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September 2023

Commodore’s Report  |  New Members  |  Wurstfest Regatta  |  SEW-MAD Regatta    |   Series and Event Racing    |   Port Captains’ Report    |   Docks and Grounds Update   |   Treasurer’s Report

Commodore’s Report

by Anu Day, Commodore

Labor Day is a week away, so surely cooler temperatures are not too far behind. In the meantime, though, please remember to stay well hydrated. Whether you are on the super dock, hanging out on your boat, or out sailing, please carry plenty of water.

Lake levels continue to be low; please be cautious when you are on the water. Our Docks and Grounds staff monitor water levels in the marina closely. Let’s hope we get some rain soon.

New Member Orientation was held on August 13, following the Commodore’s Breakfast. We had 19 new members attend, together with several committee chairs, officers and BOG members. The session was informative and new members had several pertinent questions. A big thank you to all who attended.  Let us welcome our new members enthusiastically and help them in any way we can.

Mike Samulin has been working with our Docks and Grounds staff to ensure that we have adequate WiFi on our grounds. Mike provides us with equipment at cost and does not charge us for his services; please be sure and thank him when you get a chance.

Let’s stay healthy, stay safe, and get out on the water when we can. And remember:  “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Happy (and safe) sailing!!!

Welcome New Members

by Carolyn Cole, LCYC Admin

Igor Negovetic and Janice Leverett, San Antonio, TX

James and Theresa Gardner, San Antonio, TX

Daniel and Shirley Jones, Spring Branch, TX

Roy and Ashley Dory, San Antonio, TX

Wurstfest Regatta 2023

By Glen Graham 2023 Wurstfest Regatta Chair

As the 55th WFR approaches, preparations are well under way. We will be holding a raffle/silent auction on both weekends. Several members have already contributed items, and a big thank you goes out to those who have. If you have something you would like to contribute, please contact Pete Prados is now chair of the WFR sponsorship committee; if you or someone you know would like to be a sponsor for this event, please contact Pete at

As we are all aware, LCYC runs on “volunteer power”. WFR is our signature event and is well attended by sailors from around Texas and surrounding areas. This is our first full-fledged WFR in three years, and we are looking forward to hosting a grand event. This means we need a lot of help–on the water, in the kitchen, at registration, on the ramp, and the list goes on. Please consider when and where you will be able to assist. If you are unsure of what you can do to help, please contact me at

Committee chairs can also be contacted directly at: 






Here’s looking forward to a great event!!

September 23rd 2023–SEW-MAD Regatta Celebrates 32 Years: 1991 – 2023

By Travis Graham

Calling all women sailors! It is time to gear up for a great day on the lake. We will have an exciting day of racing followed by a fun evening of camaraderie and celebration.

While we always have many that wish to crew, we are often short of skippers and boats. If you have experience on the helm or a boat you wouldn’t mind letting an experienced skipper helm for you, please reach out and we will help to coordinate crew and boat assignments. We also have resources available to help if you are unsure of your abilities or need a little racing instruction.

Visit the LCYC website or the Regatta Network event page for more information on registering. If you have any questions, reach out to Travis Grahmann, Regatta Chairperson. Contact Travis at or (830) 388-8121.

Series and Event Racing

by Rick Mella, Race Director

Attention All LCYC Racers/Members:  Fort Worth Boat Club at 10000 Boat Club Road, Fort Worth, TX 76179, is hosting the 2023 Texas Yacht Club Challenge Cup on December 9th and 10th, at the Fort Worth Boat Club.

A cover letter was sent to the LCYC Commodore as an invitation to send a representative to race the Fort Worth Boat Club fleet of J22s on Eagle Mountain Lake. Here is the Notice of Race. Registration can be completed here.

Fort Worth Boat Club representatives are Martin Peacey at (817) 750-8125 or Conner Fullerton at (817) 343-4985.

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Mella, Race Director at (210) 289.4704.

US Sailing Safety at Sea Hands-on Training Course Coming 16September

Pete Pattullo, a member of US Sailing’s Safety at Sea Committee who has competed in 50+ offshore races in the past 23 years (both here in Texas and Great Lakes regions) is offering a US Sailing and World Sailing’s very successful, hands-on, offshore safety training course targeted for both offshore experienced and aspiring racers and cruisers.

US Sailing has been working with Austin Yacht Club (AYC) and Storm Trysail Club (STC) to offer its “International Offshore Safety at Sea Course with Hands-on Training.” This one-day event, 7:45am – 6:30pm Saturday, 16September, will be held at AYC on Lake Travis, just west of Austin, TX.  This event is an interactive curriculum where participants will learn about damage control and fire distress rockets and flares, put out fires, set storm sails, and exercise water survival skills, learn use of life rafts, and perform a crew overboard (COB) rescue–among other activities. We are planning to include multihull specific content, including MOB drills and recovery.

Links to the course being offered at AYC on September 16th, 2023:
Seminar information –
Seminar registration –
Peter Pattullo

If further details are needed, please contact Rick Mella at (210) 289.4704.

Port Captains’ Report

by Ann Cook and Mindy Rogers, Port Co-Captains

The social scene at LCYC slowed down a bit in August after the crazy busy months of June and July. And that’s quite all right because the incredible heat we’ve been experiencing saps your energy in no time flat! Nonetheless, three couples put on a nice spread for the Commodore’s Breakfast on August 13th. Thanks to Susan & David Hoffman, Susan & Scott Holland, Claudette & Tom Cozzi who prepared and served a hearty breakfast casserole, a delicious lemon/blueberry coffee cake, fruit, and mimosas to 52 hungry members and guests. This crew took the additional step of providing gluten-free and dairy-free options as well–a very thoughtful touch.

