped to the vehicle frame?
  • Have you confirmed with your insurance agent that your tow vehicles, trailer and boat are
    all insured?
  • Make sure that during your travel to the club, your trailer, chains, and connections are undamaged and are still well connected.

It is particularly important that your trailer coupler and ball are tight and have no play

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