Be sure to mark September 10th on your calendar for our next breakfast hosted by Josué and Rose Martinez. It promises to be special! Their authentic, Mesoamerican menu will feature tamales, eggs, salsa, guacamole, pan dulce, jugo verde with or without mescal, which is a spirit made from the agave which is one of the sacred plants from Mesoamerica. (In case you need a quick geographical review, Mesoamerica is an historical region and cultural area that begins in the southern part of North America and extends to most of Central America, thus comprising the lands of Central Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and Northern Costa Rica.) Josué is also planning a few games of Lotería (similar to Bingo) which should be lots of fun for our competitive crowd. Remember: RSVP to let us know you are attending!

Speaking of “RSVP-ing”, we mentioned this last month, but it bears repeating: You should receive an immediate confirmation email after you respond, and it will be sent to the address you indicate on the form. We’ve had a couple of complaints about “missed confirmations” which turned out to be typos in the email addresses entered. The Google Form system is not able to validate emails, so it is important to type carefully. If you didn’t receive a confirmation, then your response likely is not registered, so please contact us. Yes, this is an extra step, but it takes only a minute or two, and it really helps us plan properly and avoid waste.

By the time you read this article we probably will have enjoyed our Labor Day picnic on the 4th. Thanks go out in advance to our hosts, Robin Engel & Harry Sutherland, Marylin & Mike Myers (new members) and Elise & Doug Storey (prospective members). Isn’t that impressive? Elise & Doug are not yet members, but they volunteered for galley duty! That’s a very positive sign. Be sure to introduce yourselves and give them a proper LCYC welcome.

Stay cool. We look forward to seeing you at the club or on the water! 

Docks and Grounds Update

by Pete Prados, Docks & Grounds Committee Chair

The D&G staff will be cleaning up and organizing the trailer lot. Owners need to make sure that their member number is on their trailer. Eventually, trailers that can’t be matched with current members will be scrapped.

Reminder: All members in good standing have access to the swimming pool and all other facilities at all times, even when they’re in use by a party who has reserved a facility.

Treasurer’s Report: The Club Reserve Accounts

By Vivian Miller, Treasurer and Tom Livengood, Member of the Reserve Account Study

Reserves 101

Reserves are funds set aside to cover anticipated future repairs, replacements, and other large-scale expenditures. This practice is particularly common in the context of capital-intensive entities such as homeowners’ associations, real estate management, businesses, and infrastructure projects.  LCYC has established reserve accounts for general and marina purposes.  In the past, LCYC used reserves for major expenditures such as the marina relocation.

The primary reasons for any entity to maintain reserves are as follows:

  1. Asset Maintenance and Longevity: Over time, physical assets such as our marina, buildings and equipment naturally degrade due to wear and tear. Regular maintenance and occasional replacements are necessary to ensure that these assets remain functional and safe.
  2. Expense Management: Unexpected repairs and replacements can be quite costly, even those that are covered by insurance, due to insurance deductibles.
  3. Avoiding Debt: Without adequate reserves, the club might need to borrow to cover the costs of repairs and replacements, or to issue an assessment to members.
  4. Operational Stability: Well-maintained assets are crucial for maintaining smooth and efficient operations and providing service to club members. Reserves help minimize disruptions.
  5. Planning for Depreciation: Most assets deteriorate over time. Reserves allow organizations to provide funding for replacements over the asset’s lifespan.

In summary, reserves for future repairs and replacements are a financial strategy that promotes responsible asset management, operational stability, and long-term sustainability. By proactively setting aside funds, organizations can ensure that they are prepared to address the inevitable maintenance and replacement needs that arise over time.

The Club Reserves

In 2022 the Board of Governors authorized a reserve study (Study).  The Study has provided a framework for identifying and classifying repairs and replacements for the replacement cycle of our primary facilities, over a 40-year time horizon.  In the past, current year revenues from dues and fees have funded major repairs and replacements, for example, cable and flotation replacement, through the budgets for either docks and grounds (D&G) repairs and maintenance or projects. This approach has required multi-year delays for some needed projects.

In 2023, a study group (Group), including representatives of long-range planning (LRP), D&G, budget, treasurer, and other members, was formed to evaluate the reserve study and make recommendations related to major repairs, replacements, and improvements to the marina and landside properties.

The Group made two recommendations for a reserves account policy, both of which were approved by the Board of Governors:

  1. That major repairs and replacements be funded from reserves, defined as those that are $50,000 or more, whether paid in a single year or multiple years. Repairs, replacements, and improvements that are less than $50,000 will be funded as current operating expenditures. This threshold will need to be adjusted periodically for inflation.  The only authorized expenditures from the reserve accounts will be major repairs, replacements or improvements to the marina, clubhouse, grounds, water system and maintenance and storage facilities.


  1. Remaining stainless steel cable replacements, estimated at $100,000, but contracted over a four-year period at $25,000 per year, would be funded from reserves.
  2. Main walkway replacement, estimated at $80,000, to be paid in a single year, would be funded from reserves.
  3. A-frame lift replacement, estimated at $45,000, would be paid from current year operating expenses.
  4. That a schedule of target reserve balances be developed to fund forecasted major project expenditures. The target balances will be achieved by increasing the initial reserve balance by forecasted contributions and investment income and reducing them by expenditures for major repairs and replacements.

Therefore, the annual budget will include:

  • Contributions to meet funding targets for current and future years.
  • Funding for non-major repairs, replacements, and improvements.

Annual Meeting Report

The agenda for the annual meeting will include an analysis of expected major repair and replacement spending from reserves, along with the budget, and the impact, if any, on the 107.5% limitation on spending mandated under Bylaws Article II, Section XI.





























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